Car Washing Foam Cannon Kit

Brand: Chemical Guys
Model: EQP_313
EAN: 0811339021457
Category: Gadgets & Tools
Price: $89.99  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 8.31 x 10.31 x 8.50 inches
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Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Turn your weekly car wash into a fabulous foam party combining our most Foam-Tastic foam cannon with three bottles of everyone's favorite soaps. This foam cannon kit is the perfect choice for the detailing professional or weekend warrior looking to wash any vehicle using the amazing cleaning power of thick fluffy foam. Give your car a gentle "touch-free wash" while removing dirt and grime faster than ever. This foam cannon sprays the thickest foam to completely cover the vehicle for the safest washing experience possible. The TORQ Professional Foam Cannon allows you to wash the car without even touching the vehicle which reduces the chances of creating swirl marks and scratches which are caused by rubbing dirt into the paintwork. Utilizing next generation air-injection technology, the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon creates thick snow foam that helps remove dirt from the smallest cracks and corners. This advanced foam cannon features a large 32 oz. fluid tank as well as a high sweep jet nozzle that allows the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon to achieve full coverage on your vehicle for the ultimate washing experience. The unique air injection system truly creates the thickest foam imaginable. The TORQ Professional Foam Cannon uses a hi-tech nozzle to combine high speed air with Chemical Guys car wash shampoo to create an amazing snow foam experience. Snow Foam allows the cleaning suds to penetrate deep into the cracks of your vehicle removing all the dust, dirt and debris that are normally missed with a traditional bucket wash. Often times if the vehicle is covered with light dust, the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon can clean the car for a "touch-free" wash reducing the chances of creating swirl marks and scratches. Snow Foam technology will transform the way you wash your car forever. The TORQ Max Foam 8 is designed to shoot thick car washing foam with any pressure washer 800-3,500 PSI.


  • Superior surface cleanser
  • Advanced foaming technology
  • Perfect for weekly maintenance
  • Safe for wax and sealant
  • Rinses clean with no residue

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Top Reviews

by Arnav Sharma (1 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2018

I wish there was a way to give a NEGATIVE 5-STAR rating for this product. I bought this bottle and only after using it 3-4 times, the plastic cap detached from the rest of the bottle. Upon contacting the company (product was still under warranty), Chemical Guys sent me a replacement bottle, which was of such cheaply made plastic that the first time I used it with my foam canon attachment, the heat from the spray operation caused the plastic to expand and get stuck to the bottle. The bottle itself disintegrated into multiple bits (such is the crappy quality of their products), the real icing on the cake was an email from the company informing me "their management team has determined that there was nothing wrong with the bottle and that I should be responsible for removing the plastic that is stuck to the foam cannon attachment".
$100 down the drain and a pledge to never buy anything from this company again that has such a poor customer service experience. They can keep their crappy products to themselves.
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The soap is fantastic, however the plastic cannister is cheap
by Christopher Foster (2 out of 5 stars)
September 15, 2015

The soap is fantastic, however the plastic cannister is cheap. The threads completely broke off after only three uses. I would like a replacement Foam Cannon container, however the small window of time to replace this has passed. I've attempted to call Chemical Guys directly, and the phone just rings and goes back to main menu so I have no way of getting a hold of anyone. For $91.00, this is a rip-off.
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by Halbo50 (1 out of 5 stars)
May 16, 2017

I purchased this kit on 1/31/2017, the soaps are fine, I also purchased a couple of drying towels which work great. The foam cannon works fine, the bottle does not. The top of the bottle broke after about 5 uses. Unfortunately for me the 5th use was on 5/14/2017. I read the reviews about this happening but thought it was just people over tightening the bottle. As a technician by trade I understand what needs gorilla strength and what does not its an eductor so an airtight seal is not necessary. I did not over tighten the bottle, the crack happened below the threads. It appears the bottle, when full of solution, can't support its own weight when hanging by the cannon.

I contacted Chemical Guys and was told they have a 30 day warranty and this was an Amazon issue but they will be glad to sell me a new POS bottle for an on sale price of $19.99, whatever. Way to stand behind your product.

Do yourself a favor and by the cheap foam cannon with great reviews, not the one with Chemical Guys logo on the bottle.
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by James (5 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2017


Product works 180% as intended. Exactly how Chemical Guys video represents it. Directions say to use 2-3 ounces of product per water container. I used about 3.5 ounces on 800mL out of 1,000. It's imperative you read the directions and use room temperature water to get good results. I build cars and detail them I was a skeptic and I must say I'm beyond impressed. I did my father-in-laws Q5 (black) without drying and it came out amazing! 5pm 80 degrees and in direct light.


I saw a lot of bad reviews about the bottle threads stripping out and leaking. Do yourself the favor and get a generic garden hose male/female quick release fitting for a garden hose gun. This will make each side have a fitting so you never need to remove it thus threads will never strip out. The hole for the fitting is just big enough to feet the foam gun hose through it. Finally.... USE TEFLON TAPE FOR THE FITTINGS!!!!!!!!!! They go on rough without, once you put Teflon on they thread like butter.

All in all I'm beyond impressed with this product compared to similar products and it's worth the price. I firmly believe that the negative ratings of "leaking" and "stripped threads" or "poor foam, broke first time" is from improper/neglected use. Below you can see the attachment I used from a garden hose that I spoke about above
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Works just as advertised.
by K. McDonnell (5 out of 5 stars)
June 1, 2015

I couldn't be happier, it works exactly as advertised. Hooked it up to my 3100 psi pressure washer. Took roughly half an hour to rinse/wash/rinse my truck. I intentionally tried the no-touch method first, just to see what the results would be. Truck was only sort of dirty, basically just covered in light dirt & pollen. When I was done I'd say the truck was 95% clean, certainly enough to consider it a successful "spruce up". Took a little detail spray and microfiber cloth to the areas directly behind the wheels, and it was done.

Didn't have any trouble adjusting from wide fan to jet & back, and the coverage was just like in the videos. Great product. While it is a bit expensive (watch the prices, as of this writing it's $13 more expensive than when I bought it. Seems to fluctuate), deducting a star for that is pretty silly. I knew how expensive it was when I bought it, so how can I complain?
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Not worth the money
by Kevin (1 out of 5 stars)
April 8, 2018

Wanted to love this but 100% disappointed, I expected more, will never buy this Brand again. Used weekly since purchase in February with a 3200PSI pressure washer, and it does not "Foam" at all. Been on YouTube, read posts, tried to adjust (the limited adjustments available) on the cannon itself, tried various levels of their overly priced soap -all with the same result.

The foam adjustment knob is plastic Fits over a brass nut. Very poor design as the plastic knob will strip/stretch over the nut after adjusting several times, which mine did after a 5 or 6 uses. The brass assembly that screws on to the top of the bottle is a quality piece, but when unscrewing from the bottle to refill, 1/2 the time the cap stays snug on the bottle and instead unscrews from the bottom of the cannon. Most recently, the threaded and sleeved opening of the plastic bottle (that for screws into the bottom of the cannon have broken off in the cannon. For this money, I would expect this to last. Save some money and aggravation buy something else.
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These plastic bottles will NOT last more than a few uses
by Lissette Maldonado (1 out of 5 stars)
December 4, 2018

To all who has these foam cannons these plastic bottles will NOT last more than a few times of use! These bottles are becoming expensive to continuously purchase only after a few uses. This is the third one I've had to buy. What this company needs to offer is a metal bottle to avoid the tops breaking off. I have seen they have brass tops but think about it? They are still attached to plastic. I would hope the company would reimburse me for the previous orders or send me a supply of these until they have a metal bottle that can replace these. If I could leave a zero for this I would and you really have no choice but to buy these unless you go to a different foam cannon. Maybe going back to washing old school is the way to go, sometimes doing things the original way is better?!
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Won't last long and will break
by ontherks (1 out of 5 stars)
November 12, 2016

Junk - Form Cannon broke after only a few uses. Past return period and manufacture won't stand behind it, only wants to sell me another one. Save your money and buy one of the many other ones on Amazon that are cheaper.
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Buyer beware: terrible quality for a high price!
by Robert (1 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2018

I was very excited to get this foam cannon and I was willing to spend the extra money in hopes of receiving a decent product. I was pleased with how the cannon performed but one day when I walked outside to pick up the bottle for the second time, I lifted the bottle and the top stayed on my microfiber towels. I then inspected what was going on and I see that the threads have snapped off in the top while just laying in a basket. I called chemical guys and they didn't even give me the time of day about a refund so I called Amazon and the guy was very helpful and just did a full replacement. So I received another and was sure to not leave the top threaded on while not using the cannon. After 4 uses, I went to use it yesterday and boom it's broken again while I was getting ready to tighten the top. So I have since gotten a full refund and am going to find a different brand bottle and I really don't support chemical guys anymore. They have no customer service! Amazon does however take care of their customers!
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Not the same as pictured.
by Tony Gunk (1 out of 5 stars)
September 27, 2016

Returned item. Does not have EQP_310 Torq on nozzle. It's genuineness is unknown to me. There are other items like the one sent to me selling for much less.

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