The Noogle Car Air Conditioning System

MPN: 8ft black ice
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Product Description

The Noggle - making the back seat cool again. The Noggle is a patented solution for controlling air temperature in your car's backseat to help make it comfortable for all passengers, and especially children. If you’ve ever experienced the scorching summer heat in States such as Florida, Arizona and Nevada, you’ll understand that maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car's backseat is next to impossible. The Noggle goes to work in seconds, helping to prevent sweaty, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous car rides for babies and children in these temperatures. 

During summer months, the backseat of a parked car can reach upwards of 200 Fahrenheit. Placing your child in the vehicle at the start of your journey can put them at risk of heatstroke, and extreme discomfort. The Noggle is here to help you; the patented vent connection connects to your dash and sends air direct from the dashboard to your children in the backseat, providing a controlled distribution of air throughout your vehicle. The Noggle can also keep kids warmer and more comfortable during the extreme cold of the winter months.

The Noggle system installs easily and will work on nearly any vehicle. The Noggle comes in various lengths: 6ft, 8 ft and 10ft. Each purchase includes both a circular and rectangular vent adaptor and it is available in a variety of patterns and colors. The end of the tubing will attach to many places in your vehicle, such as the back of the headrest, car seat, backseat handle, rear seat belt and booster seat. Children also love holding the Noggle in their hands. The Noggle also features a quick disconnect system, allowing you to easily remove the Noggle from the dash when you are traveling alone or when the car is at the desired temperature. 

Don't let your loved ones be uncomfortable, you’re in control. Make car journeys safer and comfortable and purchase a Noggle today, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


  • MAKING THE BACKSEAT COOL AGAIN - the Noggle extends cool air directly from your vehicle dash vent to your children in the backseat; prevent and protect your little ones from overheating in the car on scorching hot summer days
  • 8 FOOT LENGTH, BLACK ICE DESIGN - the Noggle is available in a variety of lengths and cool designs, check your vehicle dimensions before purchasing; stores away neatly when not in use
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE - the Noggle conveniently installs / removes in second; includes both rectangular and circular dash plate adapters that will work in most vehicles
  • VERSATILE AND MULTI-USE - the Noggle is also designed for winter weather and transfers the heat to the backseat; it also works brilliantly for your pets who may be traveling in the car
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR PARENTS - purchase peace of mind; reduce the risk of heatstroke and uncomfortable, sweaty babies and children when traveling in the car so you can focus on driving

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Top Reviews

Once you break your vent it works great.
by Michelle (2 out of 5 stars)
June 28, 2017

I live in Arizona and I thought it was a clip on clip odd removable tube. You CAN unlock it from the base, but the bade had to be zip tide to the vent. Literally. It came with two zip ties. Maybe I should've read the reviews, I don't even know I still haven't read them. It might be mentioned. Either way it sits loosely on the vent even with the zip tie, and it broke my vent in my truck trying to zip tie it. For $42+ you'd think it would be more than a vent tube with fabric over it and zip tied to your a/c vent. JS. yeah it works alright after you break your vent. But they need to come up with a better seal and method of anchoring.
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Works great, get it longer if you'll pass under seat to back.
by T.M. (5 out of 5 stars)
June 10, 2017

Works great in our Rav4. I got the 8 foot one, but would prefer 10 feet for the way I used it. I passed it under the passenger seat (rather than over) so it uses a little extra length than going over the Armrest, but it's not out and in the way.

This keeps the back cooler, and our toddler can aim it away when too cold (or just toss it to the floor and we have to retieve it later when needed...)
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Mostly in love except for one thing......
by jilly (5 out of 5 stars)
July 3, 2016

UPDATE: I now love the noggle. I bought some epoxy from Auto Zone and put it around the inside lip of my air vent and then popped the air vent back in. I waited a day for the epoxy to cure and then reattached the noggle. It's tight on the vent (I just used regular zip ties I bought at Walmart because I had to cut the ones that came with the noggle to get it off the pulled out air vent), hasn't loosened at all, and hasn't pulled my air vent out. Attached a pic of daughter holding her air tube, as she calls it.

I'm having a love/hate relationship with this thing at the moment. I love that it was easy to attach. I love that, much to my surprise, it put out a good bit of air. My 3 year is still rear facing and she loves holding her air tube, as she calls it, letting it blow in her face. It actually does a nice job keeping her cool in the back seat. Now the hate....after a week, my air vent has been pulled out of the dash. I think the weight of this may be too much for my older car (2008 Ford Fusion). At this point, I'm going to try and gorilla glue my air vent back into my dash, but not sure I want to chance pulling it back out or pulling out another vent with the noggle.

Some basics fyi: I bought the 6 foot, even though my car seat is rear facing. My car is a Ford Fusion and my daughter's car seat is in the middle of the back seat. I attached the noggle to the passenger side vent, and it easily reached my daughter in the middle back. It attached easily with the zip ties and almost completely covered my vent. Because my dash is curved a bit, the top of the noggle doesn't sit flush and leaves a small gap, but I didn't notice too much air escaping.

I do recommend this product, and if it hadn't pulled my vent out I would have rated it 5 stars. I bought mine off the company's website and it was less expensive than what I see here. Also, search google for a coupon code.
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Good idea, iffy implementation
by fitzage (2 out of 5 stars)
September 8, 2017

I'll briefly explain how I arrived at this star rating.
1. We'll start at five stars because it's a great idea that really works.
2. We'll subtract one star right off the top due to the blatant attempt to imply that this product is somehow government approved on the packaging.
3. We'll subtract another star because the way this attaches to the vent really isn't great. It works, but barely. Now I don't have a better idea on how to do this, but there has to be a better way.
4. The last star is because after less than two weeks of usage, the cross pieces on the mounting bracket snapped, making it useless. I'm awaiting a response from customer service about this, but if they send me a replacement of the same design I doubt that it will hold up much longer. It just isn't strong enough plastic to hold up well to the added stress of things like u-turns.
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Not What Expected
by Mr.&Mrs. Rosales (3 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2018

I bought the noggle thinking it would really get the AC to my rear facing toddler. It is easy to install super easy, but it sadly doesn't attach well enough to the vents to actually get a good decent air flow to my kid the way I had hoped, it's so pricey and I'm contemplating returning it, it didn't live up to all the hype that everyone was raving about, I could have just bought an RV Hose or something similar & attaches it to my vent and probably gotten more air flow or if I i didn't at least I would have saved a good chunk of money
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Saved us in the Phoenix heat!
by RationalConsumer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 29, 2017

Oh Noggle, let me count the ways we love you! We moved to Phoenix, Arizona last year and went through a whole summer dying each time we got in the car! We would eventually cool down but our poor daughter was a sweaty mess each time. This summer we couldn't take it anymore but couldn't think of a better solution. We tried using battery powered fans (but hey, batteries are expensive!) and buying a new car wasn't an option, so, we weren't sure what to do. My husband was out one day and saw a weird hose like object in someone's car running from the AC to a car seat. He did some research and found the Noggle! We ordered it, installed it (very easily) and have fallen in love with it from day one! Our baby girl is much happier in the car and we will be ordering a second one for our son. My daughter is still rear facing so this solved all our air cooling problems. We have a 2006 Acura MDX and it has pretty poor AC coverage for the back seat. Thank you for improving our summer! Now we've become ambassadors for the awesomeness that is the Noggle. We will be telling all our friends who live in the Valley of the sun and I hope another family peers into our car window and wonders what that weird hose is....because it will change their life.
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Must have for Jeep Wrangler!
by Steber (5 out of 5 stars)
July 16, 2019

It fit in my 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Perfect for my backseat passengers, especially rear facing ones. I looked into this Noggle the first time we put a kid rear facing in a car seat but hesitated to not buy it because of the price. That was a mistake. I'm so glad I finally got it. Don't let the price steer you away. It's such a relief to know the kids are more comfortable in the back seat, and they are less whiny because they are actually cool. I tried a mini fan before this, it was practically useless.

My tip, use a string to measure from the vent you plan to connect this to, and see how far you'll want the Noggle to reach to decide on the length. I purchased an 8ft, but now realize I could have gotten the 6ft. Regardless, I'm keeping it. And I feel cooler because I learned how to remove my vent and take it apart to fit the Noggle attachment, then reinstall it, and now keep my kids cool.

Also, removing the vent cover in my Jeep is super easy, so this required no tools and no assistance. I literally did this in my driveway while the baby was asleep in the car, with the a/c running of course.
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by Whitni Pearce (1 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2019

When I ordered this, I figured it would come with some way to "click on" to the AC vent. Nope. It comes with 2 black zipties to hold a sort of "frame" onto the AC vent. then you attach the hose to the frame. it comes with a round and a square frame to attach whichever matches your car best. My vents are more squared so I used that frame. It did not fit but I attempted to zip tie it in anyway, that was huge PIA. finally got it on, looked pretty rigged, but thought it may work. attached the hose, and it was too heavy for the zipties to hold the frame in place. so instead of air going through the hose, it went out the sides. so instead of some air at least reaching the back seat like it was before the hose, the air was now basically being blocked by the hose. If I still had the box, I would be returning it right now.

Lesson learned. This product sucks.
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Very practical solution
by Melvin R (5 out of 5 stars)
January 30, 2019

I used this all summer to direct cool air from my front AC vents to the rear of my car. If you have an older model car that does not have a separate environmental control in the rear this is a practical solution. I recommend not pointing the hose directly at babies face, I attached it so it would blow across my little ones seat. It helped keep my little one comfy on those hot summer days as the car interior cooled. Most vents also face the rear of the vehicle so a rear facing carseat does not give baby the benefit of those vents. This vent hose is great to overcome that issue.
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Installing was not easy given how the zip ties supposed to go in ...
by KKT (4 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2018

It is working well for us. I think everybody needs this for a rear facing baby. We have an ac vent at the back of the car but the air was not flowing the way we wanted. Adults get cold with blasting cold air while kids are still sweating. Installing was not easy given how the zip ties supposed to go in then out of the vent but it was only for once so you can live with that. The adapter is not very flexible so this might not work for all cars. Lastly it is extremely overpriced but there is used or open box option for less than half of new so I went with that and it's much more reasonable.

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