The Siege Lantern

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Product Description

Rugged, cordless, alkaline battery powered lantern provides 360° of soft, even light that illuminates a large area. Tough Polycarbonate thermoplastic construction with elastomer over mold. Rubber molded base provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. Four white C4 LEDs and one red LED. To change the beam color from white to red, or red to white. White Light: High for brightest light; 540 lumens; runs 30 hours. Medium for bright light and longer run times; 275 lumens; runs 70 hours. Low provides extended run times for when less light is needed; 55 lumens; runs 295 hours. Red LED (one red LED). Red LED High Steady (night vision preserving mode); 10 lumens; runs 235 hours. Flash SOS mode for emergency signaling; 10 lumens; runs 430 hours. Recessed power button prevents accidental actuation; Features battery level indicator. Battery level indicator changes from green, to yellow, to red, then to flashing red when batteries reach the end of their useable life. Uses three “D” cell alkaline batteries (sold separately); Keyed battery door facilitates battery replacement in the dark. Base Diameter: 3.80 in. (9.65cm); Height: 7.25 in (18.41 cm); Weight 1 lb 15.0 oz (878.83 grams) with batteries.


  • Multiple Light Modes. White LED, Red LED
  • Night vision preserving mode extends run time for emergency preparedness
  • Incorporated D rings on top and bottom of lantern to hang it in either inverted or upright positions
  • Cover is removable to illuminate large areas
  • Uses three “D” cell alkaline batteries (sold separately). Keyed battery door facilitates battery replacement in the dark
  • Features Four White C4 Leds And One Red C4 LED To Preserve Night Vision
  • Ergonomic Handle Designed To Lock In Upright Or Stowed Position
  • Incorporated Hook Allows For Hanging On Horizontal Rope, Cables And Pipes
  • Incorporated D-Rings On Top And Bottom Of Lantern To Hang It In Either Inverted Or Upright Positions
  • Uses Three “D” Cell Alkaline Batteries (Sold Separately)

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Top Reviews

handle made the difference.
by greg (5 out of 5 stars)
November 25, 2014

there are just some things you get you don't appreciate it when you first get it. for me it was the handle on the lantern. when saw it i was thinking it was some goofy marketing thing. after a few camp trips this is my go to camp light.

the strange handle is perfect, come up to a pipe (on awning) and just hang it, then grab and go when needed. works on pipes in the camp restroom, tree branches, and as i said, awning. nothing else needed just lift up and over. nothing to fiddle with snaps or rings.

second thing I never thought i would use is the red led light. this is not special to this light, just something i thought was a marketing gimmick again. once again found it was very useful. dont know if you have ever walked around a campground in the dark, but it can become a tad disorienting where your site is when there are lots of other tents, rvs or jeeps that all look the same at night. I turn on the red stead light, toss it up on the roof and head out to visit others. later when i come back around the loop or campsite, the red beacon is so clear where my campsite is.
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Not as advertized
by Bpago (1 out of 5 stars)
August 25, 2018

Have received 2 different lanterns and both were not the advertised model. It should have been the Siege streamlight with 540 lumens brightness. Instead it was 340 lumens which is 60% less bright. I explained the problem to Amazon and the next day delivered another one but it was also the older less powerful light. I found out from the answered questions that some vendors are shipping the older less powerful model. Amazon is aware of the problem now and they will check on it. After inspecting the lantern, I really liked it. Well built and compact but not what was advertised.

Amazon was quick to process my returns.
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Absolutly you get what you pay for!
by C. Siano (5 out of 5 stars)
March 9, 2018

Fantastic light. We had an old Kelty LED that someone destroyed and this was to replace that lantern.

Charging. The supplied charger powers up the internal battery fairly quickly. This is a good feature as we can charge the lantern off a small generator in about the time it takes to heat the house and be sure the refrigerators and freezer are back to proper temp. In other words, we don't need to run the generator any longer than before.

On low, the lantern provides plenty of light for a dinner and some reading is no problem. The only real issue on low is that the flicker rate of the LED (that's how it 'dims', by turning on the LED for short periods many times a second) is such that if you are doing something with a lot of movement, you get a sort of strobe effect than can bother some people. At the higher settings, this does not happen, but the run time is a lot less.

On high, this thing is amazing. Our scout troop has a 20x30 canopy that we set up when camping for covering food prep, eating areas, and meeting area. This one light at the peak under a silver tarp provided plenty of light for all activities. The battery lasted for 2 evenings of activity of roughly 4 hours each. When it did go out, I was able to turn it on at low for a while longer which allows us to finish cleaning up, but with much less light.

Have not used the red mode much, but the light output is much less. Probably ideal for long duration needs.

Love the many hanging options. The main bail is actually the least useful as you need some kind of hook or carabiner to attach it to anything. The built in hook on the top and bottom are much more useful. A short 10" loop of paracord (stored in the bottom compartment) makes hanging the lantern from just about anywhere easy.

The shield for the globe is useful when you need light, but don't want to blind people as they walk into a tent. Removing the globe allows a 180 degree hanging option, but even with the globe, the light is defuse enough to provide a good overall light.

While it can charge via USB, it really shortens the light's run time. However, this is useful when power goes out and you need a lantern for a couple hours and need to charge a critical item.

I store the lantern fully charged. It does not seem to lose much in storage. When I pop it on the charger just before a trip, it only needs about 5 minutes or less to read "full" again. I have no worries about pulling this out for a power outage that it isn't ready to go.

The construction is wonderful. Feels substantial, nice rubber bumpers. This is the kind of product you look at the price and go 'ouch' and then you get it and the price just does not matter, it's that good at what it is.
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Siege Lanterns use PWM to dim light output in all but brightest modes
by GetPreparedStuff (4 out of 5 stars)
June 22, 2017

Great lantern overall. Very good brightness on high and the rechargeable lithium battery of the Super Siege helps to maintain the brightness longer compared to the other AA or D cell Siege lanterns. I can echo the positives said about the lantern from the other reviewers but couldn't relate to any of the negative reviews I read as I've not experienced a problem with any model of Siege lantern I own.

The ding I do give to the Super Siege as well as to the D and AA versions of the Siege is the strobe like flicker or PWM seen in all light modes but the highest or brightest modes. For some the strobing effect may not even be noticed as it is very fast and the light looks quite constant when viewed directly but if the light is in one of it's dimmer light settings and you move the light or move things in front of the light you'll see the strobe effect more pronounced. It is very fatiguing to my eyes so I can't use the Siege lanterns on low output to read by.
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Trust Streamlight with your life.
by SigDigit (5 out of 5 stars)
March 10, 2017

I bought this and the CORE 750 (4 D cell) LED lanterns at the same time. This was 6 bucks more than the CORE at the time, now I see it selling for a dollar less. Streamlight is a name I've grown to trust with my life and have been a flashlight user for 25 years. My Streamlights have never let me down. Tested this by tossing it in my hot tub right after receiving it. Bobbed right up, shining brightly as a light house, much to my young nephew's delight. I especially like the removable diffuser, and loop on bottom. This allowed me to hang it upside down from a nail in the roof of my cabin while camping. Nice way to spread the light around while camping in the cabin. This lantern is much more compact than the towering CORE lantern, and has nearly as much light output.
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Brighter And Much Smaller Than I Thought
by Dave Lakhani (5 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2018

If I'd have grasped the footprint of this light and how bright it is by the description I'd have bought two just to have a back up.

The Streamlight is compact, lightweight and bright. It is easy to pack and carry (if you are car camping, this is not a backpacking lantern in my opinion) or to use as an emergency light if the power goes out. It is slightly larger than a 1lb can of coffee or quart jar. The light it puts out is significant and it lights up a camp area nicely. Whether you want to read, play cards or just see what you are doing, this works perfectly.

I used energizer alkaline batteries and used it on a 4-night" camping trip and didn't have to change the batteries, I didn't really limit my usage and I brought more anticipating that I'd need to change them.

This easily lights a tent and would do a decent job in a living room in an out of power situation (depending on the size obviously). It is lightweight and easy to carry if you want to move it around with you.

I'll definitely be buying another of these just to have a backup. It won't replace my multifuel mantle lantern overall but it will always travel with it!
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The good reviews for this one are well deserved
by Richard G. (5 out of 5 stars)
August 4, 2018

Like many of you, I was sort of overwhelmed by the staggering number of LED mini lights available. This light is impressive, to say the least. The body design indeed has that rugged quality to it -- heavy rubber coating, solid threaded bottom cap for accessing the batteries, good handle, the power switch has a reassuring firmness to it. Once, for Low (pretty good), twice for Medium (nice), Three for High (Wow). For the size, this light puts out a tremendous amount of light and the shield keeps it from being terrible on your eyes. The craftsmanship reminds me very much of the full sized Maglights that we are all familiar with. The Red setting is interesting as a low key light source -- and the flashing feature is a nice added touch. For the small price, you'll be pleased with this one. I am. My photos: left side is my present one, which I liked a lot (is also a 3 AA battery model, with a dimmer switch dial) and the right side is the Streamlight at High setting. My photos probably aren't the greatest, but I think you get the idea. Happy camping.
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One of those quinessential things
by Dawn F. Benner (5 out of 5 stars)
December 5, 2018

Compared to the UST 30 day, yeah the batteries don't last quite as long but pretty similar. That is to say they last forever and you will in no way be unsatisfied with the battery life. This is one of those ultimate things that just makes you feel better to have around, if you are even looking at it with any level of interest, just get it and you'll end up wanting to always have it on your person and believing it was a bargain. The UST 30 day is more modest in appearance, classier to just have sitting out all the time, more simple in function and features, and has the longer battery life for the exact same lumen output. The Siege Compact is obviously maxed out in tacticool, it has 3 attachment points whereas the 30 day has one, the 30 day is more comfortable to carry around by the handle as it lacks the hump in the middle, the Siege has its power button always light up and indicate the battery life by the color, green, yellow, red, red blinking, red blinking faster. The 30 day's power button does not light up. The Siege Definitely has a more beautiful quality of light, the led area looks way cooler, the Siege goes full red when you want a red accent light in the room which for my witching hour festivities has been Very useful, and did i mention totally submersible, the 30 day can go in the shower but can't be dunked. The red led also has a SOS morse mode. The Siege and the 30 day in the white are both essential, but the Siege is like having a buddy, it's like a goruck pack or a surefire torch.

Quick sum of of Siege's top strengths: quality of light way better and more beautiful than UST, goes full red, waterproof (also battery cover can be installed correctly with ease in total dark unlike UST). And you will guaranteed have no complaints about the battery life.
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Excellent Light.
by Jon (5 out of 5 stars)
June 28, 2017

I bought this mainly for my 12 year old son for tent lighting or for his room during power outages. It works prefect. Didn't realize it was so small. Makes it perfect for backpacking. About the size of a 12 oz can. The light is way brighter than expected. Even brighter when the shade is removed. Low setting is plenty of light for my 14x16 living room. Like the magnetic bottom as you can place it and dont have to worry about it falling off, such as the hood of your car or bed of your truck. Wish the battery life was longer. Just make sure you have enough batteries to last at least 3 or 4 nights. I like how the battery indicator changes colors. Good to know when your batteries are due to replace. Also like the red light and SOS signaling. Can actually leave the red light on all night as a night light in a tent and not worry about draining the battery so fast. I would recommend rechargeable batteries. Reason is because you can recharge a lot of them by solar energy, cigarrete adaptor, or USB in most newer vehicles. I plan on purchasing the Super Siege which is rechargeable, has super long battery life, and can also recharge the AA batteries from its power bank if needed. Over all I recommend this if your looking for something super compact with plenty of light for its size.
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The Streamlight (Siege) vs. The Rayovac (SE3DLN)
by kandoro (5 out of 5 stars)
October 17, 2013

First of all I now own six of the Streamlight Siege and four of the Rayovac SE3DLN...I keep extras for my kids and their families if they need them.

Points favoring the Streamlight Siege:
1. The Siege has stronger top/bottom spring 'D' clips with retainers.
2. The Siege top handle has enough tension to stay upright even at an angle whereas the (SE3DLN) will not.

This comes in very handy in darkness when trying to lift the light.
3. The Siege has 3 white modes and 2 red. The (SE3DLN) has 3 white modes, no red mode, and has no 30 lumen mode for super long use of 295 hours.

The SOS mode on the Siege is red, whereas on the (SE3DLN) it is white.
4. The Siege on/off button lights up when in use and also indicates the battery life that is left.
5. The bottom cover is MUCH easier to re-install after changing batteries as you simply line up the large single triangle shaped shaft, push down
and twist. Whereas with the (SE3DLN) one must line up 2 small 1/16" wide notches and then push down and twist. Anyone owning both lights can
quickly determine the Siege can easily be reloaded in complete darkness by simple feel, whereas the (SE3DLN) cannot. Even though I've heard of
people marking the notches on the (SE3DLN) with a glow in the dark material to help.
5. The Siege is rated at a full non-ANSI 340 lumens with the over off, whereas the (SE3DLN) is now ANSI 240, whereas it used to be non-ANSI 300. I'm not sure if the 240
is with top on or off. Either way the Siege is clearly brighter when lighting up a room or an outdoor area. The Siege is not ANSI rated as of yet.
6. The on/off button on the Siege does not blink when not in use to run the batteries down, whereas the (SE3DLN) does.

Some like the (SE3DLN) blinking as it make it easier to find the light in total darkness and others like myself do not.

Points favoring the (SE3DLN):
1. The (SE3DLN) costs around $25, whereas the Siege is around $40.
2. The (SE3DLN) has a limited lifetime warranty on the entire light, whereas the Siege has only a 2 year warranty on the electronics and switches.

They both have the option not to cover is misuse or abuse is determined.

Even though I really like my older Rayovac (SE3DLN) lights and they have served me well, I much prefer the newer Streamlight Siege. The primary reasons are the ease of changing batteries and the 295 hour low light mode. I can change batteries on the Siege in total darkness without my glasses, whereas with the (SE3DLN) I need my glasses and some light.

For me the extra features on the Siege are easily worth the extra $15 price tag.

As some others have noted, I can't find anything on the Siege I don't like and honestly can't think on any improvements within reason I would make.

Both are excellent lights and you can't go wrong with either, but the Siege is the clear winner for my needs.

Buy the Streamlight Siege and you'll see what myself and others have been raving about.
*****Update 10-24-2013:

I have discovered the Siege is NOT ANSI rated so I've changed the review above. Also, I've tested 4 different sets of alkaline and rechargeable batteries from 4 different companies and they run only 15 continuous hours on high, rather than the advertised 30 hours. The 15 hours runtime was until the red light came on and not until it went completely dim. All of the lights I've tested, including the Rayovac SE3DLN, way over state the runtimes so I guess they do this to not look inferior to their competitors, hoping nobody will actually check.

Overall, I still rate the Siege as a solid "5"
*****Update 10-28-2013:

I emailed Streamlight with questions about the ANSI rating and the 30 hour runtime. Here is their response:

The ANSI standard is for "directional lighting" and doesn't really cover lanterns like the Siege. Therefore we can't use the ANSI symbols in our claims.

However, ANSI procedures were used to take the measurements that were used for our advertising claims.
340 lumens (our HIGH mode claim) is a totally valid measurement taken in one of our calibrated integrating spheres that is also used for ANSI-rated products.

The 30 hour run time on HIGH also conforms to ANSI protocols. ANSI run time starts 30 seconds into a run with new batteries (which is where the lumen claim is taken) and the ANSI run time ends when the lumen output falls to 10% of the initial 30 second reading. (In the case of the Siege on HIGH, end of run time to ANSI protocols occurs when the output drops to 34 lumens.) I realize that you may take exception to the 10% figure, but it is according to the ANSI standard.

I have attached the Product Fact Sheet for the Siege. These sheets are readily available to customers, for all products, under the "Docs/Info" tab on the individual product pages of our website. The Runtime section of the Siege Fact Sheet states "to 10% of initial lumen output."

Charlie Craft

Charles W. Craft, BSMET

Chief Engineer

ISO Management Representative

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Trust Streamlight with your life.
by SigDigit,Top Contributor: Camping (5 out of 5 stars)
March 10, 2017

I bought this and the CORE 750 (4 D cell) LED lanterns at the same time. This was 6 bucks more than the CORE at the time, now I see it selling for a dollar less. Streamlight is a name I've grown to trust with my life and have been a flashlight user for 25 years. My Streamlights have never let me down. Tested this by tossing it in my hot tub right after receiving it. Bobbed right up, shining brightly as a light house, much to my young nephew's delight. I especially like the removable diffuser, and loop on bottom. This allowed me to hang it upside down from a nail in the roof of my cabin while camping. Nice way to spread the light around while camping in the cabin. This lantern is much more compact than the towering CORE lantern, and has nearly as much light output.

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