Steampunk USB Drive

Brand: SlavaTech
Model: PO-4
EAN: 0713541799486
Category: Awesome Stuff
Price: $39.00  (90 customer reviews)
Dimension: 0.79 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches
Shipping Wt: 0.11 pounds
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Add some retro-futuristic style to your tech with a unique and eye catching Pentode flash drive. Each features dazzling LED lights, genuine USSR made electron tubes, and bold, copper details that gain a stunning patina over time, each piece is a work of art that keeps all your important files secure and easily transferable. Delivery time: Europe : 3-7 working days | Japan/Australia : 8-12 working days | USA/UK/CANADA : 10-15 working days | Russia/South America/Asia : 15-21 working days | In most cases, international shipping takes up to 21 business days.


  • This piece contains High Quality USB 2.0 Flash Drive.
  • Radio vacuum tube was made in USSR in 1981.
  • Supported Standard: USB 1.0, USB 1.1, USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 interface compatible).
  • Work with : WinXP, Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Smart TV..
  • Made in Latvia(EU). Shipping to US: 10-15 business days (at Christmas time could be longer).

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Top Reviews

How cool is this?
by Carey Holzman (5 out of 5 stars)
January 19, 2016

This is a very cool and unique flash drive. It arrived in Phoenix, AZ in just 8 days! Coming from Latvia, I'm impressed how fast it arrived! It runs at USB 2 speeds and it stays lit at all times and dims a bit when written to or read from. The brass cap seems to have a magnet in it that holds it firmly in place, but also makes it easy to remove. It is a bit smaller than I imagined it would be. I'll post some pictures next to a pen and a tape measure so you can set your expectations more accurately then I did. It is packed very well, arriving in a small cardboard tube inside of a padded envelope. See pictures for more details.
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I had high hopes
by Diego R. (5 out of 5 stars)
March 9, 2019

the piece looks pretty good just like the picture, however this is the sad part

it comes with a little wooden support, it was all broken I assume due to shipping

there seems to be something not properly assembles inside the bulb since I have to plug it just right on the USB port for the light to come on, and even when that happens windows wont detect the device plugged in so I assume there is an even bigger issue going on, now I am trying to return the item and apparently my return needs to be evaluated by the seller, which is not something you would expect when buying on amazon, and its really not about the money, I was really looking forward to this thing for the great look that is has, which it still does but its not functional at all, sad really


the seller reach out to me and will be sending a replacement, looks like the issue happened with the shipping, will post an update once the new piece gets here


the new unit came in today, seems to work flawlessly, and looks really nice, the seller was very kind in sending a replacement ASAP
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Cool and Fun.
by Engineer BF (5 out of 5 stars)
June 17, 2017

For an old geek like me, having replaced tubes a few decades ago in our family TV, this is nifty. Couple of things: This is round, not flat, so if you have a group of stacked USB ports, this will use one and block the adjacent one(s). Also, this is shipped registered mail, so if your USPS office is incompetent like mine, you may have a challenge while they try to find the package. The packaging is well done and it made the trip across the pond in good shape. Came with a nice wooden cradle suitable for desk jewelry.
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Love these !
by GE Baker (5 out of 5 stars)
June 27, 2017

I bought two of these and just love them ! They came well packaged and a week earlier than the original date that I got (they come from over seas). Quality is excellent, and they work as expected. They are a little fat, so you can't put several side by side in every slot on most USB boards.. even the little boxes made by the same company.. but they are just cute as bugs... ! They are a bit pricey too for USB memory sticks, but they are really just fun, useful and nice to have. They come with a matching protective end cap.. a little wooden stand, and draw string bag. I use one to just light up a shelf where I have one of my USB hubs, gives enough light I can see where the port holes are. Makes a great gifts, even if you have some already ! If you just want them for fun and the shinny color lights, just get them in the smaller memory sizes and save a few bucks.
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Cool before practical
by Ian (4 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2019

The reason you are buying this is because it looks cool because you can easily buy a flash drive with the same storage space at a third the price.

So does it fulfill the "cool" factor? Yes. It is made with good quality. I love how it looks and feels in my hand. It looks awesome when it lights up in my computer. I have not seen it blink when downloading files though, that may be a feature on higher priced models.

I am happy with my purpose because I very much like the product, but I recognize it is over costed for it's practical functions.

Also because it is real glass I will never carry it around with me. It is purely for my own home and office use.
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Straight from the set of the Wild Wild West
by KoiKeeper (5 out of 5 stars)
October 8, 2017

This is Real

Looking to join the crew of 20,000 leagues beneath the sea?

Look no further. SlavaTech has your gear.

Mine arrived fast, in perfect condition, and seems to be a genuine SanDisk USB Drive in a diode shell,

Even my mate likes it, and she is neither Steam nor Goth.
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Awesome! It lights up the second you plug it ...
by James Dawson DeViney (5 out of 5 stars)
December 15, 2016

Awesome! It lights up the second you plug it in. I was hoping it would blink as you stored data on it, but it doesn't, no worries because it still looks so cool plugged in to my computer. This is a must have for any Steampunk enthusiast or anyone who loves having a bit of sci-fi flair to their data transfering needs. I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Thank SlavaTech, this was an amazing idea you had!
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by Daniel Wu (4 out of 5 stars)
October 22, 2017

This was a really cool thumb drive but...

This was totally my fault, but I had forgotten to take them out of my jeans and left them in the wash, when I came back it was all smashed up! Broken glass and pieces everywhere. LEDs still function though.

I didn't even consider the glass casing around the tube, I can imagine dropping it on the ground would break it as well.

Anyway, just wanted to warn/remind people to treat this as an actual vacuum tube and not a thumb drive.
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Great collectable USB drive
by John Hines Jr. (5 out of 5 stars)
April 8, 2019

To be clear, I love this drive and bought it for the looks. 32 Gb USB 2.0 drive works as expected. Larger versions available but USB 3.0 would be preferable with larger sizes. Main draw is the nostalgic value for those who have used pentodes. Plugged in, it looks like a functioning tube and was clearly made from a real pentode. I just leave it plugged in for the look (like adding LEDs to your computer fans, etc.). Clearly over priced for a 32 Gb USB drive but that's NOT the reason to buy it... Great looking nostalgia!
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Bulky and Stunning
by JRevock (5 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2019

When I ordered these I wasn't expecting anything nearly so nice. The craftsmanship is some of the best I've seen. While I can't comment on the quality of the memory yet, I can say that they're sturdy and feel like they could physically last a long time. They're too bulky to carry around on a day to day basis, but they're perfect for Linux recovery/maintenance disks at home. Really glad I bought these.

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