Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Brand: Logitech
Model: 920-006342
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Product Description

The Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a unique keyboard for your computer. That also works with your tablet and smartphone. The Easy-Switch dial lets you switch typing between 3 connected Bluetooth wireless devices, and you'll find a familiar keyboard layout with shortcut keys for Windows, Mac or Chrome computers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.Multi-platform and cross-platform. The integrated cradle holds your phone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type. Most phones and tablets up to 10.5 mm 0.4 inches thick and 258 mm 10 inches wide. System Requirements: PC: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10|Mac: Mac OS X or later|Chrome OS|iPad or iPhone: iOS 5 or later|Android tablet or smartphone: Android 3.2 or later.|Internet connection (for optional software download)


  • Type on Any Device: A new type of wireless computer keyboard for your desk that also works with your tablet and smartphone; connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device with external keyboard support
  • Easy-Switch Dial: Simply turn the dial of the Logitech K480 keyboard to switch typing between 3 connected Bluetooth wireless devices, you can work with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iPadOS
  • Familiar Keyboard Layout: Find all the shortcut keys you use the most, but in a space-saving design that lets you place your mouse close to you, for less arm reaching and better posture
  • Integrated Cradle: A cradle to hold your phone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type; fits most phones and tablets up to 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide
  • Reliable Power: This portable, wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes with 2 pre-installed AAA batteries which can last up to 24 months (2) and is compatible with wired, wireless or Bluetooth mice
  • Durable and Spill-resistant: The wireless and compact keyboard K480 is also spill-resistant (1) to survive small accidents; it’s a reliable and durable partner for your desk at home, or at work
  • Upgrade to Logitech K780 Keyboard: For more productivity and comfort, try the K780 keyboard with number pad for efficient data inputs, Bluetooth/USB, scooped keys, and cradle to hold your phone
  • For Windows, Mac or Chrome computers, Android or iOS mobile devices.
  • Weight: 820 g (1.81 pounds)

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Top Reviews

by c.c.m. (1 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2018

I puchased this keyboad on May 3d but haven't used it until today, except fo a quick test. But as you can see the lette that comes between Q and S does not espond no matte how I pess it. Also the Numbe One doesn't wok eithe. Band new neve used until today. obviously a piece of junk, do not waste you money. I will thow this ight in the tash. Not woth the hassel to even contact Logitech. But I pomise i will neve puchase anothe one of thei poducts again. Even though this eview tuned out funny because of the missing lette. SO SAD, WHEE IS THIE QUALITY CONTOL? LETTING THIS LEAVE THE FACTOY. AND I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THIS POBLEM. EAD SOME OTHE EVIEWS ALSO. AT EAST THIS MADE ME LAUGH. SOY, i CAN'T USE THE EXCLAMATION POINT EITHE.
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They try to be good at all things so good is about as good ...
by IT_Architect (3 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2017

- It never has to be re-paired.
- Uses regular AAA batteries. I have never shut the keyboard off. I own and IT company so I'm on it 18 hours a day doing one thing or another. Very few will use their keyboard as much as I. It takes quite a while of inactivity before the keyboard enters sleep mode and takes about 5-6 seconds to wake up. It very seldom gets into sleep mode during those 18 hours. Using the original batteries that came with it, the 5% battery remaining notification came on after 56 days.
- Didn't have any trouble pairing it with my laptop.
- You can reverse the function keys so that you get the standard F keys by default and the functions by using the function keys
- Unlike a lot of them, the key are in the correct order on the keyboard so you don't get all screwed up when moving from a laptop or desktop keyboard to this.

- Many times when you bring your Laptop within range, it will not reconnect. You must turn the keyboard off, and then back on again.
- It's the only keyboard where my fingers quite often shift out of position on the home row even though it has raised bars on F & J.
- It's the only keyboard that often doesn't print a capital letter when I press the shift key and I have to change position of my finger on it.
- It's the only keyboard that I'm continually snagging the caps-lock key.
- It's the only keyboard that misses characters while I'm typing. It requires a more solid hit which is fatiguing for fast typers.
*Some of this might be due to the nearly round keys.
- There is no end key for jumping to the end of a line. You need to do .
- There is no or any work-around jump to the end of a document.
- Android support is spotty. It will not pair to a standard, and massively high volume phone, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


When you are gone for hours, it will take 5-6 seconds to start up before it starts typing. This is a good thing to save batteries. If you are not gone for that long, then it is instant.


It beats every other Bluetooth keyboard I've had, but unfortunately that isn't saying a lot. They try to be good at all things so good is about as good as it good can get. I've also tried Bluetooth interfaces that connect to wired keyboards but they had reliability issues and needed to be rebooted frequently. If I find something truly good I'll report it here.
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Easy to use, and PC/iOS interchangable
by Lucero Lopez (5 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

I love this keyboard! It was super easy to sync, it's a veryy good size, easy to type, and I can connect it to multiple devices. It has all the keys that a PC has, but I'm using it on an iOS (iPad Air 2), which I love. I don't know about other people, but one of the many reasons I refuse to get a macbook is the keyboard, and this absolutely solves that problem for me. I have my iPad Air in one of those stand cases, and even with the case on it fits in the slot brilliantly (just not when the case is completely in --- see pictures), and at such a great angle, it's perfect. My tablet even stays in the slot and doesn't fall out when I have the keyboard leaned back (see pictures)! I've seen classmates of mine with keyboard cases, and while I can see how that's useful, the case either seems bulky, hard to open, or flimsy. While having a whole separate keyboard doesn't really help with the bulkiness (it's thicker than the pictures seem), it's not super heavy (although it is a little bit heavier than I thought it would be, it was nothing I didn't very quickly adjust to), and it seems to be very durable. Will update with survival timeline once I've had it a little longer and it's been exposed to my backpack and school.

March 19, 2015


This keyboard is super durable! It's been in my backpack since I got it a month ago and still works perfectly! Again, highly recommend this!
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As far as Bluetooth keyboards go, it's definitely the one to get.
by Lyndon Unger (5 out of 5 stars)
December 17, 2014

I got this for my wife for a gift and she has been going crazy-go-nuts over how much she loves it for several days. I'll give a quick break down for people who are shopping.

1. It works with anything that has Bluetooth, and VERY easily. We hooked up an iPad mini, and two cell phones (both android) in less than 3 minutes. It's that easy. Just activate your Bluetooth on your device, search for devices, select the K480, type the verification code in on the keyboard, and you're up.
2. It actually works as simply as it sounds. In all the devices we hooked up, we just turn the 3 way toggle and it automatically switches to that device, takes away the "on device" keyboard, and you start typing on that device. You can switch between devices on the fly, which takes like 1-2 seconds. My wife has her iPad mini and her phone in the cradle and is online and texting her mother simultaneously, just switching back and forth between devices with 1 flip of a switch.

It's absurdly easy and she loves it with bells on.

Bells on?


More like a whole hand bell choir, playing Beethoven while she sips tea with Emily Gaskell and Jane Austin in a gazebo in 1850's Brittan.

Okay...maybe not that much.
3. It's solid and doesn't feel like it's plastic. It's not too heavy per say, but solid.
4. It has a clever sticker along the top that has full instructions to set things up and connect devices. As a guy, I love that she got to feel all "techie" by doing stuff without asking me for help. I love helping her, but figuring out technology on her own makes here feel somehow like a part of the CIA.
5. It's a laptop sized keyboard. I'm writing this on my Asus laptop and the key spacing is identical to my laptop. The keys themselves are a little smaller with a little more space in between then, but if you can type on a laptop you can type on this. No cramped fingers and no hitting 2 keys with one finger.
6. It has multiple multifunction keys that are pre-programmed (like a "home" key, a "back" key, etc.). She's figured out a bunch of cool shortcuts and has love learning to utilize this thing to actually make her more efficient and productive in the hour she has at the end of the night to get all the e-mail/web surfing time in.
7. It's nicely thought out. There aren't any unnecessary gadgets or needless buttons on this (though that's pure opinion).
8. It's Logitech. They just make decent stuff and they're a brand name that has some credibility, being around the business for decades and decades. I still use 2 Logitech mice that are a decade old. They're not a perfect company, but I have honestly never had serious problems with Logitech.
9. It shipped with batteries, included and ready to go. You just pull out the tab and you're on.

1. It was more costly than the alternatives. We got it on sale for $40, and that might seem high for a Bluetooth keyboard. There are other brands online for $15 or less. Then again, half those $15 options all look the same because they're all made in the same sweatshop in China and re-branded by a company that won't be around in 2 years once the money gets laundered.

Now it's true that Logitech's stuff is all made in Chinese sweatshop too, but Logitech has a long-standing name. Still, it probably doesn't need to cost $40. It is definitely more solid and respectable a product than the $15 knock-off stuff, so I paid the fee and don't regret it. As consumers, we're likely getting skinned because of the name "Logitech"...but if we wanted a quality "made in America" product that was produced in a factory where the workers made an actually livable wage, it would cost $140.

What can you do?
2. They keys make noise. Some folks have complained that the keys are loud, and they're about as loud as any regular laptop keyboard. I don't see that as a con, but if you're expecting it to be as quite as the touch pad on you phone, it won't be. If you plan to use this to send text messages in church, you'll get discovered pretty quick.

Then again, if you're taking an external Bluetooth keyboard to church because you plan on texting that much, you have some serious problems.

So, for $40 I made my wife significantly happier for several days. That alone is worth the money for me.
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The bluetooth keyboard to rule all BT keyboards!
by Mark J - Professional Appreciator (5 out of 5 stars)
April 16, 2015

I buy the majority of my tech-oriented gadgets on Amazon. Like many, I suppose, if you can't find it on Amazon and it's not food, odds are you probably don't need it.

So given my affinity for Amazon as my go-to tech supplier, I was very surprised to find the K480 keyboard in a big box office supply store, after wandering in to buy emergency inkjet printer cartridges. The K480's big chunky design and sporty black/neon yellow color scheme caught my eye. Big, colorful and different... I was intrigued.

While standing there in the office supply store I proceeded to lookup reviews and ratings for the K480. As surprising as the keyboard's design was, were the uniformly positive 4 and 5 star reviews. That was it, not only was I going to try one, I had to buy it right then and there. Glad I did!

FUNCTION: The K480 is surprisingly functional! Way more so than any typical bluetooth keyboard. I've bought many bluetooth/wireless keyboards in the past (and have reviewed positively many here on Amazon). But the K480 isn't just another bluetooth keyboard. It caught me off guard just how darn functional and well thought out this keyboard is.

The K480 features big raised keys, is weighty and has a form factor that is unique among keyboards. As far as I can tell, everything about this keyboard's design is very deliberate and functional by design. The weight, the size, the odd ginourmous slot and dial... all serving the ultimate high functionality of this keyboard.

MOUNTING SLOT: The rubberized slot for devices is genius! It fits a variety of device sizes in both landscape and portrait. Not only do various sizes and thicknesses fit (tablet case included fits), but it rather firmly holds them in place. Better yet, it holds two devices at one time! A first in my experience! I can put my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet and my Samsung Note 4 phone in the slot at the same time!!! Something I've seen in no other keyboard, stand, gadget, etc., ever... period. I didn't even know I needed or wanted a keyboard to do what it does until I used both devices (tablet and phone) side by side mounted easily in the k480 keyboard slot.

THREE POSITION DIAL: The big colorful dial connects and switches between three devices simultaneously... another brilliant and uber-functional feature! Within the first five minutes of use in my office, for the first-time ever I had my laptop, my tablet and my phone all mounted in viewing position and all connected simultaneously to the same keyboard! With the simple turn-click of the neon yellow dial I was switching between three devices with a single input!!! Again, with two of the three connected devices mounted in perfect viewing position in the K480'a slot to boot!

IT'S HEAVY: The weight of the keyboard, mentioned by many reviewers of the K480, turns out also to be one of its unique and highly-funtional features! In a world of gadgets trending to thinner and lighter, you wouldn't think of the chunky size and weight of the K480 to be by design, let alone functional. But you'd be wrong. The size and weight allow for a sturdy and laptop-like user experience. Many of my previous bluetooth keyboards needed to be either used on a flat surface like a table or desk. The K480 not only securely mounts tablets, phones, or both a tablet and phone, at the same time, but due to its size and weight, it works flawlessly on a desk, table or sitting on your lap. As I write this glowing review, I'm lying down in bed with the keyboard K480 on top of my legs and my Note 10.1 tablet mounted in portrait position. The weight and surface area of the keyboard is making for a totally laptop-like functionality that I have yet to see in any other keyboard that didn't attach itself to the keyboard semi-permanently to acheive the same result. Awesome again!

ADDITIONAL FUNCTION: Then there are the myriad of smaller features that are also nice and to some degree unexpected. The keys are big enough that it feels like a full-size keyboard. They layout beyond the standard qwerty layout has thoughtful placement of cursor keys, (android-specific) back, menu and home keys, not to mention a convenient screen-capture key! The layout is so well done that accurate typing and navigation are possible in the dark without backlit keys! Yet again, awesome!

Within the first five minutes of using the K480 I knew I had a BT keyboard to rule all BT keyboards! I immediately left my office and returned to the office supply chain store and bought a second K480!!! I wanted one for my office and one for home and I had to have the second one NOW! In a rare case, not even Amazon Prime could get the gadget to me fast enough. (I think this is a first for me as well, that is to say, paying extra as well as paying the sales tax to get a gadget in-store now vs. waiting two-day shipping.)

- Connects seamlessly to three devices simultaneously.
- Mounting slot accomodates not only many form factor tablets and phones but also at the same time.
- Chunky size and weight (normally a negative) function as a sturdy base regardless of where the user is.
- Tons of extra niceties; logical and numerous navigation keys, easy pairing, solid build, and more!
- Sporty and loud color scheme make it look water-proof and dive-friendly... I jest, but it does look very cool.

- The only negative here is that there is no cover to protect the keys when in transit.
- The keys could also be backlit for easier darkroom navigation, but as mentioned before, darkroom typing is still possible without.

SUMMARY: I like lots of techy, gadgety things... And with this techy, gadgety keyboard, Logitech has surprised me with a real winner! The Logitech K480 keyboard is big, loud and highly, if not deceptively, functional!
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Not a fan at all of this keyboard.
by MG (1 out of 5 stars)
November 9, 2017

Normally, I'm a big fan of Logitech products, but this keyboard is the exception, Here are the reasons:
1. Poor construction - the keyboard make a LOT of noise. The case is rickety, making creaking noises from the outer case pieces not resting against each other snugly. The buttons/keys are loose and make a lot of noise when striking them.
2. Unreliable - I don't know if this is an overall defect or one affecting my specific keyboard, but the alt/cmd key will only work if you are pressing it straight down. For me, I hit this key with my thumb, and for every other keyboard I have this isn't an issue, but with the Logitech keyboard it is. This results in a lot of "c" and "v" characters inserted into the document where I was wanting to cut or paste. Super frustrating.
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by S. P. P. (5 out of 5 stars)
April 30, 2016

Finally! A portable keyboard that is not tiny. Robust but compact keyboard that allows my giant hands to type without cramping or making dumb mistakes by hitting multiple keys at once. Heavy enough and possessing good rubber feet, it does not move when typing or on a slanted surface.

The multiple device function is flawless. Switching between my phone and iPad is quick and easy (I am often working on both, so this was one of the main reasons I purchased it). Also, and this is a huge plus for me, but may not be for others, the keys feel very "mechanical," making a satisfying click as you type.

It does not have a number pad, but that's one of the things you sacrifice for it's size. I'd rather have a larger "letter" keyboard than a smaller full keyboard that I can't type on.

Highly recommend for people who do a lot of typing on the go. Wonderful addition to your iPad/iPhone arsenal.

EDIT: Also, the part that holds the iPad fits an iPad Air/iPad Pro 9.7 inch in a thicker case quite well.
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Stopped working after a few months. Logitech website is impenetrable.
by Steve (1 out of 5 stars)
April 22, 2017

Bought this keyboard in August 2016. Worked perfectly until this month, then could no longer sync with my iPhone. Replaced batteries. Still did not work. Logitech website is impenetrable. The password I'd saved in 1Password did not work. When I asked to reset password, it said that they had no record of my e-mail address. When I asked to create a new account they said my e-mail address was already registered. Catch 22

Also the battery cover is difficult to put back in place. I haven't succeeded yet.
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A Love/Hate Relationship (But Mostly Love)
by T. Adlam (4 out of 5 stars)
June 3, 2016

+ Key spacing is comfortable, especially for touch typing
+ It has a dedicated delete key (although it could be larger); I mention this because I've come across one too many keyboards which omit the delete key in lieu of the backspace key to conserve space
+ Pairing with Android and iOS was quick and easy
+ It seamlessly switches between three devices without breaking a sweat (I have it set up with an Android tablet; an Android phone; and an iPhone--haven't needed to re-pair any of them)
+ The bottom has non-skid bumpers so it stays in place while typing on a table or other surface, even when on a slight incline
+ Keys have great tactile feedback while typing and the home keys (F & J) have raised indicators
+ It respects most common keyboard commands (ex: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+Z, etc.)
+ Great battery life (I've yet needed to change my batteries after using it near daily for over a month--I am, however, careful to switch it off after I've finished using it)

* Every so often, it will miss a keystroke as though it can't quite keep up (I've listed this under neutrals because it happens so infrequently as to not be problematic)
* This thing is hefty and thick (nearly 1/2" at its thickest part); some may view this as a positive (as it's less inclined to tip while typing) and some may see this as a negative (because it can be a bear to carry around)
* Keys are not backlit (I know this wasn't a listed feature, but I'm pointing it out because this keyboard would be a million times better if they were)
* It requires two AAA batteries rather than using a built-in rechargeable battery; some may view this as positive (as they can be purchased almost anywhere) and some may view this as a negative (because it means more potential waste and clutter)
* No illuminated indicator light when it's on (it will light briefly when you switch it on and it pairs, but the only way to know whether you've left it on/off is to flip it over and check the power switch on the back)

- The keys are noisy; I don't mind this so much, but they'll definitely be heard if you're typing in a quiet area
- The low battery indicator is on the bottom of the keyboard rather than in a more visible location (the logic of this baffles me)
- Area for the tablet/phone is only so deep and only so wide, which means you'd be hardpressed to use your tablet or phone with a protective case (even a thin one) unless you have an ultra-thin device
- Because the recessed area for the tablet/phone is only so wide, it means you can't adjust the angle of the device and it's at nearly a 90 degree angle which could be uncomfortable for some

I have a love/hate relationship with this keyboard. In so many ways, it's absolutely fantastic, but there are others that simply irk me to no end. That said, I do find myself reaching for it quite often when I need to draft emails, letters, or other writings which require more than a device's onscreen keyboard will comfortably allow. In fact, I typed this review with it.

If in the future, though, Logitech comes out with an updated version which allows for a deeper angle, using a device in its case, backlit keys, and quieter typing, I'll be first in line. In the meantime, I'll just need to make due with this one.

As I continue using it, I'll update this review as necessary. Before then, if you have a question about the keyboard or my experience with it, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.
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I got 2 duds. Key got forever stuck on 4th use. Other the R key did not work out of the box.
by Techie Working Mother (1 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2018

I bought 2 of these keyboards, one black, one white at Christmas to use with ipads. The first, the black one, I used a total of 4 times. The connection was seamless and ridiculously easy to pair and connect. But on the 4th time out, the k key stuck --forever. (No I wasn't eating or doing anything improper. I was at a conference table typing some changes to an agreement in front of clients!) I unboxed the second a few weeks later to use with a new microsoft surface pro and literally, on the first use, I find the "r" key is dead. I can lightly tap, hammer, pound, or hold endlessly, but it doesn't produce a response. Unfortunate that I waited 8 months to unbox this one. The price was good and if the keyboard just worked as a keyboard I would LOVE it. Come on, Logitech, I expected better from you. :-(

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