Lazy One Animal Blanket Hoodie for Kids, Hooded Blanket, Wearable Blanket

Brand: Lazy One
Model: 0841654112202
Category: Misc. (Costumes)
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Dimension: 3.94 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches
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Product Description

Bedtime doesn't have to be boring! Make bedtime and naptime fun with our wearable blankets. Each blanket features a hood that's been made to look like your child's favorite animal. It has an embroidered face with critter details, like ears, a horn, or a snout, depending on which blanket you pick. Choose from a bear, dinosaur, fox, brown horse, pink horse, wolf, buffalo, reindeer, monster, moose, penguin, owl, bunny, unicorn, or shark! Some blankets even have a sewn-on tail. All of our blanket choices feature pockets on the top 2 corners of the blanket. Each pocket is embroidered in detail to resemble paws or hooves. These blankets measure 50" H x 40" W, making them perfect for boys and girls of all ages. These blankets are best for kids ages 3 - 12. Their attached hood will cover most kids' heads. These super-soft blankets are made from soft 100% coral fleece. It's so soft and plush that your little one won't want to take off their wearable blanket; they'll be too busy snuggling in its cozy warmth. You can use this blanket for travel or overnight trips, too. Kids can also use this blanket to play make-believe and pretend. It will awaken their imagination, helping them pretend to be animals and making play more fun! Don't be surprised if this blanket becomes your child's favorite. Its plush material is also durable, so this blanket will last for years to come. To take care of your child's new animal blanket, simply machine wash warm and air dry. Get this blanket for your little one today!


  • WEARABLE BLANKET: With this blanket's cute hood and darling paw pockets, kids will love to wear it. They can use it to lounge around the house or wear it as a fun costume. It's also great for travel.
  • FUN ANIMAL DESIGN: Each blanket features a unique critter design with an embroidered animal face on the hood. Some blankets come with sewn-on tails, horns, or ears, depending on the animal you choose.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS: This blankie is the ideal security blanket to cuddle with. It's sure to become your child's favorite. They'll love playing make-believe and pretend in it, thanks to its animal design.
  • SUPER SOFT & COZY: Wrap your little one in our super-soft wearable blanket. It is made from 100% coral fleece and polyester for extra comfort. Have your little one snuggle up in this comfy blanket.
  • A WONDERFUL GIFT: This wearable blanket is suitable for children of all ages. It's 50" H x 40" W. Gift it to the little one in your life for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion.

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