Invisible Fountain Pen Ink

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Model: 19189
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Product Description

NEW! Noodler's Permanent Blue Ghost Invisible Ink. Safe for use in all Fountain Pens... When you want to write something no one else should see -- under normal light it's invisible, under a black light visible... New 3 oz. bottle... This ink is new, current product directly from the manufacturer. The bottle is glass with a distinctive Noodler's label, and an outside Noodler's box. Ink is all U.S. made and boasts Archival, Anti-Forgery and Anti- Feathering features. The ink is specifically designed for fountain pen use.


  • Genuine Noodler's Quality
  • Invisible Fountain Pen Ink
  • Bulletproof
  • Made in USA
  • 3 oz Glass Bottle

Top Reviews

Let's do this thing, bloods!
by proper opinion, the bad boy of ink reviews (5 out of 5 stars)
November 21, 2018

Hello, it's the bad boy of fountain pen ink reviews here again with a review of Noodler's Ink Zhivago.

What can be said about this ink? Damn, fools, let's find out. First, it's sorta greenish. Imagine a classy reptilian banker's blood. It was shipped to me in it's liquid form rather than gaseous or frozen solid which I found very thoughtful. These people know what's up. Let's hit the bullet points as I'm not in a secure location and should move soon.
- Does it flow? Like a sick MC after a night with your mother. It flows and won't stop. Maybe even can't stop.
- Taste? Okay, here we're going to deduct some points. Of the thousands of inks I've sampled, this is mediocre in every way and resulted in zero literacy based super powers. Look elsewhere for this.
- Staining? Again, a weak point. Stains the teeth and tongue terribly. Even with just a sip!

Overall, this is a classy af ink and if you form agreed upon symbols with some sort of stylus like your finger you can put thoughts into your friends' -- or enemies'! -- heads like some twisted dark magician.

Audi 5000 and out, suckas.
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powerful glow, won't wash off, truly invisible under normal light
by snail (5 out of 5 stars)
June 15, 2015

The first thing I did was write on my hand with it to get the ink started in my pen, and I can say for certain that it really is permanent. It won't wash off. It is also fully invisible even on bright white paper as long as the pen is thoroughly cleaned before use.

I bought this ink for drawing hidden details in my artwork, to surprise my more observant fans, but since most people will likely be using it for writing, I will include photos of what it looks like when ordinary written words glow under the blacklight. I put it in a Noodler's standard Nib Creaper flex pen and applied it with a very light touch, avoiding the flex feature to see how well it worked for fine lines. It is powerful stuff! The photos I took don't do it justice, because in real life, it looks like I am writing with liquid light. The blacklight kept showing up as brighter than it was in my photos, which decreased the appearance of contrast. In person, it looks like it is illuminated from within, even in indirect lighting. This has a huge variety of possible applications. I could see using it for invisible identification markings to verify the authenticity of a product, home decorating (This would be really fun for drawing constellations on the ceiling!), making editing marks on documents, getting kids interested in penmanship, or writing secret love letters for your spouse.

As an added bonus, it works a lot more smoothly in my pens than any ink I have ever used before. This is a high quality product, deserving of its positive reputation.
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some notes on different Noodlers inks
by PT (4 out of 5 stars)
January 30, 2016

Using Noodlers ink in fountain pens, and artist's watercolors over it, (all of the below are Bulletproof inks, because I wanted artist permanence),

here are some notes:
*** black "American Black Eel" is great & will be my go-to ink;
** black "Black" is lighter colored than the other blacks, only slightly darker than Lexington Gray: it does NOT feather on poor paper, writes a nice fine line: it does erase somewhat, to a pencil gray color: performs well under watercolors;
* black "Heart Of Darkness" smudges when watercolored over, considerably, the black ink smearing & mixing with the water paint, so can't be used with watercolors : this was on artist multimedia 100% cotton paper: this ink is darker opaque black than the other Noodlers blacks: this ink feathers badly on cheap moleskine paper, and overall writes a broader line than the "Black": I will NOT use this ink again: too bad I have a 4.5-oz bottle of it ... ;
** blue "54th Massachutes" varies in its color from mid blue to dark blue depending on paper: it writes a thicker line than the "Black" or "Black Eel": performs well under watercolors;
* brown "41 Brown" writes a fine line: I would like this ink except that it gunks up a fountain pen much faster than the other inks, even within 1-2 days, so really can only be used in a pen that is used daily and/or flushed very frequently on almost daily basis: so except for projects to use this up, I will NOT order this ink again;
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My favorite ink!
by RiRi (5 out of 5 stars)
November 19, 2016

I love this ink, I originally place a big order of different sample ink with the Goulet Pen Company as starting out I wanted to make sure I absolutely loved the inks Ive purchased as the bottles are huge, so its a big ink comitment. This is my second bottle form Noodler's I find you get a lot for your bucks, he has an amazing color variation, he is one guy so basically a small company and its made in the USA. All things that I like to support when I have the chase. Out of all of my sample purchase this was the only bottle I need to have, its such a different color, theres hidden notes of green with in the blue and black its gorgeous. It does really well with fine nibs in cheap paper, no bleeding or looking fuzzy, its formal enough I can use it at work or hand in a paper in collage yet not your everyday boring blue and blacks. I really have nothing bad to say about this ink. Just a word of advise usually all Noodler's ink are filled to the very top sooo be extra careful when opening any of his bottle not to spill it. I attach some photo using mead ruled paper with my grandpas old Parker 45 that has an extra fine nib. I tend not to fin a lot of reviews using this kind of paper thats its more used here in schools.
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Love it!
by J. Engler (5 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2018

Really cool ink.

A lot of reviewers mention that they can't see the green and it just looks black. Yes, this is definitely true depending on the pen you use it in. In finer nibs, it does look very black. The green is there, but it's hard to notice without having something black right next to it for comparison.

It's dark enough that I can use it for paperwork at work, and most people will just think it's black (I use the Metropolitan with Fine nib at work, and it does look very dark coming out of that).

In the right pen, it does get some pretty nice shading, and the green is definitely there. Sort of an olive drab.

Permanence is very good too. That's the main reason I got it - I needed something for work that wouldn't flow everywhere if it got wet.

I think one of the reviews I saw mentioned that it was overflowing when it was opened. Yeah, watch out for that. My bottle was definitely topped off. There was no air space to allow for temperature expansion. For example, if it was bottled (and topped off) at 60 degrees, then opened at 75 degrees, I can see how some might spill. It's pretty standard practice to bottle liquids with a small amount of air space to prevent this, but Noodler's doesn't seem to do that. Good, because you're getting the maximum amount of ink that will fit in the bottle, but maybe just open it on a flat surface over a paper towel the first time.
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I love this stuff
by 2Cents (5 out of 5 stars)
May 6, 2013

I sell DVD movies and other items here on To prevent fraud I purchased this along with a small rubber stamp with my logo and a Fluorescent flashlight. I mark my discs and cases with my logo. I have had several people buy my items and then attempt to return them after swapping my item for their crappy ones. After scanning the return with my Fluorescent flashlight and not finding my logo I refused their refunds.
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Probably Watered
by Martin Zhang (1 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2017

This bottle of apache sunset I got from etailz is definitely not right, the color is way lighter than the one I got elsewhere. I suspect that this bottle of mine was watered. It's more like the color of pelikan 4001 yellow highlighter ink. Horrible.
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Foolish not to have a bottle of this readily on hand - Absolutely Incredible!
by mm (5 out of 5 stars)
March 21, 2018

THIS is the lubricated ink to have. The black is solid black and it flows out of even my most finicky pens.

I was having problems with one of my Conklin Duragraphs getting an even flow of ink. I tried refitting the nib and heat setting it. I even tried adding glycerin directly into the converter to help lubricate the inks in the pen. These remedies did not fully (or satisfactorily) solve the problem. Being familiar with Noodler's inks (and loving them), I decided to try their eel line. And as they say, "I never looked back."

The flow out of even my most stubborn pens is flawless and consistent. It can be a bit wet on certain papers more often than other inks I have, but this is to be expected. I unquestionably will always have a bottle of this on hand and it has become my second daily carry ink (I carry several pens on a daily basis, each with different color inks for the different things I need to do).

I strongly recommend this ink without hesitation. And I am enthusiastic about this ink. Made for the Noodler's line of pens, this ink flows like a dream in everything I put it into - no matter how stubborn or finicky of a feeder and nib combination.
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Perhaps it is just the hype, perhaps something a little more sinister, but it is not Apache sunset y
by Jacob (1 out of 5 stars)
August 24, 2017

Unfortunately, the expectations of this product do not live up to reality. Instead of the almost iconic orange to red shading, all I can get is a yellow (which is almost too light to see clearly) to orange. Some rudimentary chromatography shows that it is just that, primarily yellow and orange with a touch of pink.

If you search for the thread, a little sunday chromatography, on the fountain pen network forum site, you can see an example of the colours in this ink.

Perhaps it is just the hype, maybe something a little more sinister, but it is not Apache sunset. I would return it if the shipping back to the US from Australia wasn't an issue.
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Zhivago is a truly one of a kind ink!
by Thewordsman (5 out of 5 stars)
December 8, 2015

Zhivago is a one of a kind ink that many consider plain, or drab or just a fancy name for a blackish ink with a slight green tint, but for those who don't know, Zhivago is truly a unique ink with varying hue and color properties that can be manipulated by using a dilution of 2:1 which transforms the ink into a very beautiful green with a slight black hue. I use this ink with my Montblanc 32 that has a fine 14k gold nib, and with the slight flex of the nib I can see the hues vary with each letter stroke! I was also very surprised to discover that Noodlers Zhivago is the number one ink sold by Noodlers!

I have seen writing examples of Zhivago with both a broad and small stub nib and the color variations were amazing! This is an ink that can be as unique as the person using it, and I highly recommend"‹ it!

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