Concealed Carry Underwear

Brand: UnderTech UnderCover
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Product Description

Responsibly carry your concealed firearm no matter your outfit with this concealed carry underwear. This freedom-loving firearm underwear provides a handy spot to conceal your firearm without causing discomfort or risk of it accidentally discharging


  • Men's Compression Concealment Shorts

Top Reviews

works great for shorts and sweat pants
by EWIG (5 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2014

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I purchased this but the price wasn't much of a loss if it didnt work out. Fact is, now I have owned this for a couple of months and it is my most comfortable holster for edc. I originally bought this looking for a way I could still carry while wearing shorts or sweat pants this summer. I have even worn it while out jogging or to the gym and nobody even suspected I was carrying. It is even more comfortable than my shtf ala crossbread style holster worn in same position. It has been through several washings, always keeps the gun accessible, and the firearm is a little lower than the shtf holster. I have recommended several of my friends and especially females or smaller frame guys to buy this. Carries my xds perfectly. The only complaint that I have is simple....I don't own enough of them.
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Fantastic Products; Great Replacement for IWB
by MinnesotaWise (5 out of 5 stars)
September 30, 2013

My wife and I own both the concealment shorts and shirts, and couldn't be happier with the products. I was never a big fan of IWB holsters since you need to buy pants that are 1-2 sizes bigger to avoid being uncomfortable. With the concealment shorts, I can wear most of my correctly-sized pants and have my firearm properly concealed, and easily accessible. The fabric and stitching is very sound, and will stand up to most wear and tear without an issue. If you're looking for an easy carry option that minimizes how much space you need between you and your waistband, this is a great option. I'll be ordering more of both the shorts and the shirts.
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Very good product
by Ryan Ferguson (4 out of 5 stars)
October 26, 2013

Overall, this is a favorable review. The Undercover concealment shorts have become my favorite concealed carry "holster." I like wearing shorts, jeans with a t-shirt, and so on, and living in a warm climate, concealment is often difficult wearing those garments. The Undercover Concealment Shorts from Undertech make it possible.

But as with all things CCW, it's a matter of compromise. Nothing is ever perfect; you sacrifice comfort for security and concealment for accessibility. That's just the way it is. With that said, here are the caveats:
1) You may need to adjust the size slightly with a sewing machine -- or take them to someone who can do it for you. I chose the medium size and the shorts, though comfortable, sagged just enough with the weight of a Kahr MK-9 in the pouch to feel ungainly. I had the elastic tightened by about 1/2" so that the shorts would be tighter. This made them slightly less comfortable in terms of tightness but much better for keeping the gun firmly in place. The size may be perfect for you, but if it's not, best to order slightly wider and tuck the elastic in with a few well-placed stitches. I had my elastic band shortened 1/4" at the 9 and 3 o'clock position so it would have an "even" feel.
2) Carrying a full-size pistol with the Undercover concealment shorts is a bit of a tall order. I carried my H&K USP Compact in .45acp a couple of times and found that the gun just didn't feel secure unless wearing jeans and a belt. With athletic shorts -- no way, the gun is not secure. You will need a slimmer, ideally lighter weight gun to wear with any type of elastic band shorts. As long as you wear pants with a belt (which you can cinch under the grip of the firearm to increase retention) the Undercover Concealment shorts should do a pretty good job.
3) They're expensive. I think they're a little too pricey for what they offer, but they're still the best thing going.
4) You may have a hard time keeping a spare mag in place in the pouch opposite the one you use to carry the firearm. My USPc mags stayed put but the slimmer MK-9 9mm mags don't stay in place as well. Once I got up from sitting in a lawn chair and the mag slipped out and fell on the ground. Yikes -- glad no one noticed.

But overall, I do like these shorts. One other method I use to maximize the retention of the shorts is to (sorry for the subject matter but, hey, it's pertinent) wear underwear beneath the Concealment Shorts. This acts as a sort of friction-heavy surface that the Concealment shorts rest against which makes them less likely to slide down below your belt-line. This also makes for a -- shall we say -- "higher temperature" experience, worth considering if the temperature is warm.

A good product, well made, and I use it often.
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Two products in 1 - and not a bad pair of underwear
by Arcteryx (4 out of 5 stars)
August 9, 2017

Let's face it.. this is different guys.. I like to carry concealed and this product gives me that option when wearing simply sports shorts during the summer. Plus they are a very supportive underwear at the same time. My Glock 27 fits just fine.. it does have this little elastic holder to keep the weapon down, however it won't come out even if I'm jumping or moving quickly.
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Good but not great
by James (3 out of 5 stars)
September 7, 2015

Well made undies that hold my firearm securely and allow me to wear just about anything.

But, I would not stake my life on these. Like any one size fits all product there are some possibly dangerous compromises.

I carry an XDS most of the time. The front sight tends to get hung up, not allowing for a smooth fast draw. Sometimes the grip gets covered by the waistband of my shorts or pants making it necessary to fish around for purchase on my firearm. Not a good thing when seconds count.

I have not tried these shorts with full size firearms like a Glock 21 or 1911 as these are usually too large to conceal and weigh more than I want to carry down my pants.

I prefer my leather IWB holster with a thumb break for a smooth consistent draw and better retention.

I will still wear these when my wardrobe leaves me no other choice.
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New pairs now have smaller holster section.
by TS (4 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2018

I have multiple pairs of these and the newer ones have a feature that may be nice, but also limit what you can carry. UnderTech divided the rear elastic holster on each side into 2 sections so you can carry a magazine, wallet, flashlight, knife or something of similar size in one section and you CCW in the other. The issue is that now my preferred CCW won't fit because it has a crimson trace laser sight attached. It fits perfect in the older pairs that don't section the holsters on each side. With the new pairs I now have to carry a different CCW. Also from my last two ordered, one came with a strap to secure the CCW on the top so it won't pop out and one did not have it. Not sure why.
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Great Concealed Carry
by TonyG (5 out of 5 stars)
November 11, 2018

I love these and will more than likely buy more. With prime I ordered on Friday and was wearing them on Monday.

I was looking for something other that a traditional concealed carry, i.e. belly band, or IWB for carry in church or business situation. This fits the bill for me, though the other types will have their place. These provide comfort in the concealed carry -- and COMFORT is key.

If I had a negative it would be that my firearm sits back from the 9 o'clock position (I am left handed), which is fine; however, depending on the firearm the butt may stick out. This is a minor point, just an observation.
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Not bad... it works as expected.
by Mike (3 out of 5 stars)
July 20, 2015

Nice for small framed or micro CCW. I use a S&W M&P Shield and this works as expected. The stitching is not great and there is little retention for the pistol, but if you are only doing moderate activity you will be fine. I recommend hand-washing these instead of using a washing machine because the stitching will tear. Best of luck.
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Great for around the house casual clothes carry
by Dermit The Hermit (5 out of 5 stars)
December 31, 2016

I got these for casual around the house carry. They are great for that purpose since i can carry without needing a belt for a regular holster.

I just slip these on and wear them under my sweatpants or house pants or shorts and im good to go.

I've used them with both a double stack 9mm and a little .380. They carry both comfortably with no problems.

A word on sizing. I wear 38" pants and normaly get xl underwear. I got these in xl and wish I'd gone down to Large. They fot but not quite as snug as I'd like.
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The quality is more than expected,
by Marcelo (5 out of 5 stars)
May 9, 2014

The quality is more than expected, The underware comes with 2 options left and right to carry your gun. In may case a glock 19 with laser in the front of the barrel is a littlel diffucult to pull out the gun. but without the laser works prefect and if you have a .380 0r .22 much beter

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