The TomTom Bandit Action Camera

Brand: TomTom
Model: 1LB0.001.01
EAN: 0636926073479
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Dimension: 2.07 x 3.72 x 1.46 inches
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Product Description

Introducing the TomTom Bandit Action Camera - just shake to edit. The TomTom Bandit is the first ever camera to come with a built-in media server, eliminating the need to download footage before being able to edit it. The camera works with a companion app, making it possible to create and share videos in a matter of minutes, simply by shaking a smartphone. The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is equipped with in-camera motion and GPS sensors to automatically find and tag exciting moments based on speed, altitude, G-force, acceleration and heart rate. Highlights can also be tagged manually with a tagging button on the camera or the remote control. The TomTom Bandit works with a smartphone app, which includes a superfast viewfinder. Footage can be reviewed instantly with the smartphone app thanks to the built-in media server. In editing mode, a simple shake of the smartphone instantly creates an exciting movie. Users can then easily make changes, add music and add overlays of favorite metrics, such as speed, before sharing with friends.


  • 4k HD video camera provides the highest resolution action footage
  • Long battery life allows for 3h of non stop filming with cable free Batt stick
  • Sport action camera contains built in sensors to monitor Speed, G force, Altitude, and Rotation and appears on playback videos to prove your performance
  • Use the Bandit App (iOS & Android) for instant playback and to easily drag, drop and share all action footage
  • Premium Pack Includes: Remote Control, Handle Bar Mount, Dive Lens Cover, 360 Pitch Mount, Power Cable and Go Pro Mount Adapter

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Top Reviews

Great Alternative to GoPro
by Quynn (4 out of 5 stars)
July 13, 2016

Size & Weight: 8

Video: 10

Audio: 7

Battery: 10

Ease of Use: 9

Video Editing: 9

Durability: 9

Overall: 8.9 out of 10

This is a great alternative to a GoPro. It is made with a very sturdy design that I am not afraid of dropping. The video quality is great, however you will need an external microphone if you want great audio as well. The built in microphone works, but it is nothing special. I never forget to charge it because as soon as I come home I plug the convenient batt stick into my PC to copy the videos over. When I go to put it back the next day it is charged up and ready to go. I have yet to run out of battery out on the trails. Video editing is a breeze when you're on the go. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of size and weight, however the bullet design and longer battery life make up for it in most cases. Overall is it a great action camera, and should not be over-looked. If TomTom was able to do this the first time around I am excited to see what they come out with next. This will force GoPro to be more competitive, add new features, and lower their pricing to keep up with competition that, so far, they have not had to deal with in the action camera marketplace.

Size / Shape / Weight = 8: The size and shape are superior to the GoPro in some cases. When mounting to a helmet the camera stays closer to you and is more aerodynamic. You can mount it on the side or top of a helmet. In some instances the GoPro shape is superior though. For instance, you wouldn't want to mount the TomTom with a forehead strap (GoPro would be better for that). It really just depends on where you want to mount it. The TomTom is also a bit heavier than the GoPro.

Video = 10: Video quality is great. Very similar to GoPro Hero4. There are some side by side comparisons on YouTube if you want to see for yourself. The only thing that could be better would be true 4K. The TomTom shoots 4K at 15fps, so it's better for time lapse stuff than action. I did not take off a point for the 4K as honestly I don't think you need 4K video for action yet anyway. 1080p @ 60fps is plenty. Go down to 720P @ 120fps for some slow motion awesomeness.

Audio = 7: Built in audio leaves something to be desired, however you can attach an external mic if you need to capture quality audio. Since the mic is not included I had to rate this one a 7.

Battery = 10: Battery life on this is amazing compared GoPro. Record three times as long without stopping to charge. Imagine missing a great shot because your GoPro died after a little over an hour of use. An hour flies by sometimes. Who wants to keep taking their GoPro off their helmet to check the battery life?

Ease of use = 9: Very easy to use. One button to start recording, another button to stop. The remote is great for when it is mounted on your helmet. The only complaint I have is that when connecting to the remote viewer you have to connect via the TomTom's built in WiFi. This means you have to disconnect your internet WiFi in order to use it. I would rather have the remote viewer use bluetooth so it is always connected when turned on. Not a huge deal. I just don't like messing with it when I am out on the trail getting setup.

Video Editing = 9: Video editor is very easy to use and has some great features for editing and sharing on the go. Some people complain that there isn't a desktop app, however any serious editor will already have something for this (and if not there are many programs available). TomTom filled a big void of editing and sharing on the fly with the TomTom Bandit. It uses sensors to pick up and flag moments of high speed, high g-force, braking, heart rate (extra module required), etc. After a run you can look at all of the highlights, do some quick adjustments to the length of each highlight, then post to youtube without even leaving the trail/slope/boat/etc.

Durability = 9: I tried to use the GoPro adapter to put the TomTom on a head strap mount for GoPro. Since the TomTom is a bullet shape I couldn't wear the headstrap right and had to put it over my helmet in a way that pointed the TomTom in the right direction. It turns out it wasn't very secure. As soon as I hit a hard landing the strap flew off and the TomTom went flying. It dropped from the top of my helmet while I was standing on a bike, so probably about 7-8 feet up, and due to the strap being elastic it ended up flying about 10 feet in front of me as well, landing on the dirt trail, bouncing around on tree roots and rocks, then eventually coming to a rest in the grass to the side of the trail. The TomTom didn't miss a beat. Some grass pieces were lodged in the lens around the edge. I picked them out, wiped the dirt off, and mounted put the TomTom on my handlebar mount for the rest of the ride. Later that day I went and purchased a new helmet with less venting so I could use the 3M 360 pitch mount on it. I won't be using the GoPro headstrap anymore, that's for sure.
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Good action camera
by Ed-99999 (4 out of 5 stars)
July 25, 2016

Good overall camera. One star removed for the weak microphone and the need for a custom connector for an external microphone. I like the Camera and features.
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TomTom missed the mark, abandon the Bandit!
by Mad MaXine (1 out of 5 stars)
July 12, 2016

There is no stability control, and all of the mounts are stiff, prepare for a vibration-filled movie with no sound. The microphone is absolutely worthless (clipping and screaming wind noise, no matter how many updates they send). The camera is on a barrel-role, rotating base that doesn't actually have a center. You either get to have it a little low on the left or a little low on the right. This isn't fixable because there's grooves or notches when rotating the camera, and none are bottom center. The app is okay for quickly editing but I don't know anyone who wants to "shake to edit" non-sequential events into a movie. There is no ability to force TomTom to continuously record. It automatically breaks up an hours long video in 4-6 segments in various lengths between 8-16 minutes. Editing on a big-boy computer (instead of the app, because there's no real editing going on, other than walnut-shell shuffle) is made difficult with the inability to drag and drop any of the video clips into iMovie or iPhoto or iTunes. Attempting to seemlessly connect all of the broken clips, is more frustrating than it's worth. I sent mine back after making a bicycle-video that you may find on YT by searching for my handle d3x1m3remixed (all caps). There you can see the HD quality 1060p 60fps and rattle-city. I spared your ears from the piercing white-noise and popping.
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NoPro but is a great deal and easy to use.
by oldfastpat (5 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2017

it will do everything you need. I've had inexpensive off brand and they work ok. With so many GoPro options I just couldn't spend 500.00. This camera was everything I wanted. The software works good, Easy to edit and make movies. The onscreen telemetry is a bonus.

I would highly recommend.
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Cant connect with phone
by Doug Brown (1 out of 5 stars)
May 1, 2019

Waste of money thinking of returning it check to see if its compatible with you phone first before buying save you some trouble looks great but I couldn't connect with phone
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Excellent little action camera - used as a bike cam - one of the best!
by Joanna57 (5 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2017

Loved it but has some audio issues - but it has some AMAZING features, so well designed - and is definitely a good alternative to the gopro..... I think this is one of the best bike cams out there - easy to use, great video quality, and has better features than most other action cameras
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About a million times better than
by luv2sparkle (5 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2016

Husband loves it. About a million times better than GoPro
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Fun and easy to use
by Melanie Webb (5 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2019

Making quick edits of my adventures is so much fun with the TomTom!
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Four Stars
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2017

Great product. Small, compact, not to heavy. Great wide view. Wish it had zoom
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When I read it would be better than Go Pro
by Mauricio Gasperini (5 out of 5 stars)
February 25, 2016

When I read it would be better than Go Pro, I doubted. Now I bought it myself, I can chorus on others reviews in its favor. The camera is much superior and much easier interface and resources. My friend laughed at me. Now they are jealous.

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