Chainmail Cast Iron Scrubber

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Model: SS18-20
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Product Description

The World's no. 1 selling scrubber for cast iron cookware - for good reason! Cleaning cast iron cookware with the CM scrubber is safe, fast and easy. Well seasoned cast iron pans will now stay seasoned. Fast - just run your pan under warm water and scrub. Cooked on residue will release quickly and easily. Clean - cleans up fast with a little soapy water or just toss it in the dishwasher. Save your hard earned cast iron pan seasoning- you work hard to get your cast iron pans perfectly seasoned. Don't risk losing your pan seasoning with detergents or scraping your pans with metal utensils. The CM scrubber does the job with just warm water. And the patented chainmail design means that only the round ring edges touch the pan. Hang to dry- customers love the big corner ring. It helps the hold while your cleaning and then just hang the scrubber to air dry. Recommended by cook's illustrated magazine: could this little gadget clean cast iron better than oil and salt? Test results: recommended". . . We’re even founder of our cast-iron skillet now that we have a faster, tidier cleanup tool. " - ci magazine, Jan/Feb 2012 you can trust Knapp Made scrubbers customer service second to none. We are a real company, with real people you can call on the phone. Our lifetime Replacement is an industry exclusive. Money back Your satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason this Product is not meeting your expectations, just let us know. Buy now click buy Now before stock runs low!


  • The Original Chain Mail Scrubber! Often imitated, never duplicated, You can trust Knapp Made CM Scrubbers. Superior quality chain mail scrubbers since 2011.
  • The World's No.1 Selling Scrubber for Cast Iron Cookware, Dutch Ovens, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Cookware, Woks and more. Superior Quality. Lifetime Warranty.
  • Makes Cast Iron Cookware Cleanup Quick and Easy. Hand Made from the highest quality stainless steel - food service grade 316. Preferred by professional and home chefs.
  • Comes With the Knapp Made Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
  • The Patented CM Scrubber™ - Recommended by Cooks Illustrated Magazine. Featured on Americas Test Kitchens.

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Top Reviews

Seriously - This Should Be A Kitchen Staple for ALL Cast Iron Cooks!
by Outdoorsy Boy's Mom (5 out of 5 stars)
October 30, 2012

Alright, $20 for a scrubber is spendy but every review I read said this was a MUST for cast iron and I'm here to shout from the rooftops that I agree. I recently made the switch from toxic Teflon to cast iron and I am LOVING how my food tastes but I must admit I was wary of cast iron cleanup (no soap, no dishwasher). I'm concerned with getting the pans truly clean so I don't somehow make my 5 year-old sick and a germy sponge on something that won't be run through the dishwasher sounded like a bad idea. This scrubber arrived a week after I switched to my cast iron pans and it made things MUCH easier. I've been using the Lodge Double Play grill/griddle like a cookie sheet for baking. I've baked on cheese, sticky sugar - you name it - and this chain mail scrubber busted it off in an easy pass or two. Tonight I made a roux (read: flour-based glue) in my Lodge 10 inch skillet...and then left it on the stove where it dried out until I got to it two hours later (see: 5 year-old). This scrubber whisked it away under hot water as if it was butter. Chain Mail scrub time per pan: less than 1 minute. Chain Mail scrub time for the worst pan mess I've managed to create: about 1 full minute. Bonus that my son and husband think its cool and do the cast iron scrubbing for me. Did you read that? THIS CHAIN MAIL SCRUBBER TRIGGERS SOMETHING IN THE MALE GENOME, CAUSING THEM TO DO THE DISHES! That is worth $20 alone right?!!

Rest assured that it cleans very, very well. Now let me tell you why else I love it and why I bought one for my "doomsday prepper" mom. The thing is INDESTRUCTIBLE and will last for years and years before it comes close to needing to be replaced. (She hadn't yet thought of stockpiling plastic dish scrubbers and now she doesn't have to. This thing will easily last longer than a dozen packs of sponges.) Another bonus I thought of today while chopping onions - it's stainless steel and can do the same thing those stainless steel bars of soap do: remove tough odors when you rub it over your hands. (Just make sure you keep the chain mail clean or you'll smell like onions AND bacon grease!) Another reviewer said to leave it in the sink while you wash other dishes, which is a good suggestion. Also, soap won't hurt this. Just rinse well before it touches your cast iron again.

Need more reasons to buy it?
* Its environmentally friendly and makes a great gift for your Eco friends/neighbors/in-laws.
* You can easily pack it for camping. It will scrub just as well in brownish green lake water!
* There is NO WAY it can melt in your dishwasher.
* It brings that extra touch of Medieval-chic to your kitchen.
* If you hate it (honestly, sister?) downgrade it to a more humiliating use, such a coaster. Some man will eventually find it and start doing your dishes!
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I have found nothing better to clean cast iron with
by Brian D (5 out of 5 stars)
August 8, 2014

I have found nothing better to clean cast iron with. Even after things have been burned on and food left to dry this cleans up my pan with just a few quick swipes.

Update: I just bought a second one since the kids decided to lose my fist one. The new one is not the same as the old one. My kids magically found the old one just after the new one showed up. The old one weighs in at 96 grams and is very sturdy. The new one is 80 grams and I am pretty sure that is due to smaller diameter wire being used. Otherwise it seems to be the same size and will probably work just as well however the original one has a very different feel to it. In the picture the shiny one is the new one.
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A very good thing
by Sharon M. Allen (5 out of 5 stars)
January 16, 2015

I love this product. I bought this for my cast iron cookware but use it on just about every pot I own. It is gentle on cookware but scrapes food off easily. I can't figure that out because there are not sharp points and it doesn't go into tiny corners as far as I can see but somehow it works. It is also easier on my manicure than regular scrapers. It fits pretty much in the palm of my large hands. It is a little small for me and my arthritic hands but that's my bad for not ordering a larger size and nothing wrong with the product. The "key ring" is a great idea. Just use, let dry and then hang it close by the sink for future use. I had to get into this habit because the scrubber would slide down into the disposal - not good and a heck of a noise when the disposal is on! So now last thing I do after cleanup is make sure the scrubber is safely hanging by the sink. It's pliable, well made, very strong and I'm very glad I purchased this product.
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Chainmail's not just for armor anymore
by Wyvern (5 out of 5 stars)
September 18, 2015

I've been cooking with Lodge cast iron since childhood and for many stovetop applications, especially of the carnivorous variety, good old fashioned cast iron is unbeatable. I'm stating the obvious, but it's always worth repeating.

So then, I must admit I felt rather dumb that it took me so long to discover this invaluable tool.

I was always a practioner of the old school "salt scorch" method to clean my ironware. For those who don't know, it's a process whereby after cooking in aforementioned ironware, you dump some kosher salt into the skillet and move it around with a hefty rag or folded paper towel while the pan is still hot. Kosher salt being super-absorbative, soaks up juices/oils and consolidates food particles. Then you simply dump it, give the pan a quick rinse n' wipe, and you're all done.

Umm yeah, a couple of problems with that process. It's messy, smelly, and you risk burning yourself. You don't know pain until you've spilled hot salt on your forearm. Oh, and if you're skillet is bigger than 12 inches, it's kind of annoying.

This tool on the hand, performs the cleaning job ten times better and faster, and without destroying the seasoning layer! I gave it a whirl on my 8" skillet, one of my favorite and most used. After a wipedown, it was shining like glossy black paint. I'm so glad I found this tool, it now has a permanent spot next to my sink!

As an afterword, I noticed some reviews negating these aspects. I won't point any fingers, but always make sure to actually clean your ironware after cooking. Otherwise it *will* get gunked up to the point that no amount of scrubbing will remove it without killing your season layer. This tool was made in mind for well-maintained and seasoned ironware that shouldn't require heavy scrubbing. That said, this thing will remove gunk quite nicely.

Just add it to your cart already!
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A must have accessory, get an extra one for the camper.
by D. Stephens (5 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2015

Started out using cast iron dutch ovens to cook when camping but I have since branched out and use it for nearly everything in my kitchen. This little scrubber and some salt will scrub nearly ANYTHING out of your cast iron pans and I have not had the slightest issue with it stripping the seasoning from either my old 12 inch skillets or any of my fairly new and barely seasoned pans. Scrape out the solids with the spatula, shake a little salt into the bottom of the pan, scour it around with the scrubber. After a quick rinse with warm water, heat the pan up with a thin layer of oil spread onto it. I like to heat it until just starting to smoke then turn off the heat and wipe off the excess oil. Cools nice and shiny every time! Put a dab of dawn on the scrubber, knead it around in your hand for a minute then rinse and hang it on a hook for your next cleanup.
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Essential for cast iron cooking
by Jasper OnLine (5 out of 5 stars)
December 13, 2013

I was skeptical about this scrubber, but bought it based on the other positive reviews. They were RIGHT! I love cooking in cast iron Dutch ovens, but they can be a real mess to clean up especially if you've got food burned on from a campfire or hot coals. This little gadget is fantastic! After the meal, I scrape out all the food as best I can, put in an inch or so of hot water in the bottom of the pot and scrub away with this little fellow. Dump and repeat. I then wipe the pot out and dry well, apply a litlte oil to reseason and we're all done. This thing will last a lifetime and I was thoroughly amazed at how effective it is. Vastly superior to any other scrubber I've tried with cast iron. It does not damage my seasoning but gets all the baked on gunk cleaned away. I store it in one of my Dutch ovens so it's always ready for duty. Give it a try, you won't regret it.
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Great, but not excellent. Slippery when wet (and greasy)!
by IdahoMike (4 out of 5 stars)
December 10, 2014

Great little item. Works well on my cast iron cookware, though admittedly not as well as I had hoped (but my hopes were quite high based on all the raving reviews). Seems to do a good job at getting the stuck on bits off, while leaving the seasoning well intact.

One note... within the first 5 minutes of using this thing it ended up in the garbage disposal twice. Once this gets a little grease on it (I was cleaning a pan used to sear steak) it becomes slick as snot. It's not so slick it becomes hard to handle, but once you drop it in the bottom of a slippery sink it's down the drain before you even knew what happened. So, just a word of warning, either make sure you're using this with your disposal off, or use it on another side of the sink. I was shocked (and a bit impressed, honestly) at how quickly this thing slips right down the drain.
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Expensive, but works great
by Ted Sanders (4 out of 5 stars)
April 7, 2013

After trying various methods of cleaning cast iron (like fingers, brillo pads, paper towels, salt, etc.), I bit the bullet and spent some unused gift card money on this $20 luxury scrubber.

In the few months I've owned it, it works great. It easily scrapes food off of my cast iron while managing to stay clean itself. It's so easy, I don't even have to think about - and that, my friends, is the pinnacle of a good device.

One downside is that the metal-on-metal scraping is loud - so don't clean your cast iron after midnight when you have roommates!
5 stars for the effectiveness
-1 star for the price

Enjoy scrubbing!
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Wonderful Product
by ML (5 out of 5 stars)
July 20, 2016

I thought this a bit on the small side when I first used it, but it's actually just right-I just made pan-seared scallops, which creates quite a burned on mess in my nice, old Griswold pan, and it was perfectly clean in less than a minute of scrubbing under hot water. (For cast-iron newbies, perfectly clean is a relative term-it's never going to look like a Teflon lined pan and shouldn't.) I couldn't be more pleased with a product. This is a case of getting what you pay for.
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Miracle Scrubber
by P. Perry (5 out of 5 stars)
July 13, 2015

I'm lazy and I admit it. I don't write product reviews unless something is really really good or really really bad. This little scrubber is really really good! I take care of my cast iron skillets, but I had one spot of built up gunk that no amount of scrubbing with brushes or scrapers would remove. I really didn't want to have to sand and re season my favorite pan. (Did I mention I'm lazy?) I took this little scrubber out of the package, ran warm water in my pan, rubbed with this thing for less than 10 seconds and the surface of my pan was right back to being as smooth as glass. Shock and awe! Get this thing, you won't be sorry!

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