Triple Ninja Spike Bracelet

Brand: BladesUSA
Manufacturer: Master Cutlery Inc.
Model: MC-117
EAN: 0805319052982
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Product Description

This Triple Spike Bracelet has the look of a classic ninja accessory, featuring a trio of spikes stored on a leather bracelet for easy retrieval, ensuring that when you need them, you can fetch then quickly for a variety of different uses. Each of the spikes is simple in design, consisting of a ring attached to a triangular spike that possesses three engraved bars on each side of the spike. The spikes can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from punch spikes worn on the fingers to climbing spikes. They could even function as rudimentary pitons when climbing, assuming you don't plan on putting a lot of weight or stress on them (don't attempt to scale tall surfaces without proper training or supervision.). Included with the metal spikes is a brown leather wrist strap that secures via a Velcro patch, while a band and an antique brass snap secures the spikes into the wrist band. Each of the spikes measures approximately 4.5 inches long. The Triple Spike Bracelet is a great accessory to use for completing a wide assortment of different looks, ranging from ninjas to rogues to thieves to assassins and more, all of whom could put these novel little spikes to use in a variety of LARP or roleplaying situations.


  • Spike Bracelet
  • 4.5" Spike Size
  • Brown Leather Wrist Strap
  • 3 Antique Brass Button
  • 3 Piece Spikes

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Top Reviews

The spikes themselves are great, solid pieces of metal
by J.A.R. (4 out of 5 stars)
February 18, 2016

When I received these, I was initially excited. The spikes themselves are great, solid pieces of metal. They could really do some damage if you were put into that situation. Liam Neeson would have loved to use these at the end of "The Grey."

Unfortunately, I think there is a a slight design flaw. First, they are perfect for guys with huge wrists. I'd say I have average sized wrists, so when I try to tighten the Velcro fastener around my wrist, I have to really pull it tight passed the boundaries of what it's designed for and they end up either feeling very loose or just not well placed. If I beefed up or used them while wearing a thick jacket or sweater, they might feel more comfortable. You could also try cutting the Velcro parts in half, but the leather is so thick, you would need the right tools to do this.

Also, the bracelet is specifically designed to be worn as you see in the photograph. As I was wearing them, I realized I preferred wearing them upside down with the spike tips pointing back at me. The problem is the leather strap is designed the other way around, so flipping it up makes the bracelet unwearable.

However, I after all was said and done, I realized they fit perfectly around my shins :)
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The Blades are sharp and heavy, they can be ...
by Arlene (5 out of 5 stars)
December 31, 2014

The Blades are sharp and heavy, they can be use as a weapon. I took the blades from my son, he wears the brace without them.
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by Neil David (3 out of 5 stars)
January 16, 2014

The leather is very stiff and has 2 large creases in it so it doesn't fit your wrist very well.
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Love it
by Anubus (5 out of 5 stars)
March 4, 2014

High quality holster witch surprised me. It also works great on the ankle blades are light weight but feel durable
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by Chaos (3 out of 5 stars)
January 24, 2014

This product could be hugely improved if it wasn't specifically designed for the loop holes to face up, or toward your person. If you're wearing a cloak you cannot free them quick enough. Good for the ankle as well if you can't deal with the uncomfortable way it fits to have the loops pointing down.
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nice set many uses band needs some help...
by sookie (4 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2013

the spikes are strong and have many many uses not just for your hands..the band is a little cheap but it is wide and can been worked on to be made better...all in all for the price a very good buy for the methods of use if you know what your doing ...

as said not for and hardcore!!!.
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by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2015

Good buy
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Real Weapons!
by R. Barber (4 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2013

Bought these for my resident Resident Evil fan and was impressed with the daggers. The clasps on the cuffs could be made of tougher stuff, but no worries! At least we're prepared for zombies! BTW: This is NOT suitable for children! The daggers are real weapons.
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What a rip-off
by Itsawhatsits (1 out of 5 stars)
April 30, 2014

So this was meant to be a cool addition to my brothers arsenal(he really only has a taser and maybe a paintball gun) but it definitely disappointed.

The box this came in was very dirty and almost torn to shreds, I had to find another box to put it in before I gave it as a gift; also I had to wipe off not only the "leather" band but the little blades as well because they had a film of something on both.

The blades are supposed to fit comfortably on your fingers but they are rough and feel grainy/cheap with a very dull end.

The bracelet is far to big to wear, unless you are a lumberjack, and almost fit around my brothers ankle.

Overall, this could have been sold at a freakin dollar store, it is not worth even a second look. Save your money and excitement for something worth buying. Thanks ^-^
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by Miss A S Patterson (5 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2015

Better than expected. Very happy

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