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Product Description

Introducing the Newest and High Quality Leather Car Side Seat Caddy that Prevent Driving Distractions

* Are you tired of your smartphone, keys or coins always landing between the gap of your seat after a sharp turn?

* Are you afraid of dropping items and finding in despair between the car seat and console?

* Do you want to organize your small items in the car and keep it within reach?

Your Search is Over, Introducing the New SkyRox Side Pocket Catcher and Organizer!

* Designed to fill the gap between car seat and console.

* No more dropping of small items and digging it in between the car side seat pocket and console.

* Organize things like french fries, coins, credit card, cellphones, money etc and keep it within easy reach.

* Easy to install and clean with clean damp cloth.

* Stays in place when seat is move forward and backward.

* Fits the gap between seat console and console of most cars.

Made of Luxurious Quality Leather and has strong grip ad high impact resistance.

When you order today, you are protected by our Lifetime Warranty

So order now. When you do consider, purchase 2 packs; one for you and another 1 for your best friend.


  • ✔CATCHES ITEM BEFORE IT FALLS DOWN ON THE CAR FLOOR- Tired of things always dropping in between the gap of your seats? This is for YOU! SkyRox car gap filler stop things before it drop. Thus, it will save you countless times from digging between the seat and car console to find your dropped cell phone, credit cards, money, keys, coupon, etc.
  • ✔MAINTAIN A CLEAN AND ORGANIZE CAR- This catch caddy also keeps your important things with reach and organizes your phones, keys, pen, coins, ipad and more.
  • ✔ MATCHES THE COLOR OF YOUR CAR INTERIOR - SkyRox car organizer comes in different colors you can choose from (black, beige ).The premium interior car accessories blends in with your luxurious car seat.
  • ✔ FITS MOST VEHICLES (cars, SUV, van, truck) with gap size between 0.75 - 1.5 inches. The car seat catcher dimension is 11.8 x 4.3 x 2 inches. Please check gap dimension to make sure there is still space for things to fit in.
  • ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY: You are very important to us and we value our customers so we offer a lifetime warranty on this product. If the seat catcher doesn't fit between the gap, just contact us and you'll be taken cared of by our excellent customer service and you are also protected by our money back guarantee. Order yours now and consider buying another one for your best friend. This in between seat catcher is a perfect gift for someone who loves to maintain a clean and organize car.

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Top Reviews

If You Live In A Hot Area, Stay Away!
by David Valladares (1 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2018

I'm writing this review to express my discontent regarding this product: Car Seat Gap Filler & Pocket Organizer - Stop Items Before it Drop Between Seat and Console - Premium PU Leather Caddy for Automotive Interior Accessories - Side Seat Catcher (2Pcs)
. This has to be in the Top 5 "Junk" products that I have ever bought on Amazon.

After 1 year+ of having this product I will put it very simple for you, the pocket organizers in my car do not work as intended, they fit super tight on a Mazda 3 2016. Some people reviewed that their "universal" fit claim is not accurate at all, and I have to agree with that.

But the worse thing about these pockets is that the "sticky" tape provided just doesn't hold on to the plastics between the center console and the seats. This is because on high temperatures the "sticky" tape melts, then I need to re-stick them back in place. This is basically a cheap piece of junk, it's quiet frustrating to be honest, as it defeats the whole purpose of a pocket organizer and the worse thing is that the "sticky" residue makes a mess inside my cabin and It takes 15-20min of my time to clean it.

If you live in a hot area or your car is mainly parked outside on hot temperatures, then stay away from this product.
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Who knew you even needed something like this?
by James R. (5 out of 5 stars)
January 6, 2017

My wife saw these advertised on a website and asked me to look into it because her Lexus RX350 doesn't have much in the way of accessible storage in the center console so I did thinking "these look ridiculous". I have to tell you that I bought these and installed them in her car and even after driving it just once, I found myself using them! These are very nicely made and blend in well with the black leather and wood in the center console...they look just like they came with the car. Now I'm jealous and I'm actually thinking about buying a set for my truck...
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Great product
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
August 31, 2016

I am very pleased with the car seat catchers. Item is perfect fit for my Ford Escape that doesn't have a lot of storage space for phone, notebook, pen etc. I am pleased with the quality of the product. The color is a little more yellow than I expected but I can live with it for the extra space it gives me to put items I want close by.
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Simple, clean solution for a deceptively costly and annoying problem.
by Madison Mark (5 out of 5 stars)
November 7, 2017

These things are absolutely crucial to my driving experience now. They hold my portable charger and wallet on the passenger side. They hold accessories for any passengers I might have, be it pedestrian or Uber riders. Many folks comment on how nice it is to have a dedicated place to see down your phone while it charges in the 12V cigarette plug. While they do make stylish little pockets, the real name of the game here is in the title - gap filler. This thing does a near perfect job of stopping small items from falling into the dreaded pit of doom we all know and love. From coins and candy to jewelry and prescription medication, these saddle bags have stopped me from permanently losing valuables, spending hours painfully trying to reach for lost items, and having many anxiety attacks. For some black leather and rivets, these things are a heck of a lot better than the other solutions I've tried. Fully recommend at least for my vehicle - an 08 Grand Cherokee Diesel.
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Doesn't really work for me.
by Robin (3 out of 5 stars)
February 22, 2016

Wish I could say these are great, but they slide down too far to do much good- maybe should be deeper. It could be the make of my car (CRV), probably would work for a small vehicle. Having said that, the material and construction is well done and would hold up for the long haul.
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Good practical product at a good price
by a reader (4 out of 5 stars)
September 1, 2017

Seem to be good quality and the color is close to matching my interior. They do fit in between my seat and console. However, being that I am short and my driver seat is closer to the steering wheel, there is less room between the seat and console. So one of the caddys does not have much room opening to place things in. Currently it houses a few stray dollars and some grocery store discount cards. The other side has a bit more opening and I will eventually find something to put there. If you find your car does not have much in the way of storage, I would definitely recommend getting these for your car. They require no assembly and they simply fit in place. Good price as well.
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I had purchased the widely seen tube like seat gap fillers but they stuck out and looked ...
by Candace Crane (5 out of 5 stars)
March 27, 2017

I had purchased the widely seen tube like seat gap fillers but they stuck out and looked weird and cheap. Took a chance with these and they are fantastic. They fit very tight in my 2007 Honda CRV but it stops all the coins and small items from falling down where hands can not reach, and they look like they came with the car. You would have to look hard to realize it did not come with the console. Great buy!
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They are a tight fit, but still fit the gap!
by Barbara A (5 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2018

These are a tight fit, but I got them in between the seat and console without help, and they are doing the job! I've lost so many things that fell between the console and the seats, and that's the place I call never-never land. Once something goes there, it's almost impossible to retrieve it. In just one of the seat gap fillers I have sunglasses, pens, change, and a small notepad, The other side a holds a small pack of tissues, some eye glass cleaning cloths, a cell phone, and my house keys I'm very happy with them, and the black leather look with red stitching matches my car's upholstery perfectly! Great product and it serves a good purpose.
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by Angel P St.Louis (2 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2017

They do feel the gaps, however weight pushes them down so if you have a heavy phone the whole sleeve falls down I own a Subaru and I have included photos. They are not long enough to reach the bottom so basically when they do slide then you have the whole sleeve down between seats, I gave it two starts , it does hold your stuck so easier to slide out of seat when in sleeve ..LOL
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Not bad, could be better.....
by Will Shakespeare (4 out of 5 stars)
September 16, 2016

Arrived very quickly once ordered and the color match (beige) worked great with my cloth seats of a 2015 Honda CRV..

It's seems to be well made, not sure that it's genuine leather but it serves it's purpose in filling the gap and also as extra storage.

You do need to measure that gap between the seats and the console to ensure a good fit. Yes, on the driver's side it does move slightly when you adjust your seat but it's not that big of a deal.

I wish it were an inch or two deeper, so docked it one star.

Other than that it's pretty good value and functional. I would recommend with the above caveats and hope this review and photos help your decision-making.

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