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Improved Refractory Metal Combustion Chamber Door, The StoveTec Big Foot 2 Door Rocket Stove. Our Big Foot 2 door metal lined rocket stove design burns wood, biomass, or charcoal fuel, and now features many new improvements. It is more durable, easier to operate, safer to use, and longer lasting. Stove includes the fuel shelf and upgraded adjustable. These stoves are designed to be used for cooking outdoors. Dimensions: Stove D-11 in H-12 1/2 in Features Insulative, abrasion-resistant fire chamber with refractory metal liner to increase durability Thick Cast iron stove top with 6 pot supports Stick support, thick tile floor Painted sheet metal body Heat Resistant Plastic and Steel Handles Model: Big Foot 2 Door Stove Shipping Weight: 27 lbs Retail Internet Price: $124.95 Free FedEx Home Delivery Shipping inside Continental US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico. Hawaii & Alaska, & Puerto Rico customers pay an additional $50.00 USPS shipping. Call for all International shipping quotes: 541-942-6472 Pacific Time Zone, additional USPS charges are applicable and processed only through our StoveTec Warehouse. StoveTec 76132 Blue Mountain School Road, Cottage Grove, OR 97424 Pacific Time Zone


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Top Reviews

Perfect! Good Consistent Heat, Low Fuel Use, Minimal Smoke
by KC (5 out of 5 stars)
April 4, 2017

I got this in just three days, much quicker than the 5-10 days listed. I live in a townhouse complex, and don't have a ton of space- very small personal courtyard, no yard space. I was excited to try this StoveTec, and I had been eyeing this and similar wood burning stoves for years. After getting a small Solo stove years ago (for portability, mainly), I was really wanting something to use at home, that was a more "serious" cook stove where I could make actual meals for my family if I wanted or needed to, and as a backup in case my propane and charcoal ran out. At the time I purchased the Solo stove, the smallest size was the only one available (they came out with the bigger sizes afterwards), and while fine for backpacking or your BOB, it was really not a solution to the stove at home issue. I decided not to mess around with the larger Solo stove either, because I wasn't planning to carry my home stove around, and without that need, I decided to get a more sturdy and durable stove like this excellent StoveTec Big Foot Two-Door instead, which had numerous advantages to the Solo stove design, including its solid durability.

I absolutely love how this StoveTec side feeding design allows the use of larger, long pieces of wood (being the typical shape branches come in), making it very easy to feed a consistent amount into the main opening, without having to break the branches up or chop wood into small chunks against the grain. I also found it very easy to start, following the youtube directions by the guy on the AfterBURNER Stove vids, where he adds four 1" x 3/4" or so sticks into the main opening (both doors open) and a very loose gathering of long shreds of paper mixed with small twigs placed vertically throughout the paper into the top (titled StoveTec Basics: Lighting your StoveTec Rocket Stove). This setup lit easily, and in less than a few minutes, I had a good fire burning. My kids and I walked outside for about 5 minutes and gathered one plastic shopping bag full of dead pine branches and twigs on the ground just outside our house, and only used about 1/3 of that bag for an hour of consistent heat, at a level that would be similar to a large high gas burner on your stove. It was easy to maintain that same level of heat, just by ensuring the same number/ volume of sticks were in the burn chamber at any given time- basically the 4-5 sticks I used to light the stove in the first place.

Like another recent reviewer said, I also think my stove must have a lighter fill material in it (I didn't take off the top), because it is definitely lighter than a solid ceramic core would weigh, and that many reviewers had complained about. I find the stove easy to lift (I am a small gal, & not a weightlifter), but the insulating properties are definitely there, and I can comfortably touch the sides of the stove even after an hour of burn, without hurting myself. The bottom is not all that hot either- I have the stove on tile, but don't feel too much in the way of heat transfer to the ground when I move the stove. It actually is light enough to carry easily in your car to the park or to the beach, and I absolutely am planning more trips just cuz of the stove- heh. Also, because of my townhouse/ courtyard situation, I am very conscious of smoke, and this puppy has very little- WAY less than my charcoal grill, that's for sure. It's so easy to use and start (and stop- just shut the doors) that I let my 10 and 12 yo set it up and light it- with supervision of course. They happily cooked marshmallows tonight, and it was a wonderful thing to have this mini campfire right at home. Love this thing.
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I'm Torn . . .
by Lurchie (3 out of 5 stars)
November 5, 2013

After seeing a number of You Tube videos and reading numerous reviews of the Stove Tec stoves, I finally decided to try one out - I'm a sucker for cool tech, especially when it's a simple and elegant design. I have several "rocket" type camping stoves and have experimented with building a basic stove out of bricks. I'm not sure if I bought the Stove Tec stove with the intent of using it as a barbecue, emergency stove, or just because I was intrigued by the novelty of it. I think it was the novelty of it. I cranked up the stove a few days ago and here are my impressions:


Burns efficiently - I boiled a pan of water in about 5 minutes, and cooked up a mess of hot dogs on a circular grill right over the flames.

Very little waste - several hours of burning wood in kindling sized chunks resulted in a remarkably small pile of ash (I'd estimate less than a cup)

Burns any kind of combustable biomass (Sticks, grass, dung, pinecones, etc) so there's no need to purchase or transport fuel.


This bad boy is HEAVY. It's steel encapsulated ceramics. . . what do I expect?! It tips the scales at 28 lbs, which while making it portable, rules it out of any sort of camping other than car camping. I'd say it's even too heavy to make it worth taking along for tailgating - you could bring a portable gas grill that has a more controllable cook flame and weighs 1/2 to 1/3 as much.

You have to keep it from getting wet - the instructions are pretty explicit about this. I'm not sure if this is to protect the cast iron pot cover, the steel sheathing, or the ceramic insert, but it's mentioned several times. This means you can't leave it out in the elements, and you'll have to be extra careful when camping or tailgating.

The feeding of the fuel needs to be monitored reasonably closely - you can set it up to simmer once you have a good bed of coals, but I found the videos' claim of 30 - 60 minutes of simmer time to be a bit of an exaggeration. Now, I was using mostly pine as my fuel, so maybe using a hardwood would make a significant difference.

My conclusion:

If you're looking for a great option for an emergency stove, While I think there are more portable and flexible options (The Kelly Kettle, for instance) I believe the Stove Tec stove would do a fine job providing a decent cooking option. I also think that if you are living in an "off the grid" situation where you have a kitchen set up that doesn't move, the Stove Tec would be ideal. I just think it's too unwieldy to use as a portable stove option in camping, tailgating, picnics, etc.

The stove itself is well made and sturdy. AND it has a 10 year warranty.
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Solid stove that functions flawlessly...
by kandoro (4 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2013

This StoveTec 2 door deluxe stove is solidly built and functions without a hitch when used as instructed. I would say its primary benefit is being light enough to be portable. Not backpacking portable, but RV or trailer portable. I really like the green exterior and refractory metal liner, both of which add class to the stove. I believe the price is too high but its all relative I guess, but I did mark it down a point as a result. Especially when similar functioning but less pretty stoves can be built for $20 or less as mentioned below.

If you are looking for permanent rocket type stove, one can be built in 10 minutes out of brick for around $15 in materials. Other types are also available for under $20 total cost. They perform exactly like the StoveTec so in reality one is paying an extra $100 for cosmetic features and portability. If the StoveTec is the only available portable option, then yes its worth the $125.

I chose the StoveTec over the EcoZoom primarily because I much prefer the green exterior over the cream color of the EcoZoom. Also, the StoveTec was $5 less expensive. I know the two companies are pretty much intertwined, but again the green exterior of the StoveTec won out.

I'm not really a prepper, but using and building these rocket stoves has been a blast.

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this is just plain nice. two doors is a luxury i didn't think ...
by Cu Mor Glas (5 out of 5 stars)
December 22, 2016

i have used my homemade rocket stoves for years. this is just plain nice. two doors is a luxury i didn't think i would enjoy as much as i did. it opens up control of draft and makes simmering an option. unit is sturdy. when the handles are folded fits in a five gallon bucket with room for a bunch of tinder and the lid seals fine. i store it this way on my sailboat so it can be easily carted to beaches for cookouts using driftwood for fuel.
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Get out the screwdriver and the welder
by Ben P. (3 out of 5 stars)
August 15, 2017

This is the second one I've owned, and sad to see the quality control has gone down. Mine had so many loose screws I had to spend an hour getting it put together right. The wire frame table for holding feeder wood was not welded properly, was sprung so it didn't sit level, and has come apart. I will have to rig up my own table to sit in front of the door to hold the wood as it gets fed into the burn chamber. Still, this stove will do what I need it to do.
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Cool stove
by Edward Ward (5 out of 5 stars)
June 8, 2016

Works as advertised. Store it in a five gallon bucket from Lows or Home Depo
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This is a nice wood burner
by Glen E Thomas (5 out of 5 stars)
February 2, 2015

The stovetec deluxe is a well made wood burner. The top door has a nice steel cover over the ceramic insert. The wind screen is really well made and has a large amount of adjustment. The packaging is also top of the line and protects the stove well during transport. Fired up fairly easily not any different than my solo stoves as far as difficulty. Once the fire gets going I used four 1/2 x 1/2 sticks about 16 long to cook dinner using my cast iron skillet. There was very little smoke after everything came up to temp. I will be buying the single door version in the next couple days to complement my emergency and camp cooking set up.
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I believe that this one is a good value for what it cost
by Old Boots (4 out of 5 stars)
November 12, 2015

These stove have gone through several improvements since they first came out. I believe that this one is a good value for what it cost. It will fit nicely inside a 5 gal plastic bucket. I have this and a silverfire survivor and have built three other rocket stoves using concrete and fire brick and one from cans. One does not want to leave this stove outside in rain or put out the fire with water --- water will cause damage. Efficient burn that can be regulated to some degree by how much air you allow in the lower chamber. These are less than 2/3 the price of a Silverfire Survivor (their shipping is outrageous $36.) but these are twice the weight. Still these are a good portable rocket stove and the concrete and fire brick ones I have made are not portable at all; the one made from cans is a toy that wont hold up to long term use like the rest. Seems to be well made shipping was fast. Fair Value for quality. If your'e tired of fooling with coleman fuel and propane tanks this makes a nice camp stove.
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I can't recommend the stove enough for someone that wants a back ...
by Bill (5 out of 5 stars)
May 23, 2017

I bought this thing as an emergency back up and just because I wanted one. After unpacking I took it out to the back porch and got it to fire up the first time and cooked an entire skillet full of chicken with. Controlling the heat was not hard at all. Getting a fire started the first time was a little tricky, but I don't think it will be the next time. I can't recommend the stove enough for someone that wants a back up or just something to have fun with in the woods. It's not the light the stove out there but it is certainly the most fuel-efficient stove I have ever used. I am 100% satisfied with it right now. I'm sure it will provide many years of cooking enjoyment.
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Not great for camping, but a great stove!
by hellolion (5 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2016

I wish I could give this stove six stars! I have used this rocket stove intensively for years and it has never failed to please. Everyone who sees it working in action asks where they can buy one. I would not recommend this as a camping stove due to the size/weight, but if you want a dependable stove you can use outdoors this is it.

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