BetterBack Posture Corrector

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Manufacturer: Better LLC
Model: BB-Black
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Dimension: 4.00 x 12.00 x 11.00 inches
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Product Description

BetterBack allows you to sit in perfect posture effortlessly. Doctor recommended, you can throw BetterBack in your bag and sit in comfort with great back support while you work, travel or even when you meditate. As seen on TV/ Shark Tank, just unzip, fold around your back and knees, and have perfect seated posture in five seconds flat! Make every chair ergonomic with BetterBack.


  • Shark Tank Approved – BetterBack is the product that appeared on Shark Tank, where 3 sharks wanted in!
  • Comfortable – You’re going to feel honest to goodness support & relief! This back posture trainer allows you to sit ergonomically in any chair. **Fits women and men up to 38" waist.**
  • Perfect Posture, Effortlessly – Perfect seated posture in 5 seconds flat + completely change your posture by wearing Better Back for just 15 mins a day
  • Portable – The posture correcting support offers easy to use features and folds up to fit inside your bag or purse so you can use it at home or at the office
  • Reverses Years of Bad Posture – This posture corrector fixes years of bad slouching habits. Good posture = standing taller, feeling more confident and looking slimmer

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Top Reviews

by Ashley (5 out of 5 stars)
October 20, 2017

I don't review many things unless I'm all for it or against it. So here is my 5 star review: As soon as I put this on (straight out of the box bc I was so excited), I had instant relief in my lower back and tension in my upper back/shoulder area. Look no further for any type of back/posture correction gadget...this is it!!!!! I've also looked and tried many different options (exercise ball, other back correction/strappy gadgets, ergonomic chairs etc) this is the most instantly satisfying one. I can feel the difference in my body's overall happiness. I've also had intense back pain for the last two months and this has been the only thing to bring me relief...and instantaneously!
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by Keith Thompson (5 out of 5 stars)
June 26, 2017

If I could give this product ten stars, I would. Bottom line: IT WORKS. I also purchased the Stability Ace Shoulder/Clavicle brace for upper back posture. I started with this product alone. Not impossible to figure out, but if you can read this you can understand the instructions. Once figured out it is a cinch to get in and out of. After loosening the tension straps, I simply step out of it and it is ready to step into the next time, place the back support, tighten, and in ten seconds you are ready to go again. CAVEAT TO THOSE INCLINED TO CORRECT YEARS OF BAD POSTURE IN THE FIRST 24 HOURS OF OWNERSHIP. USE THE PRODUCT AS SPECIFIED AND THAT INCLUDES THE BREAK-IN PERIOD. These people know what they are doing. Having acquainted myself with this product, I then put on the Stability/Ace Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace. For me this product completed the posture correction needed. Now when I sit down for my posture correction time, I slip into both and then enjoy sitting in a straight-back chair. The relief is instantaneous. For the first time in decades I enjoyed a spine treatment/correction that no amount of physical therapy or exercises have been able to accomplish. BUT, couple the use of these with a regular exercise/walking program. I am a 64 y/o white male with an aggressive onset of osteoporosis. I have coupled the use of these with Qi Gung (gobs of different spellings--takeoff on Tai Chi but is better for a person with osteoporosis). My Qi Gung guru is also a physical therapist. I showed these to her and how they worked. She was impressed with the results I have been experiencing. THIS IS NOT THE END-ALL PRODUCT FOR EVERYBODY and their return policy is reasonable if this isn't right. The product is well-built right down to a clip for the excess length of a tension belt. Am I ever glad I happened to see this particular Shark Tank. It is making a huge difference in my sense of well-being with a very simple but effective product. Thanks INVENTORS! Thanks INVESTORS!
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Better Back and Nada Chair Comparison
by Melissa (4 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2017

I use this during that day while I work at the computer and when I eat. It definitely helps my back. I also use the Nada Chair. I find I need both. The Better Back is more comfortable. If you have bad knees, I definitely do not recommend the Nada Chair. The Better Back has knee pads and it is easier to adjust so that they can be moved around and not sit on the same place on your knee if you don't want it to.

The only drawback with the Better Back for me, is that it is a pain to stand up and sit down because there's no way to clip it to your waist. So it is more time consuming and irritating than the Nada Back, which you can keep on your waist. That's why I use both. The Nada Back is great for convenience (also it's easy to use when sitting on the floor), but the Better Back is more comfortable if you are sitting in a chair and don't plan on moving much (getting up and down).

For travel, I prefer the Nada Chair because it's smaller and faster to put on and adjust. Also, it's easier to use in a small space.

The Better Back has a classier look though. I really appreciate the knee pads too.
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Well worth the money! Must have for back pain sufferers
by Feyd (5 out of 5 stars)
March 5, 2017

Wow! I've been suffering from s botched back surgery and additional stenosis along my back, I've tried exercise balls, straight chairs, lumbar support, name it I've wasted money and time on it - until this. If you have a bad back and/or poor posture then get this. This item is quality right out of the box, very sturdy and well made, impressive and convenient all in one case and strap pulls your lower back and knees up naturally straightening your spine. This is something you'd expect to find at a doctors office and with a price tag of $$$$.
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I love this product
by Steve Wang (5 out of 5 stars)
July 4, 2017

May I suggest a minor improvement that really helped me. I added velcros at the bottom of the clip that holds your legs together to keep it from slipping and coming undone. I move a lot while I'm sitting and have had the clip slip on multiple occasions which has caused some pain when that happens. This velcro addition keeps it 100% secure and allows me to be active and not worry about any accidents!

Otherwise, I love this product! I have bought 2 for myself and 5 more for my co-workers as gifts!
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Most comfortable way to sit
by Suze in Orlando (5 out of 5 stars)
August 23, 2019

I tend to sit on the couch a lot to work online using a laptop and/or other devices. I have so many pillows and cushions piled up trying to find back support and keep from hunching over and ruining my back for the day. This item is awesome. I find myself using it every time I am sitting for more than a minute. It feels great, and has completely relieved my ongoing hip pain. The different sizes were a bit confusing, as I am a little overweight -- but the standard size one works just fine for everyone I have let try it. It looks odd when you are wearing it - but who cares? Bonus -- the straps attached between my knees provides an interesting spot for my laptop that is elevated off my legs for better airflow!
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Pain relief, posture correction.
by Mary T. H. (5 out of 5 stars)
September 2, 2019

I'm 64 with a bad back...mild scoliosis. This thing is fantastic. I use it about 15 minutes a day, when my back is acting up and it brings relief, plus aligns the back as it forces you into good posture. The good posture lasts for awhile after taking it off too. It does put some pressure on your knees. I had both knees replaced 5 years ago, so only have minimal discomfort briefly when I get up. Not a problem
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Works great!
by SLAM (5 out of 5 stars)
September 6, 2019

Exactly what I needed for a constant strain that I get from sitting in my comfy office chair at work all day. I have tried to remind myself to sit "straight" and make sure to not slouch, etc, however I always end up with this terrible strain from my shoulder downwards. As soon as I put this on, it keeps my posture corrected (which I didn't even feel was incorrect, but obviously was). The pain is almost instantly relieved and goes completely away after awhile.

It's not much of a hassle to put it on but if you have to sit and then get up numerous time throughout the day, it does become a bit of a hassle BUT when I know that I'll be sitting for a good while, I strap it on and NO pain! I love it and definitely recommend it.
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I felt a dramatic improvement as soon as I put it on!
by Mellie (5 out of 5 stars)
February 26, 2018

I sit all day and because of the chair that I have I would often end the day with back pain. I got BetterBack hoping it would help me and I am happy to say that it really did. I've tried numerous posture correctors thinking that if I could improve my posture the pain would subside, but they were never comfortable. I would feel pinched in various areas. BetterBack doesn't have that problem at all. From the moment you put it on, you feel relief. It also seems like it's built to last (the materials seem high quality). I am confident that BetterBack has really helped my improve my posture and I feel myself naturally sitting more upright even when I am not using it. All in all I think it's a really great product and I would definitely recommend to try if you have a desk job!
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Super back support and alignment
by Wheatheart (5 out of 5 stars)
March 1, 2019

I am very happy with this product! As soon as I saw it on Shark Tank, I went on Amazon and ordered one. I have poor posture and this definitely keeps me sitting up straight and in proper alignment. I didn't realize, though, that the recommendation is to wear for 15 minutes per day. I would wear it all day long, but when I tried an extended wear, it did put some pressure on my knees and made them ache a bit. Still will continue to use it as a way to help develop better posture. Some comments said it was difficult to figure out how to wear it/adjust it, but I found it quite easy if one reads the instructions included.

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