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Model: SGTX2
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Dimension: 15.00 x 22.00 x 15.00 inches
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Product Description

Featured on SharkTank, Ellen and The View: Singtrix is the world’s only plug-and-play karaoke system that uses studio quality vocal effects designed to make "bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing!" Sing in-tune to your favorite hits with confidence. Just plug into the headphone output of your mobile device or computer and start singing. Singtrix will tune your voice to the music track and add studio quality effects such as 4-part harmony or choir, reverb, delay and so much more.

Singtrix Highlights: The simple plug and play system is powered by patented state-of-the-art professional live vocal effects technology… No need to pay for music content since it was designed to work with the thousands of FREE YouTube Karaoke videos available on line… Works with your existing mp3 music, apps and more… Voice-cancellation option creates karaoke tracks on-the-fly from standard songs… The entire Singtrix system including Studio Effects Console, Mic and 2.1 Speaker are specifically tuned and designed to provide studio quality sound making singing experience exciting, fun and transformative… For all skill levels from beginner to pro… Works with instruments in place of karaoke tracks, tuning your voice to chords played on your guitar or keyboard… The natural tuning effects act like training wheels for your voice and can help improve your singing… Ultra-responsive and dynamic, facilitating proper singing technique… Reduces vocal fatigue and strain, making singing effortless for longer practice sessions.

Nothing Compares: Other karaoke systems are glorified speakers with mics… Typical low-end systems are cheap, have poor sound quality, low volume, not loud enough for large parties, break easily, requires expensive karaoke discs for music, low quality mic and speaker, do not offer vocal enhancement… Typical high-end systems with louder speakers are expensive, do not offer vocal enhancement, have complicated interfaces, and require expensive karaoke music content.

Hi-Fidelity Stereo Speaker System


  • ULTIMATE FAMILY PARTY EXPERIENCE - MAKES BAD SINGERS SOUND GOOD & GOOD SINGERS SOUND AMAZING - from creators of Guitar Hero, featured on Shark Tank, Ellen, The Kardashians & more. Singtrix will be your go to device for home entertainment.
  • MOST ADVANCED KARAOKE – designed to sound like a million-dollar recording studio & a live concert event in your living room. 375+ effects, skill levels, natural pitch-correction, hard-tune (Auto-Tune), harmonies, reverb, delay, extreme effects & more
  • 4-PART HARMONIES - CHOIR OF VOICES - AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON – built-in HIT button & effects controller instantly transforms your voice into a 4-Part Harmony making you sound larger than life. It’s like having backup singers at the touch of a button!
  • QUALITY - POWER - SIMPLE PLUG & PLAY – 40-Watt Stereo PA w/ built-in subwoofer offers portable immersive sound! Fully adjustable Pro Mic Stand with built-in boom-arm. Singtrix Microphone perfectly weighted & balanced w/ 10-foot Mic Cable.
  • AMAZING VALUE - PRICELESS MEMORIES – an exciting party experience for family & friends, fulfill dreams of making music, vocal training, a confidence-builder in kids, inspiration for the next music icon. Works w/ YouTube karaoke vids, MP3s, streaming music
  • Contact us first at Singtrix for any product & service inquiries. We look to resolve any issues directly with our customers

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Top Reviews

The Good, Bad, and UGLY which is 85% expectation based (and money saving information).
by T. Whitaker (4 out of 5 stars)
December 25, 2014

We purchased this product for my children who are avid singers (one of which takes lessons and sings regularly.

This product can clearly be rated a 4/5 star for most people who still buy this AFTER reading this review. It can also be a 1/2 star product if your expectations are not aligned with reality.

I give this product 4/5 stars because our expectations were based on reality AND we knew Youtube existed BEFORE we purchased the system (shocker I know).

THE UGLY (however this is 100% avoidable and will likely only upset if you fell victim).

Many unsuspecting people will feel they need to download the Singtrix application on their smart device, since the company who made the product will likely have the best quality of songs that naturally work with the system correct? WRONG. SAVE YOUR MONEY. The application is basic enough, but you can get higher quality songs (in many different variation) by using YouTube. Just type in Karaoke (insert name of song here) and you will likely get a half dozen options, from instrumental on piano, to many times the real song with no vocal, or vocals reduced. My families favorite are the VEVO Karaoke songs on Youtube. My kids are singing their favorites from recent songs like Titanium, Dynamite, All of Me,etc. while there are literally thousands of songs for my wife and I from our generation from artist like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

The $20 per month Singtrix asked for their music is ridiculous... and the quality / version are often boring instrumentals my kids didn't like anyway. You also can't easily preview their songs... until you drop the monthly subscription fee... so save your money.

The only downside to Youtube? With many songs you will have to listen to 3-5 seconds of commercials (which you can immediately skip).

THE BAD: (Again, only Bad if your expectations were off)
(1) If you are a bad singer, this system will only make you slightly better... don't expect to see results like the videos on YouTube where those actors could already sing. Trust me, if we had a dog, he would still be howling during select notes my wife hits.. (ok... me too). My daughter who sounds incredible live in front of 200 people with only her voice does sound great... but some effects can make her sound worse as well. There are ~300 settings... so finding the ones that make you sound good can take a little time and practice. Great thing is you can save your favorites so you aren't looking for them for long.

Some people only are really upset that this system didn't make them sound like good .... and I understand the videos make it seem like anyone can become a great singer. Not true... and the AXE commercials make you feel like if you use their product you will have supermodels draped all over you. So I live in reality... I sound better... it is great fun... so the fact that I don't sound like John Legend going with only a mix on the Oprah show doesn't bother me.
(2) This is a system consisting of an AMP and a effects box (which is very cool) but DOES NOT COME WITH ANY SONGS. It is NOT a karaoke system. But for us, who cares... we use our iPad and Youtube. Problem solved and we avoid monthly subscriptions and having to managed specific files like most karaoke systems use. Not sure why SELECT people are so upset with this online and recommending system that use specific karaoke songs you pay for and manage with specific file types. These people obviously haven't found Youtube.
(3) The feature where you can use your own music and hit the "song voice" button to REDUCE the vocals on your own iTunes music doesn't work well... it kind of mutes the entire music on the treble side and doesn't really work well. But again, we use real Karaoke songs off YouTube with no vocals... so this didn't impact us much, but I will admit I was a little disappointed. I expected more from this function, but realize now there is only so much one can do. However this had ZERO impact on our enjoyment of the Singtrix.


My kids didn't expect this gift this holiday. I got lucky enough to get one from a large mass retailer online since Amazon was backordered until Jan. My kids were "eh" at first... as they didn't completely understand it.

All I can say is once they used it once... it was a non-stop singing session all day. Even my wife, who rolled her eyes and swore she wouldn't use it slowly migrated towards the kids this AM and within about 90 minutes she was singing. My family had a blast today with this system. After lunch, the family left once we finished a hearty meal, my 3 girls were passed out from getting up so early... my wife was STILL on this system singing.

I myself spent at least an hour today singing old 70's and 80's classics... and I sounded pretty good with some setting (which you need to play with).

Which leads to another GREAT thing about this system... there is an earphone jack. Because as great as the wife and I sound... there is only so much one can take. I literally heard the YouTube Karaoke version of Christina Perri's "Thousand Miles" at least 40 times today... so if you are getting this for kids, make sure you have a good set of earphones for those times when you can't take another round of "Let it Go" today.

But overall the system is a blast... and as long as your expectations are in-line... you will have a blast.

If you read this review, and understand what you are getting, you won't be disappointed.


Don't let the negative consumers who complain about not going from tone deaf to Usher turn you off... I am still using AXE and haven't gotten a second look from a supermodel... much less two on my lap.

Don't let the negative consumers who wanted a full Karaoke system turn you off... because with an Smart Device you DO have a Karaoke system. No need for a big monitor and system specific Karaoke files to manage. You can literally pick this entire system up and carry it from one place to another in about 2 mins (plugging in the two power supplies will take 75% of that time).

Use YouTube Karaoke videos... they are great and offer more songs than you will ever use.

Have fun... keep your expectations realistic. You will have a great time with this unit... if you sing well, you will sound great. If you sound mediocre... you will sound better. If you are tone deaf and sound horrible... you will be tolerable on this system (at least for a while). But no matter what skill level you are... you will have FUN.

If you host lots of parties? It is a must have. I couldn't imagine having this back in my younger days. Combined with alcohol, bad break-ups, crazy friends, etc... this would be an insane amount of fun.
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by Bob (5 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2016

I wrote a 1 star review of this product when the power cord wouldn't work in the power port. I believe when a company responds as this one did to a complaint they deserve to have a bad review reversed. I really didn't read the warranty information and when I called my unit was just out of warranty. After speaking to a distributor's Representative I was told there is a 150.00 dollar flat fee to repair. That's when I wrote my first review. After writing my review to my surprise Sarah from Singtrix called me after hours from her home and was extremely helpful and understanding. I was offered much more help and options than I ever expected. Although one of my options was for a full refund I decided to keep it.. Never before have I experienced such a helpful and positive response. As far as the presets, while I still think there are more than necessary I really did not take the time studying how to use them properly. The folks at Singtrix really believe in their product and deserve kudos for their excellent support people. A special thank you to Sarah. Bob
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by Matt (5 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2016

Voice modifiers/enhancers are awesome! It can even take normal tracks and dim down the vocals to turn it into a karaoke track (messes with the music sound a little, but still cool). Speaker is definitely loud. Ok, if you want to fill up an entire basketball gym, you might want to get some giant speakers, but it can definitely crank louder than the next apartment over will appreciate. Music/karaoke tracks imported via headphone jack. I would highly recommend this product.
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Less than 2 years of use- broken...!!!
by Donment (5 out of 5 stars)
August 13, 2018

I bought this bundle less than 2 years ago. It was a fun and I was happy.

Now when I turn on- I see only blue screen....

Nothing show up..:(

To pay almost $300 and now I have to toss in a garbage can ?!!!


I was reading from another reviews that customer service not responded... NOT TRUE !!!

At the beginning I was sceptical, but I give a try..

Found company website and sent them email...

Website says that response will be in 24 hours.

I didn't check my emails until the next day...

I was very surprised, that answer was in a couple hours !!!!!!! Customer service representative, Sarah said, if you have that problem with a console, we will send you new one !!!!! Just I have to send them a receipt for that purchase!!!!

We all knows that in this world we don't have a perfect electronics, which will work forever!!!

Some defective may be or so...

But I can say one thing- this company stay behind their products very seriously!!!!

Thank you Sarah !!!
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This was a used item with possible cosmetic defects, ...
by Tracy McCartney (1 out of 5 stars)
June 7, 2018

This was a used item with possible cosmetic defects, but when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was that it was poorly packaged. Items were loose in box.

Upon further examination, I noticed the Mic stand was not complete. The extension piece was broken off and was used as the boom arm.

The boom arm was completely missing.

This item was not as described.
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Just arrived today - EASY to setup and use within 30 minutes - LOVE IT~!
by txjohn (5 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2018

I saw this a few days ago on a re-run of Shark Tank...had never heard of it before. As the father of 6 who all are music lovers, many of which are or were in Choir...and a wife who absolutely loves music and dancing, I decided I had to get one. My youngest daughter is 17 and a senior who when home often stays in her room doing her own thing. Today when I told her the Singtrix had arrived, she sprinted to the front room and immediately started setting it up. It took only 20 or so minutes to fully set it up using the printed instructions and the Singtrix setup video.

Within 30 minutes she was belting out songs and playing with the settings. Its been about 3 hours now and she hasn't stopped using except for maybe 30 minutes to get ready for work early so she can continue playing with it till time to leave.

Her words, "I love this SO MUCH!" I've taken several videos of her. Her brothers are eyeing it a little more reserved being more stage apprehensive, but they take some turns on the 2nd mic for a few minutes. I've no doubt that they will be trying it out maybe on their own and eventually together.

In the setup video they spoke of the ability to extend or chain together more than one I'm all ready considering buying a 2nd unit so that we can have 2 mics simultaneously able to use the pitch tuning and chorus /backup singing effects and 4 total mics for real group involvement.

I'm the oldest of 10 kids, all my family lives within 30 minutes. My parents have 36 grandchildren now and we get together a couple times a year, such as New Years and I know this will be a hit. We have Community Theater participants, Choir members and general music lovers that I can see this being the hit of the party.

NOTE: I got this as an alternative activity to TV, cell phone / social media and other screen time and gaming. I'm hoping to see family involvement enjoying what they all ready love, music, together.

So far I am impressed and loving the Singtrix.
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Gets us thru Winter...and beyond
by RAM (5 out of 5 stars)
March 14, 2018

We karaoke every Friday and Saturday at an RV camp 6 months out of the year. Season ends mid-October. What to do till mid-April? Buy a Singtrix and practice!!! This unit makes me sound like a pro. The best money my wife and I have spent in a long time for ourselves on enjoyment. What is tops is that I have a vast collection of record/vinyl and I hook my record player (turntable) to Singtrix via the 3.5mm provided cable and the song-voice button option on the control box and...Voilà! Any of my 45s or 33s, and 78s can be used to do karaoke. (Lyrics can be found on the internet...or write them down.) Talk about versatility! The various voice options are nice and so far I have found 5 that work for my era of music (50s-early60s) perfectly. No negatives in this review. Gotta go and practice my doo-wop...shoo be do bop bah dah!
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Lovin the Singtrix
by Mario A. Ochoa (5 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2017

It's never to late to deliver a compliment. In the year and half since we've ordered our Singtrix it's been a hit at every party! My wife and daughters all love singing together for an audience or just for themselves. It's very easy to set up and the kids have no problem using any of the voice effects. We highly recommend it for any family or group that wants to spice up a party!

And, talk about service after the sale... I recently broke an important piece and couldn't find any info on ordering replacement parts. I sent Singtrix an email asking for help and within 24hrs I had a new part in route. Very, very helpful.
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Great product!
by fernanda loconsolo (5 out of 5 stars)
February 10, 2017

I have absolutely had a blast with singstrix! My family and I take it out any time we have guests over and it quickly becomes a hit! I know of at least two families who sought to purchase singtrix after spending an evening with us...

The voice settings are tons of fun and singtrix seems to become the center of attention whenever we have company! We typically run the auxiliary (audio) cord to our lap top. We run a video input from our laptop to our living room flat screen TV. Then, we simply type in a song on YouTube with "karaoke" behind the name of the song. You have the ability to play any song you can think of with a large display of the lyrics, just like you would see in a bar!

Absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in having a great entertainment tool in their house. Best home-oriented karaoke machine I've ever seen!
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Sounds Great, Looks Great and just a Great all around System
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
May 17, 2016

It took me a lot of time to decide on which one of the Karaoke systems that I wanted to get. I wanted one that would record but I decided to get the Singtrix because I found out a way to hook my tape recorder up to it and trying now how to hook it up to my computer. The system is great and I think anyone who gets it will have lots of fun with it. The main microphone has a great sound and the Stereo Speaker system really sound great! I Love my machine and feel that if you are into music at all, you will enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying mine. Thanks for reading my review.

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