Gakken Mini Electric Guitar Kit

Manufacturer: Gakken
ISBN 405605732X
EAN: 9784056057324
Category: Gadgets & Tools
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Product Description

A handmade electric guitar on a super-short scale. Since amplifier and a speaker are built in, you can enjoy four electricity always anywhere easily. Tuning of one to four bowstrings is possible like usual guitar. Customization is also at will because this product made from an all plastic.

Top Reviews

No instructions, didn't work.
by Jon V. Nadelberg (2 out of 5 stars)
July 15, 2018

No English instructions. Actually, no Japanese instructions, either. There is a video online of someone putting it together. After trying to follow the video, the thing didn't work. So not really a great experience.
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Not great...
by gratefulfrog (2 out of 5 stars)
June 2, 2014

This kit produces a nice looking but untunable useless thing. I say "thing", because it is hardly a musical instrument and certainly not a guitar.

It was very easy and fun enough to build but the end result is just a noise generator. It cannot be tuned properly, the intonation cannot be set and worst of all the strings do not stay at a fixed pitch. I have looked carefully at my construction work, and could find nothing to correct - I am an experienced builder.

I would not recommend this kit to anyone and regret having purchased it.
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Five Stars
by sm7x7 (5 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2016

Awesome product!
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Fun Experience but not really playable
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
May 14, 2014

First of all, be awarethat like all Gakken kits the instructions are in Japanese. Fortunately there are online translations that are easily found.

Assembly went mostly smoothly, at least I never had to undo a step to go back and redo something I got wrong.

They cleverly have you mount the pickup coil form to the guitar body to make it much easier to wind the coil. The winding went smoothly, but no matter how well it's set up, manually winding several hundred turns is a tedious process.

The guitar worked first try. Through the built-in amplifier speaker combination is quite distorted if you turn the volume more than a quarter way up, maybe there's room for a bigger speaker. I've not tried it connected to an external amplifier, but it will probably sound much better. Then again if you like to turn your fuzz box all the way , you'll like it the way it is.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy instrument to play and is really a toy. The neck is about half the length of a normal guitar and proportionally narrower, too. It's hard to get your fingers on the frets without touching other strings. There are fret markers molded into the plastic but they're very faint.

Being half length, the strings are not very taut, so when you press on a fret, the pitch always plays higher. I've never managed to play a recognizable chord.

Summing up it's a very good kit, but only a fair guitar. It's fun to plunk out a few tunes on it, but probably only without an audience.

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