LED Bar Shelves

Brand: Armana Productions
Model: 24LSL
Category: #803441 in Kitchen (Categories)
Price: $100.99  (38 customer reviews)
Dimension: 0.75 x 24.00 x 4.50 inches
Shipping Wt: 1.00 pounds
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Average Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Home Bar Light Shelves - 2' Long RGB LED Illuminated Bottle Shelf - 4.5" Wide

- Armana standard width LED illuminated Liquor Shelves are the thinnest on the market, measuring in at only .75" thick.
- Using powerful RGB LEDS that are rated at over 50,000 hours allows you to choose from an unlimited number of colors.
- Included wireless remote control lets you choose from predetermined colors and effects, such as fading and flashing. Or, create your own color scheme and store it in the remote for quick access.
- Our LED shelves are perfect for illuminating bottles, glassware, artwork, or any item of your choosing.
- Our rugged design is tough enough to stand on, and with our long last LEDs, you'll enjoy our shelves for many, many, years to come.
- Our standard width Liquor Shelves measure 4.5" wide and .75" thick.
- Standard lengths are 2' to 8'
- Armana Liquor Shelves can be connected, up to 16' on one power supply and remote.
- Our shelves are made modular, so if there is ever an issue with the LEDs or power supply, they can be easily swapped out.


- Made from Acrylic and Styrene - No MDF used
- Glossy black on the front and sides with a frosted top
- LED lighting completely encased
- Flame polished to eliminate sharp edges
- Durable, liquid resistant construction
- CE certified 3-chip RGB LED lights
- Low-heat LED's rated at 50,000 hours
- 44 Key RGB wireless remote to control unlimited colors and multiple lighting effects
- Made in the USA


  • 100% Acrylic & Styrene – No MDF used
  • 44 Key Wireless Remote Control Included
  • LED lighting completely encased
  • UL Listed Power Supply Included. Plug into any wall outlet.
  • Durable, liquid resistant construction

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Top Reviews

Fun product, great service.
by Daniel Schuette (5 out of 5 stars)
December 22, 2017

I'm not much of a drinker myself, but I have to admit, it's a lot of fun to have a display shelf like this to accent my clear liquors. Recently decided to set up a bar area in my dining room and thought this shelf would be a fun addition. Be aware that this particular version doesn't come with shelf brackets, but there is an option that includes them. Your options includes roughly 20 color tones and a variety of brightnesses, flashes, color rotations, etc., all controlled with the included remote (the battery is conveniently included). Another nice feature that I wasn't anticipating: the plexiglass top of the shelf is removable for easy access to the wiring and LEDs should something go wrong.

A two foot shelf will hold up to six 750ml bottles, but I'd consider going with five (or installing a center brace as it might otherwise bow the shelf in the middle).

All in all, a fun and festive addition to any bar. Highly recommended, and should you need it, Armana's customer service is most excellent.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Love It
by luv2sing (5 out of 5 stars)
April 28, 2019

I was hesitant because I did think it was a little pricey but I have to say, it's really pretty cool. Love all the different color options and there are many. I have it sitting on top of my bar at the wall side and I think It looks great. Make sure you use clear liquid bottles because they will absolutely look the best. I'm very pleased.
↭ 🍁 ↭

LOVE my new bar shelves!!
by Caryn T. (5 out of 5 stars)
September 2, 2019

These bar shelves are great! I worked directly with Armana to have my shelves be linked with daisy chains. They work via a remote control and have many modes. They have several colors of lights to choose from and flashing light patterns. Very happy with this company and their product.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Higher expectations, poor craftsmanship for the price!!
by Leslie M. (2 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2018

1. Top clear plastic piece falls apart off base so you can't barely touch it.
2. Remote has to be within 3.5 - 4 inches to work.
2. Unable to hide the bulky block attached to power cord.
4. Narrow

1. Bottles look pretty when lit.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Customer service is simply the best !
by Jeffro (5 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2018

This shelf is everything I thought it would be and more. I'm using it as a shrine for my dog that recently passed away. It is perfect. But above all else...the customer service from Armana productions is simply the best I've ever dealt with. I had a question about my order and they responded and took care of it immediately. First class business all the way. I'm very happy and I can't say thank you enough.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Love it
by Jman (5 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2019

Great product. It's fun experimenting with different bottles to see which ones glow better.
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Good for the Money
by M. Veschi (4 out of 5 stars)
April 9, 2019

Came with 2 remotes, Plexeglass cover, connector make sure is firm.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Bar decorating lights
by SONIA TADROS (5 out of 5 stars)
June 4, 2019

Beautiful decorations for my bar
↭ 🍁 ↭

Excellent customer service!
by Sharla McAmis (5 out of 5 stars)
March 30, 2019

Shelving came in just as expected, but what was so amazing was the customer service we received when contacting the company online. We wanted to connect 2 shelves and Derek was so helpful and fast. Even offered to make a video on the spot to show us how to do it! Definitely recommend!
↭ 🍁 ↭

Estantes led
by zuleica (5 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2019

Maravilloso, simplemente hermoso, funciona a la perfeccion

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