Light Up LED Shoelaces

Brand: Lystaii
Model: AD-11 RGB
Category: Fashion
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Product Description

Note: Batteries are included, but sometimes the battery may run out power in the shipping way,if you find the shoelace is not working after you receive it, please replace for a new battery, Thank you

Material: Polyester laces
Color: RGB
Size: 1.0*110CM
Weight for one pair :33g
Light source: LED
Powered by: 2 x CR2025 button cell batteries for each shoelace


Reflective in all side, with multiple flash mode: quick flash, slow flash, permanent bright
Suitable for parties, concert or any night time event
Suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots and skates
Waterproof,can use in rainning days
Please don't immerse it in water


  • PACKAGE INCLUDES :1 pair shoe laces(shoes not included), each lace has 10 lights and two CR2032 battery .Durable and bright. It is easy to open the battery case to replace it.
  • SIZE : 0.4''*43.3''/1.0*110 cm, weight for one pair:1.2 OZ/ 33g. Suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots and skates.Comfortable for kids or Adults.
  • LIGHTING the NIGHT & EYE-CATCHING : Great for Hip-hop Dancing,night sports, night jogging,night activities, weddings, parties like birthdays party, Mardi Gras Party, Halloween party, dance party, Raves & Celebrations, Christmas, outdoor events,holidays ,and for safety and all kinds of night time fun!. Great toys for kids party supplies, Easter Basket Stuffers, school classroom rewards, Easter Party.
  • HOW to WASH : this shoelaces are Waterproof. But the battery case is not, please protect it from water when you wash shoelaces.
  • TIPS: In order to prevent the battery power loss, we added the insulating film to the middle of the two batteries. Before using, remember to remove the battery insulation.

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Top Reviews

by Amazon Customer (2 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2017


Here's an anecdote:
*Friend comes into room*


Unsuspecting friend: Wow! They're so white!

Me: *turns them on*

Friend: *jumps back three feet* WHOA! NO! YOU'RE KIDDING! NO! GET OUT!

Yes, you will be the subject of everyone's envy with these things. And the best part is that no one sees it coming, because they look like perfectly normal shoelaces until you turn them on (except for the button, which no one seems to really notice). You feel like electricity is surging through your feet, or like your shoes are going to lift you up in the air and explode into a frenzy of sick lights and sick beats. All this, for just $10. Honestly you can't go wrong, just buy them. You won't be sorry.


I took these to a party and they were a hit (I met like ten new people, and I never meet new people, but they would just come up to me to tell me how cool my shoelaces were), but by the end of the night, each shoelace was down to only two or three working LEDs (there are like ten on each shoelace). This wouldn't have bothered me so much, because I realize that two 3v batteries can't power LEDs for that long, so I ordered 20 new batteries because I thought this product was worth the investment. When I replaced the batteries, the same two or three LEDs lit up; this means that the LEDs died out before the batteries did! This definitely shouldn't happen. Not sure if it's a problem with the wiring or the LEDs themselves but now they're broken and I can't be cool at parties anymore :(

It's even more disappointing because I was so excited about them earlier.
↭ 🍁 ↭

by FloridaK (5 out of 5 stars)
November 14, 2016

Just received these and they are awesome. My set up seems to be a bit different than what is shown in the pic. The whole device part of the lace is a button. Press it once to turn on the lights in one pattern; press it again for another pattern. The 3rd or 4th time you press the device, it will shut off. What a fun product. Looking forward to giving it to my 8 yo for the holidays.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Worthy Buy.
by Mz. Dexterity (5 out of 5 stars)
March 3, 2017

Brought my Old School outfit together! Were perfect except if shoe holes are tight may cause wires to loosen and stop working. Would buy again.

Lystaii LED Light Waterproof Shoelaces Shoestring Battery Powered Flash Lighting the Night for Party Hip-hop Dancing Skating Running Cosplay Decoration Running (RGB Colorful)
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Don't bother buying
by Alexander (2 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2019

TL;DR: These will either stop working for you as your lace them into your shoes, or, if you're lucky, after a single night.

Full details:

If you have worked with electronics before, you know that soldering is not meant to be used as a mechanical bond. I feel like that's exactly what is being done with these laces. Just threading the laces through your shoes will result in bulky LEDs having to be forcibly pulled/pushed through the holes meant for the laces. One of my laces barely blinked just right after threading it through (and I was pretty careful, I have a PhD in mech engineering and have done my fair share of circuit work). The other lace died by the end of the evening, and I was careful not to let people step on my shoes.

Anyway, bottom line is that these should have been reinforced and smaller LEDs that easily fit through lace holes should have been used. Don't buy this product, waste of money.
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Cute product. Makes you laugh no matter what your age is.
by little grandma (3 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2017

These are really cute. My grandchildren were visiting and it was good for a laugh. Problem is...only one works. The other goes on and off and then goes off for the rest of the night. Nice product, right price if they both worked. Was going to wear them when I go to the hospital for infusion treatment. Cheers everyone up. But didn't because of the problem. Changed batteries but that did not work.
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Not as adverised
by Anon (1 out of 5 stars)
April 28, 2017

I ordered these for my friends son and had tbem mailed to their house. The laces DO NOT have multicolored lights, nor do they have multiple light settings as advertised. They just light up white. Very disappointed, and I can't mail them back as my friend lives in another side of town and doesn't seem terribly bothered, I just know I paid twice as much bc I loved the colorful lights and could've paid half for plain white lights.
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Kids LOVE these laces!
by Mommy2TwoBoys (5 out of 5 stars)
March 30, 2017

My son has been wearing these for almost a month and they work perfectly. A tip I think may extend the life of the shoelaces is to tie them and slip the shoes off and on. That is what my son has done and they are still working perfectly.
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so I just got him the shoelaces instead of the led shoe's like his 3year old sister
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
October 23, 2016

My son has six pair's of shoe's. so I just got him the shoelaces instead of the led shoe's like his 3year old sister. they shipped in one day instead of the two day's shipping with Amazon prime the laces are the coolest thing ever my 7year old thinks so. they have 3 led sitting, they are different color's and look just like white shoelaces
↭ 🍁 ↭

2nd pair worked great!
by Kaylakax3 (4 out of 5 stars)
March 26, 2018

Bought these to replace a pair we bought at the mall that the computer chip fell out of at school. They work the same, but they seem to have stayed together better than the last pair we had! Would of been 5 star, however these were bought directly from the manufactuer through amazon, and the previous pair broke the first day of use.
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poor design.
by David Horowitz (1 out of 5 stars)
February 22, 2017

such junk. designed to send orange light from the light generating unit through clear tubing to light it up. poor design.. the light is not strong enough, and the tubing too large to work as shoe laces. waste of money.

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