Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

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Model: DIS100
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Product Description

Need something unique and attention-grabbing for your next party or event?

Make heads turn with Icicle, the first and only drink accessory that creates fun and exciting, sexy special effects in drinks using dry ice. The drink-stirring stick can be used for either hot or cold drinks, and is perfect for holiday or themed parties, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Icicle works with alcoholic drinks including wine, liquor, and beer, as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and juice. The drink stirrer/swizzle stick can also be used multiple times, thanks to its durable and dishwasher-safe design and a flexible stem that can be adjusted to fit glasses of any size.

To use, place a pellet of dry ice into Icicle's bottom compartment and snap its cage shut to trap the dry ice securely inside. Insert Icicle into your drink and watch it emit smoky, foggy vapors immediately.

Buy Icicle now to make your next gathering the most memorable celebration yet!




  • GLOW IN THE DARK SMOKY DRINKS: Make your event amazing with smoky drink stirrers that make any beverage sexy! Upgrade your next event with this easy idea that has maximum effect! DRY ICE NOT INCLUDED
  • CREATE A BUZZ: Icicle is the only swizzle stick that can make cocktails & drinks into an attention grabber with a unique smoky effect that makes any party or night at the club special!
  • CONSUME DRY ICE DRINKS SAFELY: Icicle's design locks food grade dry ice safely so you are never at risk. Simply place a pellet into the bottom compartment & drop into your drink. DRY ICE NOT INCLUDED!
  • BARTENDER FUN: Any drink can become a special effects show with our icicle stirrer. Use like an ordinary pick, straw, or spoon for coffee, cocktails, and other beverages for a fun smoky fog show!
  • COOL PARTY DECORATIONS: The little things make a big impact. Add the wow factor to your next event, birthday, graduation, or themed party. Icicles are crazy fun! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Top Reviews

Know What You Are Getting
by Jennifer (4 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2018

First of all, you will not get dry ice with this, and understandably so. Dry ice evaporates so quickly it would be gone before the package arrived. You get 10 plastic stir sticks with closeable compartments to contain the dry ice. Now to my understanding this was made for pebble dry ice. However we just bought a block of dry ice from the store and crushed it into smaller pieces. I double bagged the block and started off by dropping it a few times on the garage floor. Then I took a hammer and gently broke it up into smaller pieces, about marble sized. I then loaded all the stir sticks with 1-2 pieces and placed them in the freezer about 1 hour before the party. Put the remainder of the dry ice in the freezer as well. This took all of about 15 minutes. The pre-loaded stir sticks lasted fairly well this way, though they did evaporate a little. They created a great smoky effect that lasted about 3-5 minutes, this may be longer with the pebble dry ice. I found this to be perfect because it was just long enough for everyone to admire and have fun with, but not so long it prevented them from drinking their drink. They held up well in the dishwasher, and should be reusable for year. I gave it a 4 star rating because the packaging wasn't great and one of the stir sticks came broken. Overall, I would recommend this product, it worked well.
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It never said it came with dry ice....
by Sha (4 out of 5 stars)
October 18, 2018

Suitable. I clearly read and understood that this product DID NOT come with dry ice and called local stores to see if they carried any before purchasing. The only issues I had were, I was left with a ton of leftover dry ice because the stirrer is kind of small and only comes with 10. However, one reviewer commented having to chop the ice "fine". This was not the case for me. I was able to fit 2 or 3 small chunks. There are holes in the stirrer so it would not be possible to put fine ice in there. The second issue was I got little "smoke" effect, I got a lot of bubbling and boiling sounds which kind of worked out for me anyway but I was really aiming for a smokey "Sugar Factory" effect. FYI: Meijer's carries dry ice in IL
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The swizzle sticks were a big hit at the party and it gave a nice Halloween mood to every drink serv
by Gabriel Martinez (5 out of 5 stars)
October 17, 2017

I contacted their customer service and they came through with what they promised! The swizzle sticks were a big hit at the party and it gave a nice Halloween mood to every drink served. Would definitely recommend this seller and product.

Hint: use more dry ice than you think. It doesn't last as long as you would expect, refills are necessary. That's not a negative of this product, just the nature of dry ice.
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I was able to create my dry ice smoke effect ...
by Portia (4 out of 5 stars)
April 24, 2017

I was able to create my dry ice smoke effect in my drink just as I seen at the Sugar Factory. I jist wish it provided more space. I had to really chopped the dry ice down, almost in powder form where it wouldn't be effective.
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Great product
by Monta (5 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2016

Did my homework , and found a local store that does sell dry ice pellet which is what you uses for this. We're be useing these 2 times for upcoming parties . Can't wait to uses them the kids will love it too. Also their reusable thats great ! Also saw this on Groupon but more money. Thank you for the fast shipping too

Good Job!
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So glad I found these!! Great for Halloween parties or Harry Potter themed party!!
by Amanda Stevens (5 out of 5 stars)
August 14, 2018

These worked amazing!!! So happy to have found these!!! You do need to purchase your own dry ice!!! Used them in Harry Potter cups for a birthday party and the girls just LOVED how well their drinks smoked!!
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Pretty good
by Amazon Customer (3 out of 5 stars)
September 13, 2018

I like it but I wish the smoke would have lasted a little longer. I used the dry ice pellets and after the bartender put it in the glass the smoke was over in about 15 to 20 seconds. Maybe we could have added more dry Ice Pallets it would have been more effective.
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It's like science class in your cocktails!
by Madelynn C. (5 out of 5 stars)
November 24, 2018

These were a HUGE hit at my Halloween party this year!!! It was like we were all little kids in science class again! I will be getting these for all of my Halloween parties in the future!
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by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
June 5, 2019

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No Instructions 🤭
by Ms. Cory (3 out of 5 stars)
May 1, 2019

Cheaply delivered in storage bag. No instructions were included. I feel like this item was a part of a larger package and just 10 were sent. It would have been nice to have written instructions or pictures to help with using this product.

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