Salt Firing Shotgun

Manufacturer: SKELL INC.
Model: 2.0
EAN: 4568564533328
Category: For Men
Price: $90.00  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 3.00 x 23.00 x 8.00 inches
Shipping Wt: 2.33 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Manufactured by Skell Inc., the BUG-A-SALT 2.0 is a unique, patented insect eradication device, which shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. Originally invented & patented by Lorenzo Maggiore in 2009, there’s nothing on the market like it! BUG-A-SALT, the original salt gun, is the surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it. The 2.0 model is excellent for flies on windows or screens, and will not damage screens or furniture. This model is recommended for soft-bodied insects like common houseflies, mosquitos, pestilent/poisonous spiders, small to medium-sized roaches, and moths. For use by responsible people only. Do not shoot at pets or humans. No house pets, butterflies, praying mantises, or the like are to be targeted with this device. Operating the BUG-A-SALT is very simple. Table salt is loaded into the hopper. You cock the gun by sliding the handle towards you. This will engage the pop-up sight (indicating it’s ready to fire). Slide the handle all the way forward, release the safety - and you are ready to aim, pull the trigger, & fire. Ordinary granulated table salt works best, sea salt tends to be too moist, and kosher salt is often too large to fit inside the barrel. Practice aiming by drawing a bullseye on a sheet of aluminum foil, place the target three feet away from the tip of the BUG-A-SALT, and aim for the center. Purchase includes 90-day warranty and limited 1-year warranty from inventor/manufacturer.


  • Non Toxic, Shoots Ordinary Table Salt
  • Only Shoots a Pinch of Salt, Accurate within Three Feet.
  • No Batteries Required, Pop-up Sight Indicator
  • Sold Directly from Manufacturer, Skell Inc.

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Top Reviews

Real fun!!
by Anita Dederick (5 out of 5 stars)
October 15, 2016

Bug a salt or slug a salt. My husband found another use other than bugs and Nothing has given him a more satisfying feeling for ages. Real fun!!!
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and myself Have way too much fun with this gun
by Some lady 123 (5 out of 5 stars)
June 21, 2017

My husband, neighbors, and myself Have way too much fun with this gun. It does the job, you can literally make a fly explode (see photo) We found out that for wasp, you have to hit them more than once to kill them.
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I became a bug assassin...
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 14, 2018

Had to hide this product from my kids so they wouldn't shoot each other in the face. A Few hours later, an ill fated target crossed my path while I was heading to the kitchen. I threw my hair in a pony tail, put my black suit over a white tee shirt, and grabbed the guitar case where I hid the Bug-A-Salt. I waited patiently in the dark corner of my living room for hours. Finally, movement. I stalked slowly behind the target until it landed. As I brought the sights to eye level, it was as if time was slowing down. I could see every stroke of the fly's wings as I smoothly and evenly pulled the trigger. Mission accomplished, target down.

Neighbors entered my home as I was sterilizing the scene. Bug-A-Salt being a human safe product, I had no option but to tell them of my feat. They asked if I could help with a problem they were having in their home. I grabbed my guitar case and headed over. Within a few short minutes, my mission was accomplished.

News of my success spread like wild fire. I began getting emails for my wet work. They called my phone. They showed up at my house. I wanted out, but I had come too far.

I quit my job as an Aerospace Engineer to make time for my new venture. I worked nights. I worked weekends. I didn't know how to handle my new found fame. The thirst for the kill, the money, and of course, the women.

Then the threats started. First to show up was the Orkin Man. He told me I was infringing on his turf. Viking followed shortly thereafter. Terminix after that. Individually I did not fear them. But when the three of them showed up at my Mother's house and threatened to fumigate her house while she slept, I had to throw in the towel.

My life had spiraled out of control. All the glamour, money, and women took a toll.I took my profits and retired to a beach at an undisclosed location in South America. I still use my Bug-A-Salt on the occasional mosquito, but the thrill is gone.

So in short, this product is awesome, and I highly recommend it. Just be cautious if anyone asks for help...
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... husband and I'm not entirely sure that was a smart move on my part
by Adrianna McCain (5 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2016

So I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and I'm not entirely sure that was a smart move on my part. Not because the product doesn't work (it works very well in fact) but because my husband is now intent on leaving the doors open to the house when summer comes back around so all kinds of bugs can be let in for him to kill. He's already had the pleasure of being able to use it on a spider that was on an outdoor Christmas decoration and boy was he ecstatic! Since we seem to be in short supply of bugs in the house during these cold winter months, my husband has also resorted to using this gun as a way to add salt to food while he's cooking. Anything to keep him entertained I guess :) In conclusion, yes this product works, yes it kills bugs, and yes you can even use it while cooking if you're tired of using the boring old salt shakers we have all grown accustomed too.
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Took Out An Entire Horsefly Airforce
by Kindle Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
September 15, 2017

Superb product!

I live in rural Virginia on a river that runs to the Chesapeake Bay. Every August and September we're invaded by huge horseflies. They detect your vehicle's exhaust and will follow you up to the house to launch their attack.

Horseflies, meet Bug-A-Salt 2.0...
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Dark Days Ahead!!!
by johnny cage (5 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2017

What started my life down a Dark Path was coming home one day to an apartment of flies after returning home from vacation. I tried killing them with newspapers and tee shirts but the stress and mess was wearing me out. As I slept they kept coming and buzzing in my ear waking me up a 4am traumatizing me and my two cats who look to me to be their protector. I remembered an ad online for Bug a salt and decided to order on Amazon prime because the thought of using harsh chemicals was too much to bear. The gun arrived within 2 days and immediately I felt my life change. After loading the Salt wearing safety glasses I cocked the shotgun and racked up my first kill.... then from there I developed a bloodlust for killing flies and quickly dispatched all remaining Fly clan members in the house. But that did not satisfy my bloodthirsty! I left the door open and started to bait flies to come into my house and began my appetite to rid the world of these annoying creatures! Then the problem got much worst when I developed an allias and began to stalk restaurants at night enter thru the backdoor and killing flies and leaving their bodies as an example to all others!!! It cost me my relationship with my family. Family functions I am absent as well as Holidays. So I warn you before you order this do not become like me!!
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Safe to use indoors for most households if using regular salt
by ZomCom13 (4 out of 5 stars)
May 16, 2018

It works! This "Bug A Salt (Bug Assault, get it?)" is a great way to turn indoor pest control of flying insects into your own personal shooting gallery. The main target I use this for is on those PESKY pantry moths. This is the criteria I rate this on:

Effectiveness: 4 out of 5

When the fly gun is cocked properly, the payload is sufficient to one hit most flies if they are pea sized or smaller. BUT, you need to bring it close.

About less than a foot away if you want an effective hit. Any further and you are likely to need several follow-up shots. Also it's better if you

use it on stationary targets, try to resist attempting to shoot down a fly in flight unless you don't mind peppering ample salt grains all over your floor

from missing. On a GOOD hit the fly will drop dead, but on a bad hit, the fly is maimed and will flop around and you will need to crush it with your shoe or conventional fly swatter. But most of the time, the fly's wings will be crippled and it will likely end up crawling away to it's death in some dark corner behind the fridge.

Range: 2 out of 5

Like mentioned earlier, this gun is not very ranged. You CAN score decent hits up to 2 or 3 ft away, but that is pushing it for it's effective power to kill flies. The further away you are when shooting at the fly, the more likely you will knock it away without doing effective damage to it. Treat this fly gun like it's a shotgun with a buckshot/birdshot payload and use accordingly. About 1 foot range is usually good enough in my experience. Point blank will likely splatter the fly into a slime stain.

Usefulness: 4 out of 5

Even with the fairly short range, this fly gun is incredibly handy. You can finally shoot those damn bugs off of ceilings, high walls just barely out of reach, and any odd places that you can't reach with a swatter or rolled up magazine. Even if you don't score an immediate Kill Shot, often the flies

are maimed enough to die eventually or you can finish the job yourself.

Reliability: 3 out of 5

This part sort of took me by surprise. The fly gun I got sometimes worked great when I pumped it, but other times the payload from cocking it fell short. It seems you have to tilt the gun barrel pointing slightly downwards when pumping it to get a proper salt load in. If you tilt the gun barrel pointing upwards and pump it to reload, the gun doesn't seem to collect a proper payload amount from the ammo reservoir. Also, I've noticed the gun sometimes has issues shooting an effective payload when pointing it UP at a target, especially noticeable when you aim it straight up in the air, then you will be shooting almost nothing out the end of the barrel. However, this is not too big of a deal, since you can just pump it again and work around these issues such as re-positioning yourself so you don't shoot straight up at anything.

Novelty & FUN: 5 out of 5!

It's a GUN that you can SAFELY shoot inside your house against winged pests such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other nasty flying insectoids.

I've shot this directly at paper and it won't break it, so this model is safe, in my experience, on mirrors, glass, ceramics, and other similar materials,

although you must take it with a grain of Salt (get it?) that depending on what you load in it, you might have more power in the shot but more collateral damage on sensitive and fragile materials such as paper or weak glass. Plain Morton's table salt is safe in my experience, but keep that vaccum handy to mop up when you're done.

Happy Hunting, go give em Hell!
↭ 🍁 ↭

From a checkpoint, two clicks south of the Panama border...
by Travis P. Watson (5 out of 5 stars)
September 15, 2017

I have just successfully completed my latest black-ops mission. We were deep in enemy territory, flies everywhere, when I brandished my lethal weapon. After several heart-pounding minutes engaged in the firefight of a lifetime, we emerged victorious. Fly corpses littered my kitchen and living room floor. Once the smoke cleared, it was time to dispose of the bodies.

After a lengthy clean-up, the battlefield was cleared and it was time to resume recon for the next wave. I am currently sitting in my foxhole, nothing but MRE's to sustain me, but my finger is itching, itching for the next engagement and an opportunity to take down the nasties of our society and protect the populace. I look forward to staring death in the eye once again and emerging the victor thanks to the most reliable fly disposal unit every manufactured to date.

The most fun I have had in years...
↭ 🍁 ↭

Buy it now, don't debate it!!!!
by John Snowden (5 out of 5 stars)
April 16, 2017

So, we are currently in a Combat zone in the Middle East, with all kinds of modern weapons and high speed "tools of the trade", and yet, when this arrived I had my team members lining up to hunt down flys!!!! Hey, downtime can get monotonous a times...

This A-Salt-Shotgun absolutely DESTROYS flys and other insects! Add to that the fact is feels and functions great has pretty good range and aims well, and its an all around winner! There have been no less than ten Soldiers ask where I bought it with vows to buy more!

Outstanding product!!
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Does the job. Hard to kill tiny flies.
by Slayer (5 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2018

We have an infestation of these tiny black flies. They aren't fruit flies and they aren't drain flies. I have no idea what kind of fly they are. I have tried every bait and trap. They don't go for it. The only option for me is to kill them myself. This gun is awesome for that.

Only issue I have is, because they are so small, the chances of killing are about 70%. Still much higher than a fly swatter.

UPDATE: After a month of spending 5 minutes a day shooting them off the walls, they finally disappeared.
↭ 🍁 ↭

WARNING - Broke within 2 weeks
by Free (1 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2018

This gun is pretty cool, but broke within 2 weeks. Luckily it was within return period. I wish it hadn't broke, but figure I would warn others.
↭ 🍁 ↭

A fun solution to a pesky problem
by Jeff & Beth (5 out of 5 stars)
May 4, 2018

It does exactly what it says. Not only can I get rid of bugs, but I get to have fun doing it! It seems very accurate and will make bugs disappear at 3 feet. My current "long" shot is 4.5 feet, and it had no problems. I ran out of bugs to get rid of, so I can only report that it works well! I have fired it at almost every surface type in my home, and none of it has been damaged at all.

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