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Brand: Lesche
Model: WWMFG-48-RS
EAN: 4202250089835
Category: Home & Office
Price: $36.95  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 1.20 x 5.10 x 4.50 inches
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Product Description

This double-edged Digger has a saw tooth edge on one side of the blade to cut through roots & a blade on the other to cut through Tuff grass & dirt. The lesche digging tool has a comfortable rubber grip handle with hand guard plate. Will cut plugs in soil quickly. The Digger is 12" overall & made in the USA out of chrome-moly steel. Comes with a cordura Belt sheath.


  • The ultimate digging tool
  • Ideally suited for nursery, landscaping, camping and metal detecting
  • Blade length of 7-Inch, width of 1 3/4-Inch
  • Comes with handy belt holder
  • Made in the USA

Top Reviews

Best digger!
by moseng (5 out of 5 stars)
November 1, 2018

I use this for metal detecting. My last one has lasted 10 years digging through roots, rocks, and all around nasty hard ground. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did! Still I wanted to try something different and bought a Whites Digmaster. It's a well made digger with a nice handle. But it's big, heavy, and quite frankly looks deadly! So I returned it and bought another Lesche. Probably in 10 years when I need a new digger, I'll just buy another!
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Makes most other garden tools look like trash.
by Jeffreywitchdoctor (5 out of 5 stars)
July 7, 2018

Digging in soil, cutting clay soil, breaking up soil by stabbing it.

This thing replaced every sad, bendy junk trowel I owned . You can pry earth with it, the earth that breaks and bends most cheap " quality" garden tools ( the Stanley hori hori i had lasted 5 minutes)

Get it. You will question whether you should have . If you dig, divide and transplant, you needed this years ago and you will never know what gardening joy is until own this.

Also, you look pretty awesome standing in your front yard, covered in dirt and sweat holding this.

Oh, and the edge is functional without being sharp enough to cut off a finger if you are less than graceful.

Pair this with a council tool groundhog and you will master and dominate the soil or clay in your yard.
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by Jonesz (5 out of 5 stars)
October 4, 2014

I usually don't write reviews lets start with that. When I do that means it's a hell of a product. I started metal detecting about 3 years ago. I like most beginners just used whatever I had around the house for digging. I recently bought the Garrett digger. Looked like a mean tool and thought that I would try it out. It is not a terrible tool but it has a rubber texture on it (maybe to prevent rust) that makes it hard to push into the ground. It is a strong tool and has more of a bend in the center which makes it better for scooping dirt out than the lesche. NOW onto the lesche compared to the Garrett. The lesche I mean what can you say. It's a monster. It slides into nearly every ground type. And I am by no means easy on my diggers. When I received the lesche I tried it out the first day. I have very hard ground right now because we haven't had rain in forever. It has a LOT of rocks also. I had a hit with my 3030 and started to make my plug. Again it plunged into the ground with very little effort. It makes a terrific plug and when I was done you could barely tell I dug the plug. Long story short if you're into metal detecting BUY THIS PRODUCT. Don't fall for garrets digger as it doesn't compare at all. Not to knock Garrett as they have great products but their digger just doesn't compare to lesches digger.
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Quality Digging Tool!
by austinkirsh (5 out of 5 stars)
December 1, 2018

I have been using this digging tool for the last 6 years and I have found it to be indestructible while digging for buried treasure. It cuts through roots, doesn't get damaged when you hit rocks, and doesn't bend or break when putting my full weight on prying things out of the ground. Easily cuts plugs and the holster for it is great when your hands are full. Definitely recommend!!
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Slightly disappointing - Depends on what you are using it for....
by KimoKailua (4 out of 5 stars)
October 4, 2019

I bought it to cut St. Augustine plugs out of an existing lawn and it simply isn't sharp enough on it's own. I've had to buy a sod spade, remove the sod in a strip from the lawn, and then use the Lesche sod cutter to cut plugs which I then transplant. Bottom line is that it is not as effective as I hoped. It's a good tool and seems sturdy enough, but it isn't as sharp as I hoped. It does poorly on roots for example. I think it all depends on your planned usage. I think as a digging tool, it probably works great.
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Will they warranty it?
by Todd (1 out of 5 stars)
January 18, 2018

I though I bought a great tool. It broke off In wet ground as I was cutting sod.
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I highly recommend this for anyone tired of bending/breaking small shovels
by Joseph J. Rappa (5 out of 5 stars)
August 6, 2015

I use this digger for metal detecting. It is a work horse! I abuse it regularly, and it just keeps working. This is the first small digger I've had that lasted for than a month. At almost 2 years old it is in the same condition as I bought it. I highly recommend this for anyone tired of bending/breaking small shovels.
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Ledge Soil Knofe - Quality ... Well designed tool
by Doug Caridi (5 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2016

Positively the # 1 gardening tool for me. If you're like me and enjoy gardening ... that is cultivating weeding and sifting through rich soil with a very well designed tool, you will love the Lesche Soil Knife. Being right handed, I own a right handed (serated edge on the right) knife. The resin I love it is because it's perfectly designed to penetrate even compacted soils ... it allows one to sift out rocks and dig out even the deepest rooted weeds. I also use it to hand shape and edge my grass/garden beds. It cuts through sod and cuts underground roots easily. For me the next best tool for my gardening enjoyment is a # 6 and # 8 Felco pruner. If you own one of these, you know what I'm talking about. The Lesche Soil Knife is in the same catagory ... QUALITY ...WELL DESIGNED TOOL!!! Expensive ... YES ... But worth every penny of the cost!
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This tool is worth every penny!
by Debbie K S (5 out of 5 stars)
January 29, 2018

This was actually a gift to be used by a friend that is into metal detecting. He stated it was the perfect tool. Convenient and handy with the sheath to carry on his belt. I received my first digger from a friend who saw I was having difficulty planting fall bulbs in rocky soil. My bulb planter kept bending, and eventually broke while I tried to plant the bulbs. NOT A PROBLEM WITH THIS TOOL!! I call it my Lethal weapon... my 9 yr old grandson will even help me weed when he gets to use my "Lethal Weapon". This may seem like an expensive gardening/metal detecting tool, but you will never buy another. My sister who is left handed, bought the left handed version and loves it!
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Garden Sleeper of the Year
by M. Hale (5 out of 5 stars)
June 24, 2013

This "digger" was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal two months ago. Yes, then WSJ had a gardening column featuring the Lesche. It's the best garden hand tool, except perhaps for the hand swoe for weeding though you clearly can weed with this. It's heavy, well balanced and one edge is aerated. No more planting with a trowel. No more hitting an irrigation hose with a shovel. Curiously the Lesche seems to have been sold for metal detecting, and understandably so, but it belongs in every gardener's collection, for straight down cutting into the soil to flat use, in front of you, as you weed. I got one for our gardener, whose hooked, and one for a friend who feels like a female Jim Bowie. Note, there appears to be a Lesche for lefties to, so read the advert carefully.

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