Cat Shaped Egg Mold

Brand: Genuine Fred
Manufacturer: Fred & Friends
Model: 5161077
EAN: 0728987024443
Category: Food & Drinks
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Dimension: 4.89 x 5.94 x 1.18 inches
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Product Description

Serve a pair of sunny-side-up eggs in perfect style! Funny Side Up is a handy frame that helps turn eggs into a fun, feline-inspired treat! Made of pure food-safe silicone. [Read more]


  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL: Serve a pair of sunny-side-up eggs in purrfect style! Genuine Fred Funny Side Up is a handy frame that helps you create charming cat-shaped eggs!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place the Funny Side Up cat egg mold in your frying pan, crack two eggs into the circular eye rings and soon you'll have an adorable feline-inspired breakfast! Instructions for best results are included
  • QUALITY, SAFE MATERIALS: All Funny Side Up egg molds are constructed from BPA-free, food-safe silicone
  • HASSLE-FREE: This cat breakfast mold is both microwave and dishwasher safe! The durable silicone can withstand temperatures from -20°F to 450°F
  • GREAT GIFT: If you're looking for a gift for your favorite cat lover, then this egg mold is purrrfect! Genuine Fred's Funny Side Up breakfast molds are packed in a colorful box and make an exciting gift for people of all ages!

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Top Reviews

Love it!!!
by L. Ludwig (4 out of 5 stars)
November 23, 2013

Tried out this today, received it last week, and I was happy with the outcomes. It is made of silicone rubber and is MUCH easier to use than metal egg rings (trust me I've tried them, even dipping them in oil before hand) and finished product came out great. Couple of things I would suggest---
1) you need a pan slightly bigger than the mold, so probably an 8-inch pan would be best. I don't have one of those (that will be my next purchase) so I used a regular non-stick skiller (12in) and a small non stick skillet (6in).

In the 12in the 'shape' came out better, since the mold was able to sit flat, but took longer to cook due to size and by the time the whites were set it was slightly crispy on bottom, and the yolks were almost cooked through.

In the 6in pan the 'shape' didn't come out as great since the mold was curved upwards on edges which produced a bit of leakage and not quite defined mouth. However, the eggs cooked better if you like sunny-side up eggs.
2) I used extra large eggs (Costco's only size) and I am not sure using 2 large eggs would give you enough whites to fill the whole mold since my whites barely reached the edges.
3) It is very important that you preheat your pan, grease the mold AND then preheat the mold itself prior to adding eggs (instructions on package). I don't use 'cooking sprays' so I just used a pastry brush to brush coconut oil on it. This is a little time consuming so I would not suggest making these during a work/school day :)
4) when making additional skulls, make sure you wipe and remove any egg pieces that might have remained behind. If not, your next egg will probably stick to these and make it harder to unmold.

Hope this review helps :)
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I have read many reviews of these and put the best instructions together to come up with what I have
by Hunter Moon (5 out of 5 stars)
January 8, 2016

I gave three of these molds as a gift to my sister-in-law. She has a 18 month old and she couldn't wait to start making her eggs with it. She was very excited about how cute it is. I know she has tried to do the owl and messed it up, but it does seem to have a learning curve. I have read many reviews of these and put the best instructions together to come up with what I have done.

I first heat the pan up with a bit of oil in it on med low heat

Next I take a brush and brush oil all over the form

I then put it into the pan for a minute and let it heat up

I divide the egg whites from the yokes and while holding down firmly on the form I pour in first the whites and then the yokes
(Unlike what others have found, normal sized eggs seemed find for filling out the form and I only used 2 eggs)

I keep the heat on medium since I do not like tough eggs and season with salt and pepper

After the whites are cooked a bit I take a teaspoon of water and poor it into the pan and cover it with a small stainless steel dome

I check on it after a minute and remove the form if the whites seem solid enough to stay in form

Continue cooking covered until cooked to the degree you prefer.

The first time I did these I tried to flip them and totally ruined the design. It may be possible to flip them, but it is beyond my ability and keep it looking anything like the design. I bought the owl, bunny and skull for my sister-in-law and the skull for myself. I have put the skull through the dishwasher 2 times and it has held up perfectly so far. I store it in a drawer pretty much flat so it will maintain a better seal on the pan.

I bought these 2 weeks before Christmas and they had a delivery date for around January 21st. I got all 4 of them days before Christmas. Super fast shipping for something I have had for weeks now that isn't even suppose to be delivered for about another week.
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We tried using this several times and could never get it to look as good as in the pictures
by JasonSarah (2 out of 5 stars)
June 20, 2015

Don't trust the pictures. We tried using this several times and could never get it to look as good as in the pictures. The "eyes" always look like they have cataracts because the whites don't actually sink to the bottom completely--they cook a little on top of the yolks. If you look at the pictures really closely, you'll notice that it looks like they poured in the yolks AFTER the whites cooked completely, thereby leaving the yolks not even cooked properly. Wouldn't recommend this item if you want it to look like in the pictures. Kind of deceptive. And the seller that we had wanted us to pay return shipping. Didn't bother--just not worth the effort to return a $9 item when you have to pay over $6 in shipping. Very disappointed in the product and the seller.
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Great idea, hard to make it work. Hard to clean
by Angela M (2 out of 5 stars)
July 19, 2015

Fred and Friends Funny side up egg ring, skull was sent for unbiased review.

Three stars because it seems sturdy.

On to the problems. I used large eggs. The eggs seemed to stay inside the eye holes. I did not grease it for the first try and I had cooked egg stuck all over it after cooking. This is going to require practice! I will wait until eggs are not as expensive to try again. My eggs tore while taking it out.

Cleaning it I realized it could tear easily around the eyes, nose area if not handled carefully.

I am sad. It had potential but it flopped.
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Fun, cute breakfasts
by green_tea (5 out of 5 stars)
September 4, 2017

Cute. I am still getting the hang of using it, but it is pretty straightforward and is easy to make a cute egg breakfast for myself.
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Breakfast fun
by Mom's opinion (5 out of 5 stars)
November 23, 2015

Love the way this looks when you use it to make two eggs! Looks exactly like the advertisement. The raised silicone around the eyes holds the denser yolk while allowing the whites to run right through to the rest of the face. Crack one egg in each eye and it works great. This understandably loses its effect if you add any colored seasoning (pepper, turmeric, herbs, cinnamon, really anything but salt) but so cute it's worth it. I bought a few different shapes from different brands and this one - while more expensive-was much better quality than other silicone breakfast molds.
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Skull Egg Mold - Great for a themed breakfast. Aarrgghh!
by Theresa M. (5 out of 5 stars)
August 1, 2018

I loved the two molds I purchased. You need to spray the mold with cooking spray and cook your eggs on medium heat, nothing too hot. Take the time to let the egg set and cook before you slip them if you like your yolks cooked more than sunny side up. Easy to clean, too.
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Skull Eggs Are Awesome
by Jennifer Crowe (5 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2018

I love it. I can crack two eggs and the eyes are the yolks. It does take a little practice to get it right but once you do, your kinds will want their eggs made in it any chance they can get. If the pan is not hot enough, the egg can run out from under the mold. That is why I said that it take practice.
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How can you have a problem with this product?
by Eric S (5 out of 5 stars)
January 20, 2019

The mold arrived in original Fred packaging, exactly as expected. My photo is from the very first time I used it. I did not apply any pressure to the mold when dropping the eggs in, nor did I trim any pieces of the final product. I think it came out pretty damn good for no touch up or finessing.

I don't know how others could have melted a silicone mold cooking eggs, unless they were grilling their eggs over an open flame. No complaints here.
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Super cute breakfast idea
by Christina (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2018

Super cute and fun! Made a special breakfast

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