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Don't be fooled by imitations & knockoffs! These are the Original Sportnoculars Hands-Free Binocular Glasses with multi-coated optics for glare-free superior high/low light vision.
Designed for magnified narrower close-up view (not wide-angle)for all Stadium Sports viewing from the Back Rows, Upper Decks aka CHEAP SEATS! Use Indoors/outdoors at Concerts & Theater Shows. NOTE: You must sit farther back to be able to get the wider view.
Great for,Fishing,Sight-seeing,Hunting,TV, and so much more. Unlike high powered style binoculars that are 8X or 10x magnification or more..where you can see the laces on a football at 300 feet..but not the action around it... or wide angle binoculars that are heavy & cumbersome that allow you to see a wide picture but not a super close view.
Sportnoculars was designed to be a light weight fan friendly binocular that allows you to see more of a close-up view of the action while still allowing you to follow a smaller window of moving action hands-free, such as: watching a Batter hit a HR or a QB connect to his receiver,a soccer corner goal kick or a NASCAR race from turn to turn.
Also highly recommended for viewing a Concert or Theater/Broadway production,indoor arenas and even watching TV at home. The uses for Sportnoculars is simply endless! All while doing it Hands-free!
Well written Instructions & Care manual on box & available online at SPORTNOCULARS website.- FIRST TIME USE SET-UP: 1-ATTACH EAR KEEPERS TO END OF ARMS(this allows your Sportnoculars to stay securely on your head) 2-ADJUST THE SPACING BETWEEN LENSES TO MATCH THE SPACING BETWEEN YOUR EYES(This will insure the proper field of vision(FOV) focus. 3-SITE & ADJUST EACH LENS INDEPENDENTLY ON AN OBJECT. (Twist to adjust the right lens on a distant object, then cover that lens with hand & adjust 2nd lens to the same object) 4-SPREAD OR SQUEEZE TOGETHER NOSE PADS(custom fit to your nose). 5-PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE TRYING FOR THE 1ST TIME.


  • CLEAR & PRECISE INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE LENSES: Magnifies up to 3X to allow a close-up narrower view (not a wide-view) of all Stadium Sports from the Back Rows & Upper Decks.Great for:Horse,Auto Racing,Concert & Theater,Sight-Seeing. PRECISION OPTICS FEATURE: Large exit pupil,Clear vision with high-definition, widely used for enhanced viewing indoors & outdoors for any recreational activity where getting closer to the action is desired. Also used for watching TV for those with impaired vision.
  • HANDS-FREE UNIQUE DESIGN: IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO READ THE MANUAL TO PROPERLY SET UP THE GLASSES WHEN USING THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME. Allows for a 0+/-3 diopter adjustment without prescription glasses OR you can wear prescription glasses under Sportnoculars. Handy neck-strap,extra nose piece,ear keepers & micro cloth are included. Everything comes in a quality ZIPPERED NYLON CASE with belt clip to keep your Sportnoculars safe & secure.
  • SILICONE NOSE & EAR KEEPERS,SIDE SHADES & NECK STRAP: Help keep your Sportnoculars securely on your head. These glasses will not fall off while you are cheering, walking or moving! The USES are ENDLESS!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM FRAME & OPTICS: Helps keep the weight down to 2.5 oz! - FULL ENGLISH PRODUCT CARE & INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL INCLUDED in OR on the box & always online at SPORTNOCULARS website.
  • ADJUSTABLE EYE SPACING. Please read the SET-UP MANUAL to install ear keepers & adjusting eye spacing before 1st use. Smart design allows the precision optical lenses to be spread wider or moved closer together. SILICONE EAR KEEPERS(included) ARE MANDATORY FOR KEEPING THE BINOCULAR GLASSES SECURELY ON YOUR HEAD. 1 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY. Against any manufacturers defects.

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