Mello-X Level 5 Dyneema Cut Resistant Socks Multi-Purpose Men's Size 9-11 Breathable Safet

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Product Description

These socks are perfect for a variety of different uses. Made with level 5 cut resistant dyneema blend. Designed to fit men's feet size US 9-11. Will foot women's feet comparative in size as well. These socks are cut-resistant meaning that they will help protect your foot from slices that can occur in different activities such as the kitchen or outside using a string trimmer. The socks have breathable holes to keep your feet fresh. READ: The socks are made of a strong material so you have to stretch them out the first time your wear them as they are tight fitting. They will stretch out after first use and be easier to put on.


  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION with a snug fit, the anti-cut socks are flexible and breathe well. Light weight creates additional comfort and convenience. Can be tough to get on the first time because form fitting but slide on easier after that!
  • 100% FOOD SAFE and machine washable - keeping your socks clean is easy
  • DURABLE- Durability with the highest level of cut resistant material available on the market - 4 times stronger than leather
  • ADDED SAFETY- These socks are perfect for extra safety in any environment that may cut you, the kitchen, the ocean, yard work, indoors, outdoors, hockey, etc.
  • CUT RESISTANT- These will cut slice like a regular sock when cut with a blade or other sharp object. Protect your foot from cuts! Not puncture resistant, your feet need to breathe so these will not protect from direct stabs or punctures, designed for horizontal slice protection.

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