Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

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Product Description

RISK: Game of Thrones Edition Game escalates Risk, the classic game of strategic conquest, to an epic level of chaos and war in a battle for the Iron Throne. Featuring striking game packaging, two custom-designed game boards, three ways to play, seven finely sculpted armies, and more than 650 total pieces, this game of strategic conquest will test the wits and bravery of both Risk and Game of Thrones fans. So, ready your swords for battle as you vie for domination of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, because in RISK: Game of Thrones Edition Game only one victor can sit on the Iron Throne.


  • SEVEN ARMIES DESTINED FOR BATTLE: Claim your right to the Iron Throne with one of seven Noble House armies. Each army is composed of 45 finely crafted game pieces (315 game pieces total) represented by two different sculpted designs (1 unit army and 3 unit army) and one sculpted Seat of Power (castle).
  • TWO CUSTOM DESIGNED GAME BOARDS DISPLAYING THE KNOWN WORLD: Partake in the War of Five Kings in the lands of Westeros with the 3-5-player game featuring Houses Martell, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, and Tyrell; contest the rule of the Ghiscari slavers in the realms of Essos in a 2-player game featuring Houses Targaryen and Ghiscari; or combine the two maps to fight the war to end all wars in a 7-player game featuring all seven Houses.
  • SEVEN EXCLUSIVE PLAYER BOARDS FIT FOR THE FINEST COMMANDERS: Track your progress on one of seven personalized Player Boards customized for each House and never before included in a game of Risk
  • TWENTY-EIGHT SPECIALIZED CHARACTER CARDS FEATURING EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES: Utilize the skills of four of the most powerful members of your House (28 Character Cards total; four per House) to dominate battles and defend against attacks.
  • STUNNING GAME PACKAGING & COMPONENTS: Proudly display the customized game box featuring silver-foil stamps of the House sigils and then organize your armies in specialized army storage containers within the game box.

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Top Reviews

Great for fans of Risk, even better for fans of GoT
by Henry (5 out of 5 stars)
August 22, 2015

As a fan of both Risk and Game of Thrones (show and books) I was very excited to get my hands on this game. I'm happy to report that this version of Risk is the most enjoyable that I have ever played, and is fun even if you are unfamiliar with the show. I have played the 2-player and 3-player versions of the game at the time of this review.

The biggest change to classic risk is the introduction of gold as a resource. At the beginning of a players turn, the player will gain additional armies and gold, based on the number of territories occupied. Additionally, some territories contain castles and/or ports, which give bonus armies and gold, respectively. Gold can be spent at the beginning of your turn to buy Objective cards or Maester cards. Objective cards are just what they sound like - accomplish the mission described by the card, and you are awarded points toward winning the game. Maester cards give you access to a random one-use ability which requires additional gold to use. Some are during your own turn but others can be used during your opponents. The cards have a wide variety of offensive and defensive uses, and can dramatically alter the course of you or your opponents turn. These are a great addition as new strategic options are presented, and the game becomes very dynamic. Power will shift between players quickly with a well timed card. Fans of the show will love how thematic the cards are, as their abilities make some great references that are very much in the spirit of GoT. One player might plan an invasion only to have it derailed by a wedding between the players houses, or a defection of traitorous armies to the opposing player. There were multiple instances during our games where several players were cackling with delight at thwarting an enemies best-laid plans with the perfect card.

On top of these one-time use Maester cards, each player controls a House modeled after those in the source material. Each house has 4 character cards which provide abilities that may be used once per turn by spending gold. The abilities are themed to match their characters. For example, Davos Seaworth is a character for House Baratheon whose naval skill gives a bonus in battles involving a sea port. It's a nice touch that gives each army a slightly different flavor. These differences aren't so drastic as to upset game balance, but rather just add a bit of variety to offer differing playstyles.

Long time Risk players will notice that armies are much smaller in this version than in classic Risk, and this is an undeniably good thing. Gone are the days of 45 unit armies squaring off for ten minutes of dice rolling attrition. The smaller armies can be upgraded to pack a stronger punch by way of tokens which allow to to add +1 to your die roll or exchange a 6-sided die for an 8-sided one, for example. Having more concentrated armies helps speed the game up without sacrificing the satisfaction of fielding or facing a powerful army. Additionally having smaller armies makes it much more difficult to "hole up" in a corner of the map and play too defensively. This is made even more true by the addition of Ports to some territories. Ports of matching colors can invade one another as if they were adjacent, meaning players separated geographically can still fight if they are connected by the sea.

From a manufacturing standpoint, all game pieces are of a very high quality. The two boards, Westeros and Essos, are beautiful, accurate maps. The game pieces themselves are very nicely detailed (particularly the Baratheon Stags, although I fear some may lost some antlers in the future). All of the cards have a high quality print, with high definition character photos.

I have one minor quibble with the game, and that is the invention of "House Ghiscari" as one of the playable factions. Other houses are Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, and Martell. Ghiscari was created using several (very) minor characters to give an oppositional force to the Targaryens on the continent of Essos for 2-person games, or for 6-7 player games which involve using both boards at once (!). Simply put, as a book or show fan this "House" is pretty lame. The combined screen time of all four of your characters is less than most individual major characters. I understand why they made the decision to create them, but they are definitely the least exciting faction to control from a thematic standpoint.

As I mentioned before, I have only played this with 2-3 players. The 3 person games took about 3 hours to complete. Game length is certain to increase with the number of players, especially if several are unfamiliar with the rules. Being familiar with the basic Risk rules will expedite learning, but there is some adjusting to be done with the new rule additions. I suggest playing with the Objective cards that give Victory points rather than playing until all but one player is eliminated, so that you don't end up with a bunch of friends sitting around for an hour while two players duke it out to the finish. One thoughtful rule change was to provide small bonuses to players whose turn comes 3rd or later (such as some starting gold) so that they aren't helpless, watching all of the other players smash them to pieces before they even get their first turn. I thought this was a very clever way of leveling the playing field.

Overall, I would highly recommend this game for Risk fans. You don't have to be an avid GoT fan to enjoy it, but being familiar with it will absolutely enhance your experience as you understand all of the references.
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Great game to piss everyone off!
by Rachel Webster (5 out of 5 stars)
June 30, 2017

Great game if you never want to speak to your family again! This one has an extra board with more lands. It's a long drawn out game and the rules are a little different but same concept. The whole family played while we were in Hawaii and everyone was making alliances and backstabbing each other just like in GOT. Everybody was pissed at each other and ready to punch everyone in the face....great family fun!!
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Excellent gameplay with some quality control issues.
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
June 29, 2016

Nice twists to Risk gameplay. Love the fact that the game has built in flexibility with rules and gameplay choosing elements of traditional risk (skirmish) with more game of thrones elements (dominion). And it even suggests that you play with the elements you like and ditch the ones you don't. Even has built in balance for player turn with Houses (Stark, Lannister, etc determining order of play) and bonuses for players starting towards the end. Really like the fact that this can be played by up to 7 players (two boards are cool, albeit space consuming). Just recently purchased it and have only played a couple of times, but I think this has finally replaced Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition as the go to Risk game in my household. Now, if it weren't for the gameplay and options for diversity, I probably would have given this game 3 stars (as it is I knocked it to 4) due to some quality control issues. I was very surprised the first time I picked up one of the territory cards. Very flimsy/thin and cheap feeling. We own tons of family board/card games and these cards are pretty bad. I'm not sure they will last as much as we will play this game. The board and the other pieces seem to be constructed well, but my biggest knock on them is the coloring. The light gray of Stark and mint green of Martell can be a bit confusing depending on the lighting of the room, but my biggest gripe is the coloring of the board. The Vale of Arryn being the biggest problem. Territories out to the edges seem to be darker than the middle. To the point that you almost can't see islands such as The Arbor or Tarth and can't even read Old Town. And with all the dark colors it can be hard to see borders between territories. For the price of the game I expected better cards at the least, but considering there are almost 200 cards I guess they decided it was too much cost or took up too much room with thicker cards.

Edit: Upon further playing some two player matches, you can run out of single army pieces to use with no spot for additional three pieces on the board. You only have 30 singles and there are a lot of territory spaces. Had to use different colored pieces during gameplay. The gameplay itself still holds up. The biggest trick is finding the balance between how much gold is generated per turn and how many objective points to obtain to declare a win depending on the number of folks playing.
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Which House will Rule the 7 Kingdoms?
by Mariofan105 (5 out of 5 stars)
September 21, 2016

I read some reviews on here complaining about the condition of their box and missing pieces.....I ordered this from Amazon, and it arrived in great shape with everything included. This is truly a Collector's Edition game! This is a heavy game that comes with a bunch of things including 2 full sized boards! Each army comes with 30 soldiers, 15 House exclusive tokens, & 1 base token. USAOPOLY has done an epic job on this Game of Thrones edition of Risk!

Here is my video of my complete unboxing of the game so you can easily see what you get inside.
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Fun game! Make sure you can get six or ...
by Shappencack (4 out of 5 stars)
October 8, 2017

Fun game! Make sure you can get six or seven people together to play with both maps.

If you do want to play with both maps, I'd heavily encourage you to play the mission based rules. If you want to play traditional world dominion with both maps, you'll be in for a mess. You most certainly will not have enough pieces to go around. It helps to have another risk game on hand to steal some pieces from.

Overall, beautiful excellent game. Even if you aren't into game of thrones, this is a fun, must-have for any risk fan. The only complaint I have is that each house has so few pieces. For most games, you can make it work. However, it would have been excellent if they could have included 10 more for each color.
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Great Fun!
by Romina C. (5 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2016

My husband and I are Risk lovers already and we love that this game lets us connect to one of our favorite TV shows. It took us a while to figure out all the rules and complexities of game play, but we have had a lot of fun with this game. I like that we can play it as a 2-player game as well, whereas a lot of Risk games are not as fun with just 2 people. The special forces, ports, characters, etc. all make it so that this game can become a lot more strategic and less reliant on luck -- though in the end, having good dice rolls is a must!! I have found the game pieces, cards, etc. to be of good quality -- no different from other Risk games played.
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Perfect for strategy and game of thrones fans alike
by Karolina Almasi (5 out of 5 stars)
April 30, 2019

My wife got this for me and I love it. We played the skirmish style with my parents and it definitely takes hours to finish a game. We played with both of our respective parents as well and they know nothing about RISK, still enjoyed it a lot. Only issues:

Certain parts of the map are too dark to tell how many territories are in that region (but the board does say how many are in each so you can figure it out).

Could use more pieces but it still works.

Getting our parents into it was a lot easier all things considered (They're in their 60s). Next time we play we'll try to incorporate the game of thrones aspects to it.

I imagine if you play with more than 6 people and use all the different unique features of this game, you'll commit easily 6+ hours. ESPECIALLY if some players are new to either risk or game of thrones.

Edit: played the domination mode with our parents, minus the character cards. They got it pretty well for not having English as a first language.

Tips to speed up:

Encourage people to just roll the dice and not do their 10 hail Marys as they shake the die.

Don't let parents get confused with the maester cards, offer to just read it for them.
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Great game board of Risk, even if you don't care about Games of Thrones.
by Reyna (4 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2016

I was looking into getting a risk board game, and decided to go for this one, mainly because of 2 things:
-The theme, if you are a Game of thrones fan or know people that do, this is a perfect game to play for gatherings, the components are really interesting and stand out from the standard Risk versions, even if you don't watch the tv show.
-Also this is the only version of Risk that i found that allows for up to 7 player games out of the box, and we are a big group.

You can play standard risk in this one with up to 7 players, you gain armies depending on the territories/castles/ports that you control or by trading random territory cards that you get everytime you make a successful attack, and the game ends when a special card gets drawn from the territory cards deck.

Also you can play dominion mode which has special objectives that you have to accomplish in order to get points, there are card tiers that have easy to hard objectives, in this mode you get to use character cards with special abilities that you buy with tokens, the goal of this mode is to get the most winning points, and you can track them with the score boards.

I introduced the game to people that have never played risk, we played a 6 player skirmish game and it took us 3-4 hours to finish it from explaining to ending, i found that it would be better to introduce the game to people by combining the skirmish and dominion modes using the objectives cards, and tracking winning points, since it gives people a goal instead of throwing them into the battle without much knowledge of what to do.

The presentation is really good in this game, the two game boards have a nice finish and texture, they seem durable and are big (you need a big table if you are thinking about playing with the two boards) the fonts and colors used are nice and thematic, all the figures are very pretty and once you get them all in the board it looks so good and gets you into the game, the tokens are made of cardboard and do their work, nothing fancy, the cards seem to be made from cardstock and seem fragile, but unless you are careless, bend them on purpose or throw water at them, they should last since you dont need to handle them much, the only bad thing is that the Baratheon and Martell figures have some weak parts that may be prone to breaking, also the white walkers, savages, neither the northern wall appear in the game, besides that, everything is great. Also, i don't seem to have the grey/green problem some people are reporting with the Stark and Tyrell figures, the colors seem pretty different to me.

I really recommend this game to anyone looking for a Risk board game, even if you don't follow Games of thrones, this version lends itself to make custom rules and objectives since you have extra components that don't come in other versions of risk, i knocked 1 star due to the material of the cards and some weak points on the Martell and Baratheon figures, otherwise, this is a great package if you can find it for $50 or less.
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A great version of risk
by Dario villeda (5 out of 5 stars)
July 30, 2016

As a fan of the show I picked up this edition of Risk to have in my collection. I played Risk before but it being GOT themed really got me wanting to play. The base game is still Risk, obviously, but once you've played that a few times try dominion. It took the game to a whole different level.

In dominion you get to use some of the characters from the show, it includes 7 of the main houses/families in the show. It ranges from the Starks to the Martells. Another really cool thing is it includes two maps, Essos and Westeros, which are part of the GOT world. Each map is used in different occasions, depending on how many people you have playing. I've gotten the chance to play with just two people which takes place on Essos, and it works wonderfully and it engages you through adding a lot more depth to game with gold and maester cards(which truly change the game).

Also, if you have more than six players you can actually combine the two maps and get a world at war game going. It is hectic but s lot of fun trying to take over the territories across two physical lands. I've gotten the chance to play this and it is truly a great iteration of a classic game.

In the end, if you enjoy Risk this edition adds a new depth by adding characters you wouldn't regularly have. If you're a fan of the show and have never played Risk, pick this up, Risk is a lot fun and involves deep strategy. If you like both Risk and GOT, this is a must have.
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Disappointing quality
by Dieselguy (1 out of 5 stars)
January 7, 2019

The game board tore immediately upon taking it out of the box. The pieces are cheaply molded with burrs all over and lackluster detail. The cards are cheap paper that scratch and peel easily. I gave it two stars for enjoyable gameplay, but this is not something that will survive years of use. Would not recommend spending your money on this.
**EDIT** - had to update this to one star. There are missing and duplicate components in the game. Seriously bad QC on this product

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