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Product Description

Enjoy premium sound with the added bonus of voice control with the Amazon Alexa Echo Buds. They deliver crisp, dynamic sound along with Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology to limit background noise and enhance your auditory experience. [Read more]


  • Immersive sound – Premium speaker drivers deliver crisp, dynamic audio. Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and sealed in-ear design limits background noise.
  • Hands-free with Alexa – Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, or get directions—just ask.
  • Access other assistants – Supports access to Siri or Google Assistant from a supported device—just press and hold your earbud.
  • Long-lasting battery – Get up to 5 hrs music playback per charge, up to 2 hrs with a 15-min quick charge, and up to 20 hrs with the charging case.
  • Customizable fit for better sound – 3 sizes of ear tips help form a comfortable in-ear seal for immersive listening.
  • Exercise ready – Sweat-resistant with a secure fit that’s made to move with you.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills – Request a rideshare, get a guided workout, or order dinner, all hands-free.
  • Designed to protect your privacy - Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including the ability to mute the mics with the Alexa app.

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Top Reviews

The Pros, Cons and Oks for Echo Buds (HR).
by Honest Reviewer (4 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

* Walking or running, I felt these buds would not leave my ear as you get an overall tight seal. This is very good because any lose in-ear buds will lose not only volume, but the bass quality of a song.
* Very plain looking. No branding as they look like just any regular earbuds. Big fan of this because; One, less likely to get stolen, and two, they're discrete looking. I'm not a fan of being a walking billboard on tech that I already paid money for. This is why I respect that Amazon isn't following that system with these buds (except for the case, but nobody is perfect).
* If you're indoors, these little guys are just the same as if you have an Amazon Echo in your ear. You don't need to press anything but just say "Alexa," and Alexa will be ready to go.
* It didn't take long for me to go get used to the touch controllers. Amazon also went a step further to allow you to customize the function of them. (I just stuck to what was already programmed because the layout they provided is very easy to master.)
* No issues when I got sweaty while I was running with them. As Amazon requests, you need to clean them after you take them off. I just used my shirt and it was fine, nothing fancy.
* The earbuds know when you take them out of your ear and will pause your music the moment it leaves your ear. I try to trick this feature, but the earbuds weren't fooled. You can restart your music either asking Alexa or just tap the earbud.
* The sound is good but not Air Pods or Bose level. The sound isn't bloated, has decent bass, and overall has decent balance tones. The best music for this is in the middle that doesn't rely on a strong bass or deeper sound levels (will explain more later on).
* I did hear a decent amount of reduction of sound thanks to Amazon's/Bose's noise-reduction software. Note, this isn't a noise-canceling but it blocks out smaller sounds like the humming sound when your refrigerator turns on, or the sound of cars going by if you're inside. These types of small sounds are blocked by this software and it does a decent job.
* You can use one earbud independently. I found this feature the best when you're driving. Taking phone calls and even asking directions by using Alexa is definitely a useful tool to use when driving.
* If you have an Amazon Echo at home, these earbuds will allow you to make an audio call right to the Echo. Tested this out and it works fine. The response and the receiving end didn't have any issues. I believe you can also do this feature with any of your friends who have an Echo, but I have to assume they're some restrictors so you don't call them in the middle of the night.
* With three built-in microphones in each earbud, I felt the call quality to be excellent.
* Amazon has added a "sidetone" feature which allows you to hear your voice inside the earbuds. I believe with this you can modulate your voice so Alexa can be able to recognize your voice better when you're in a loud environment. It's an interesting tool to have, but you need the app for this.
* A built-in quick charge feature on the case will allow the battery to gain a 50% increase in battery life around 20 minutes. What I like about the battery layout specifically is it will show you when you have a lot (green light), an all right (yellow light), or a poor battery life (red light). You can also just check the app, or ask Alexa, but this way is quicker to know right away.
* The wingtips that come with these earbuds are useful if you want to feel a little more comfortable that your buds won't fall out. Even with the soft silicone cover, I honestly didn't feel the need to wear them as the earbuds stick pretty well in your ear (or at least in my ear). This will probably be different for you, given different ear sizes.
* Amazon makes the earbuds visually identifiable for which ear it goes in to. A small feature but very useful in any day to day lifestyle.
* The case is small enough to put it in your pocket, with your phone.
* You can still use Siri if you want as well as Apple Music and Spotify.
* I have an iPhone and so far there have been no disconnections between the earbuds and the phone.

Cons and Oks:__________
* Micro USB instead of USB-C for charging. Amazon is not letting this go and I have no idea why.
* I had no issue with my fit, but they're pretty bulky for earbud size. Depending on your ear size, some may find the fit uncomfortable. My advice is to read what others have to say to get an accurate level. As stated they fit me fine, but I will update you if it changes.
* Alexa will not work in loud environments. Just walking on the streets, with average traffic noises, Alexa wasn't able to hear my voice. I had to put a lot of effort into getting Alexa to work when facing the outside world. Inside is fine but for loud areas, be warned.
* No volume controls on the buds. You have to either ask Alexa or use the app. If you're in a loud environment Alexa will not be helpful, as they basically become wired headphones (without the wire).
* As I mention before, these are not "noise-canceling" but just reduces the noises around you. From my experience, this feature will not help you when you're on a plane. It's still an upgrade from not having anything, but it will not block all medium/loud sounds.
* No wireless charging for the case. You're stuck with Micro USB.
* Without connected to your phone, and no Wi-Fi, Alexa will not work. I wish they created an offline Alexa so simple tasks such as increasing the volume can be performed. You can't use any features without Wi-Fi.
* I notice the case scratches the same day I got it. In your pocket with your keys, this case will show the scratches.
* Battery life isn't great. Around 4.30 hours of use before charging them back in the case. It's cool that there is a quick charge on the case, but if you forget to charge the case then you're pretty limited with time. This battery life isn't horrible, but it sure isn't great enough to be a pro.
* Remember, as with any Alexa, Amazon may potentially review your Alexa voice recording. This is why Alexa needs to be connected online to be used. All interactions go to the cloud because, like the Echo, Alexa is always listening. You can manually delete your Alexa interactions, but that itself is going to be time-consuming, and most of us will forget to keep doing that.
* If you disable Alexa then you're restricted to just basic Bluetooth headphones.
* When you adjust the volume, with having the noise reduction active, the music changes in the tune. It only happens for a couple of seconds, but I notice it enough to make a note and see if anyone else has the same issue. Note, it does go away quickly.
* It took me a couple of tries to connect it with my iPhone. I had to manually pair them first on the iPhone before using the Alexa app.
* You can customize the action touch layout of the earbuds, but you're very limited in customization.
* You also need to install the Alexa app if you want to use these earbuds fully. Amazon is pretty strict about the environment you need to be in.
* I'm not a fan of the volume. At a low volume level, the quality of any sound becomes muddy while at high levels weren't impressive at all. They're still respected headphones, but I wish the volume levels performed better in the hardware.
* Make sure you place the earbuds properly in the case. A couple of times the charging contacts didn't sit properly against the case.
* The phone calls are very clear with your voice but I could still hear background noises when I gave the earbuds to a friend. He was in a room with a football game on TV, at a reasonable volume level.
* Around 5-6 mandatory agreements, you need to agree to if you want to use Alexa or configure with Amazon's Alexa's app.

Bottom Line:__________

Amazon always tries to find the middle ground in the quality of a product and the price you're paying. To summarize, these earbuds fit without any wobble, all of Alexa is right in your ear, the noise reduction software does its job well, and it has a great microphone setup. I respect that there are no logos on the buds themselves and to be able to have a case to keep your earbuds charged on the go is right on point.

But to compete with Apple or Samsung, sadly I don't think so. You have to allow Alexa to be on all the time, which reduces an already weak battery system. And if you disable Alexa then most features are limited, such as not being able to increase/decrease the volume (you will have to go on your phone)/ Also, I'm not a fan of the battery life and of course Micro USB (Amazon, please kill this) is still there, which means no wireless charging.

To be honest I felt these earbuds could be worth a little less than what they're asking. Still good earbuds, but I felt the sound isn't anything to brag about. If you don't want to afford the pricing of Apple, Google, or Bose earbuds, and you hate the reviews of Samsung earbuds, then this is worth it. I will say the best part of Amazon is they always have sale discounts so if these hit the $99 range you better pick them up. Just be aware you must enjoy the earbuds with the use of Alexa. If you don't want that, then these are not worth the price.

Overall: Not the best in overall quality but the best in establishing Amazon's Echo in earbud form.

Hope I was a help to you.


Honest Reviewer
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A beta test sold as an actual product
by Reviewer Rank #8,949,034 (1 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

I'm a tech early adopter. I'm used to things being a little janky but functional. That describes the original v1 Kindle, but I always felt like the product was working. Like I was getting the intended experience from it. These things are not ready for wide release. Every time I interact with them, they're misbehaving in a different way. Why does the case light only blink red, no matter the charge? Why does one bud or the other (it's random!) lose charge more quickly during each use? Why is it that sometimes I have to remove the buds from my phone's Alexa app, then go through re-pairing? Why don't double taps work more than half the time? Why is "press and hold" sometimes instant and sometimes takes up to three seconds? Why do I sometimes hear the whispers of long dead relatives come from the ear buds? Mom? Is that you? AND WHY do these echo buds start to feel heavy the longer you wear them? How does that work? I don't know! It's a mystery!
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Save Your Money. Please.
by Wicked Melon (1 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

I was so excited to get these. Alexa in my ears? Sounds convenient! These could not be more disappointing. Amazon should have spent a considerable amount of time polishing out the bugs in these ear buds before releasing them. The number of issues I have with them is just unreasonable. They don't charge evenly in the case. Left bud will be at 18%, right at 99%. Obviously poor charger connections in the case. The sound is PATHETIC. These things are so quiet it's a joke. I have $20 Bluetooth headphones that make these sound like tin cans. I can hold a regular conversation at max volume while using these buds and that is unacceptable considering they're supposed to be noise canceling. Ha. The only way to control volume on these is by turning up your phone media volume and/or asking Alexa to turn the volume up. No volume controls in the Alexa app like they have for other sound devices. And the noise canceling?? Doesn't work at all. Passthrough? Basically just amplifies all outside noise so you feel like you're wearing hearing aids instead of headphones. The buds do not fit properly. They do not offer large enough tips. Period. I'm a 5 ft tall petite female and these things fall right out of my head with largest tips and wings in. Within 20 minutes of having them in my ears hurt so much I can't even keep them in my ears anymore. Pretty sure the smaller tips are made for children. The touch gestures are idiotic. You try to grab the bud falling out of your ear and it thinks you're using the touch gestures, but when you're actually trying to use the touch gestures the buds ignore your touch. Like they're laughing in your face. Can't share a bud with someone... If each person has a bud it won't play music in one bud even if you're standing right next to each other. Multiple times they have just flat out stopped playing a song right in the middle of it for no reason. One of the most annoying problems??? These buds do not function in tandem with any other Amazon devices which is beyond asinine. Please do yourself a favor and do not waste money on these pieces of trash. I have nothing positive to say about them at all. I'm returning these overpriced pieces of junk.
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Better active noise reduction and cheaper than its competitor!!
by Accurate_review (5 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

Okay so I want to give an objective and a subjective comparison of the echo buds and the airpod pro since I have them both.

Objective comparison
1. Price. Airpod pro = 250$ & echo buds $130
2. Battery life. Airpod pro= 5 hours (24hrs with case) & Echo buds 5hours (20hrs with case)
3. Size= airpod is smaller (look at my pictures)
4. Weight= airpod is lighter.
5. Wireless charging is only available with the airpod pro.
6. Water resistant= both are IPX 4 ( light water/sweat)
7. Both have active noise cancelling/reduction and transparency mode. Which is why they became so popular. (Subjective)

Subjective review

I've used the Bose Quietcomfort noise cancelling earphones for about 4 years and I love it. So when I heard that apple and amazon were releasing a wireless noise cancelling earbuds I was excited and bought both. Overall I will recommend the ECHO BUDS over the airpod pros. It is really hard for me to say this because I am an apple addict. I have an iMac, two ipad pro, one regular ipad, and an iphone. I'm not an audiophile so I really cant tell the difference in sound quality in detail but I feel like the echo buds have better bass so it sounds very heavy. The airpod pro sounds very light. The Noise reduction function is way better on the echo buds. If you know anything about noise cancelling Bose is known for their noise cancelling technology and amazon had Bose help them make their echo buds. It blocks out more noise than the airpod pro. Also the transparency mode is better on the echo buds because I can control how much noise I want to hear.On The airpod pro is either on or off. Now, the overall design and portability is better with the airpod pro but you have to know that you are paying about 120$ more. In conclusion considering value for money the Echo Bud is the clear winner.


So the echo bud blocks out more noise but there is a white noise/ hiss noise that you can hear. I personally like this since I've been using Bose ANC for about 4-5years.
The echo buds feel more secure when you have them in your ear. The airpods feel very loose.

Transparency mode. I've stated that the echo bud is better because i can control the amount of outside noise that comes in. However, the noise that comes through has a very mechanical feel to it. Where as the airpods pro has a very natural feeling to it.
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Another half baked Echo product
by Aricsdaddy (1 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

In theory these should be great, but they are not.

As Earbuds go they sound pretty good and are pretty comfortable, but the way they work is not good. The issues I keep having are:
1. They say connected to BT but will not work, or the audio side does not connect.
2. The BT connection keeps dropping audio which is very annoying and beats the point of having these.
3. The Buttons (touch) are most often un responsive, or select the wrong thing.
4. When you ask for Alexa, you have to pause until she responds before you can tell her what to do.
5. The graphic equalizer does not respond to what it should. (I wanted to have less bass, but it did not change.)
6. They also make a static like click when they engage sound for some reason.

This reminds me of getting the Echo Auto. Nice idea, but at first was rushed out to people before all the bugs were ironed out.
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24hr impression, not yet sold. 90 days to decide.
by Scan95 (3 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

Update 3: 24hr of evaluation. Siri never worked. Looking at the blogs, this is a very common problem. Another issue I've noticed is currently there is no way to change the wake word on the buds. If you are an Alexa fan like me, get ready to have problems around your other devices in your house. I have a combo of 5 devices, 4 of which wake to "Alexa". They don't like me interacting with the buds. Presumably Amazon will likely fix this in the future; or I could change the wake word on my five devices.. which of course would take me a decade to relearn.

Update 2: tech support called. Very nice person. The buds were pending a firmware update. Which I was able to get installed. Seemed to help the double tap (pass through, noise cancel) somewhat. Tap and hold to open Siri is still a fail out of the box. Siri will flash open for about a half second and then immediately close. No prompt and not open long enough to use. Went back up to 3 stars for the super nice customer service lady who helped me troubleshoot the buds some.

Update 1: Ok so after a few hours of using them, still can't get Siri to work. Now the double tap in the right ear doesn't work. The sound is pretty good, and the "Alexa" voice activation seems ok. Downgraded to 2 stars for the lack of "tap", Siri, and size.

Nov 04... just got these today. Size is a lot bigger than the people they used as models. Bluetooth pairing was clunky, took several attempts. Double tap works, sometimes. Have not been able to get Siri to work even once. Love my Alexa devices, Jury still out on these.
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Nice buds, but...
by Eric Parrish (4 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

The Echo Buds are my first experience with any wireless ear buds. The good is the ear buds produce a nice sound. Better than expected from the price point. Also, they are sensitive and responsive to the tapping features. In addition, the Echo Buds paired very easily to my iPhone. Almost immediately after registering the buds, Amazon had several e-mails delivered complete with instructional videos. The not so good is several times Alexa has not responded to my beckoning. In order to have Alexa " always on", the app has to be open. No support for Alexa on my iWatch, but it is nice to be able to summon Siri. Lastly, the recommendation for working out is to put the rubber cover on the ear buds; however, I am not confident of them staying in place without the rubber cover being on. Also, though the rubber cover does a great job at keeping the Echo Buds in place, they are a dust/lint magnet. I am still getting used to having them in my ear for an extended period of time. Even with the pass through on, chewing and other noises are amplified in my head. The pass through feature works well, as does the noise reduction feature. One last bit of information. The right bud's battery seems to loose it's charge at a faster rate compared to the left one. I don't know how they do it with the models they use to advertise the buds, but mine are not fitting flush in my ears. I had several people do double takes as I was talking to them. They jury is still out, but this my initial thoughts.
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I'm very difficult to please when it comes to earbuds... but these are GREAT!
by krakatoa (5 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019

VERY happy with these... unexpectedly happy with these Echo Buds. I have tried and returned Bose and a couple other ear buds. I've always assumed that, for fit, comfort, and mic sensitivity, I would need ear buds that have mic stems that come down from the ear, like the Apple product. Apparently I have small ears/canals and have always used the smallest buds that have come with any product... but these fit me perfectly right out of the box and I haven't even tried any of the different wing and bud size options that come in the box.

One thing MUST be updated with firmware: a wake word option other than 'Alexa.' I suppose I will get used to tapping instead of using the wake word until then.
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by JUSTLIKEIT (5 out of 5 stars)
November 6, 2019

Now, I will be precisely honest on this review, making sure to pin on many of the head-scratching negative reviews, great ones, and my own.

First off, I will say, these are by far the best true noise cancellation (wireless) headphones/earbuds. I have tried most every Bose product, wired and wireless, Beats, wire/wireless, Jabra, Apple 1st and 2nd (not the new ones released on 10/28) and UA. YOU WILL NOT SURPASS OR REACH THE QUALITY AND SOUND OF THESE EARBUDS. I wanted to test this out to every possible extent before writing a review.
-The noise cancellation is superb. It is from Bose. Why re-invent the wheel if Bose has perfected it like none other? This does not erase every sound possible, but it is very close.
-The sound quality is exact. Very clear. The lows are low and the highs are high. The mids are mids. If you are listening to acoustic, it's clear. Deep sounds when one instrument is being used. From Bad English to Drake to Lady Gaga. I've tried so many songs, on Pandora, Apple, Amazon and listen to podcasts on Spotify. All on point.
-I've noticed some reviews are negative on the noise cancellation and the passthrough mode. There is a significant difference. You will need to adjust the settings. That seems to be the issue with some reviews. Amazon created enough settings to ensure the user has enough features to adjust to your liking. If you want passthrough higher at 5 to hear background noise, then do that. If you want it at a 1, while you listen to a podcast or music or school, do that. I used mine at different settings and had no issue with the connection to Alexa. If you want Bose Noise Cancellation on only, you can do that. You can literally adjust the settings to however fits YOU.

I find these earbuds are a mix of the RING cameras linked to a Chime. You can set up commands to press once on the earbuds to do passthrough high and noise low. You can use the mic (one in and one out on EACH), which is great. You can increase passthrough on a call, while you increase your own ability to hear your voice.

Like I said, it's users not taking the time to open the Alexa App and see what I am talking about. It's all there. Adjust, listen, go somewhere else, listen again. Go somewhere else and make a call.
-The calling feature is one of the best. With 4 mics, 2 in for Alexa and 2 out for your voice. With your contacts paired, you can make calls without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag. No issues. Alexa, call...., Alexa play...., Alexa make a note..., all being related clearly and exact.
-There will always be positive and negative reviews for products. But these earpieces are like a glass or fine wine or scotch (or a good book on a winter weekend). Just take your time, see all the features and use them to fit your situation. Seriously. I did find the case to be more of a plastic feel, but sleek. I would much rather have a charging case (yes, it does charge, as one reviewer said it does not), that fits the earbuds snug. And charges fast. 10 minutes quick charge will get you close to an hour of listening. I've had no issues and only charged them once in a week.
-Wouldn't you rather Amazon pair with Bose to provide that known quality, with some other unbelievable features? I would and that's why they are insane great and clear.
-As also comparing them to the Ring devices, to set commands to do certain tasks how best suits your needs. No, these do not connect to your Ring Cameras, but I bet you could open the app.
-Have you seen the earpieces singers wear on stage? I would exactly compare this technology to that. A singer can hear only enough of his/her voice to be able to sing on tune without masking the whole voice, to have that happy medium. You want to hear your voice on a call, high or low, AND hear the background, high or low.

I wanted Amazon to make the best wireless, true noice canceling headphones/earbuds at the best price. I don't need a fancy case. I want quality pieces. I want Bose features. It's all there. Just take the time to get to know them. You won't be disappointed. I LOVE them everywhere. Noisy places, quiet places.
-This is not a purchase (especially at this price point) that you will ever regret. Get to know them. Find your configuration. Make a change. Test them out in different environments. Give them time. So many reviews too fast.

You'll see and when you decide to spend $250 on the new Apple earbuds that have the same (passthrough and noice cancellation) features, you'll save $120, and know you have a QUALITY product designed/made my Amazon and Bose. Period. That will last forever. They are worth every penny spent. Buy them.

Snug fit also and sweating-no problem. Many choices to be made on how you would like your fit. I am blown away at the sound, quality (noise cancellation and passthrough) and especially the calling features. They hit all the benchmarks. So don't be quick to review until you've read the instructions and opened the Alexa App so it can show you what I am writing about. Click buy. Serious.

UPDATE 11/8/19****I just wanted to add two additional features that I found out today. See, this is how these are. So many excellent features, of which takes several days to test out. I saw one review that gave 5 stars now, but said would update in 90 days. That's very logical. Ok, to my additions...I tested out the Equalizer function that enables the user the ability to raise or lower the bass, treble or mid. Upon raising each, and all, the volume increased significantly. So it still puzzles me how anyone could make a negative comment that the sound is sub-par or not clear. Work with your liking for what you are listening or reading. It takes calls to a whole new level. Also, as a lower rating for water submersion (don't do this), as is the same for the new Apple devices, it's the outer 2 microphones that limit this ability. It's the same for a water resistant watch, don't press the buttons because it will create a vacuum for condensation. With the outer mic to make calls superior, this has to be the case-or else you couldn't make clear calls that limit background noise (which these do). One last thing for now, there is a sound/earpiece test function in the Alexa app. Simply put the best configuration of ear tip and fin, or no fin, into your ear, and press the test. If you have the correct seal, your configuration will pass or fail. Just keep working until you have it where you want- and test it. When I just switched out the tips, I asked my wife where my left earpiece was....she said, "It's in your ear" that can tell you how they feel (or my forgetfulness), when you get YOUR exact fit. I currently have the smallest tips and the smallest fin in place, and this is EXACT. And I have never had an issue with earpieces. Seriously, there are so many options. There is one that will fit you the best. You just have to find it---and when you do, it's perfect. Thanks for reading the update. Oh- and I dropped one today on the tile floor and all good. Don't test this feature, as I did, but it still works fine. I didn't break or crack it. Very durable also. Now I'm done. ILIKEIT, actually iloveit, either or.
******Quick UPDATE 11/10/19***

I posted the picture of the exact way to position the fins for best comfort. If you offset the fins to the right side of the right bud, and to the left side of the left bud. My photo shows it. THIS IS EXACT--Put the earbud round part into your ear canal first, THEN do a slight twist toward your eyes (front), so the small fin fits in the crease of your ear (the part you slide a q-tip through to clean your ear). If you do it in this exact way, the earbuds will have the correct seal AND the fin will almost lock into your ear. I was trying to find a way to explain it he best so everyone can use these to their maximum potential. And my best effort to get the optimal Bose experience. Try this and I will try to answer any questions if I didn't explain it correctly. I gave my best. Happy listening.
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Back to the drawing board...
by junj64 (1 out of 5 stars)
November 4, 2019


First off, these headphones are pretty easy to pair. With the Alexa app you can just open the case and they pair automatically or you can pair with Bluetooth. Having the Alexa app is good because it shows you left / right batter life, case battery life, noise reduction button, mic mute and EQ for the headphones.

Now, Lets start with the rubber tips included. They say the come with small, medium and large tips but in reality they come with Mini, Small and Medium tips. I took the larger tips of my beatsx in order to use them on these headphones which was a bit annoying. The sound is "muddy". Certain sounds sound good but most sounds very low like hi hats, drums etc. even when EQ them , the sound wont change much. The volume on these buds are pretty low. Putting them on Max on my iPhone 11 it feels like i had them on 50 to 60% on my Beatsx for comparison. Also, At high volume theirs distortion which is odd since they are not even loud. Also, Alexa keeps telling me to pair them when Its already connected and I'm listing to music on it already...Im pretty disappointed with this purchase and it has made me question every 5 star review that i see in the review section. There mediocre at best.

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