Spyderco Bug Knife

Brand: Spyderco
Model: C133P
EAN: 0728639333527
Category: Outdoor
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Dimension: 0.50 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches
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Product Description

Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly but someone forgot to tell the bee. The flight of the bumble bee defies both nature and one's expectations that something that small can perform such a grand maneuver. Like bumblebees, Spyderco Bugs perform unexpectedly. The Bug, not much larger than a bee, is our latest addition. Last year Spyderco started offering SLIPITS which are non-locking slip-joint knives. They have no locking mechanism holding the blade open, relying instead on resistant pressure at the pivot area when the blade is extended and being used. Bugs are part of the SLIPIT group. The flat ground blade is 3Cr13 stainless steel available with a PlainEdge. The Bug's handle offers a flat surfac_e for a small amount of engraving or embellishment and can be customized for use as jewelry or a gift item. Positioned on the end of the handle is a lanyard hole large enough to thread with a chain and be worn around the neck or slipped onto a key chain. The Bug is the smallest folder in our lineup.


  • BUG KNIVES - Spyderco's micro-sized slipjoints are fully functional, impressively sharp folding knives that are very much at home on a keychain.
  • Dependable - Each Bug Knife comes with a steel handle and are the perfect palette for engraving or other embellishment
  • Superior Blade Steel - The flat ground blade is 3Cr13 stainless steel with a PlainEdge blade
  • Multipurpose - The Bug's handle offers a flat surface for a small amount of engraving or embellishment and can be customized for use as jewelry or a gift item.
  • Easy To Carry - Positioned on the end of the handle is a lanyard hole large enough to thread with a chain and be worn around the neck or slipped onto a key chain.

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Top Reviews

"surprisingly useful"
by jevausie (5 out of 5 stars)
January 10, 2017

The person to whom I gave this knife as a gift was part of a Reddit Secret Santa exchange and provided me with very little to go on besides the fact that he likes very nice pocket knives. Of course, with most gifts in this exchange ranging around $20, I could not afford the $200-$300 knives on his wishlist. However he did specifically mention Spyderco as well as liking tactical and EDC (everyday carry) items, so when I saw this, I knew this would be a great part of his present.

As the recipient stated in his "thank you" post:
"Far from a gag or joke, it was actually very useful! My whole family (including 6 year old daughter) used it to open gifts on Xmas eve."

He also messaged me directly to offer his thanks, as I had mentioned I had trouble selecting gifts for him that I thought he'd like:
"The little tiny baby spyderco was a huge hit at Christmas. We passed it around all night as the go-to package opener. It's surprisingly handy and in my watch pocket right now. Thank you very much!"

I almost wish I'd gotten one for myself!
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Best pocketknife I've ever owned
by David (5 out of 5 stars)
December 1, 2012

I really like the idea of carrying around some sort of cutting tool on my person, but am not as big of a fan of huge pocketknives and multitools that need their own holster/clip and even swiss-army-type knives make things seem extra bulky in my pocket. The Spyderco Bug is _exactly_ the kind of tool I needed. Most of my cutting needs involve deconstructing packaging: cutting tape, cutting zip ties off, and breaking down cardboard. This handles off of these admirably.

It nicely fits on my keychain and lays flat against all of my other keys. And as far as the slip joint is concerned, never had the blade slip closed on me - but I would caution you if you plan to use it as a drop-point knife regularly.

I understand if I ever need to fillet a fish or have a self defense need, this isn't going to make the grade, but for everyday items this is all it needs to be and nothing it doesn't.
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Super useful, small, sharp and does not attract unwanted attention on a keychain
by chautime (4 out of 5 stars)
September 7, 2015

Great keychain knife! I use to have a black Spyderco Ladybug on my keychain but it was big enough to attract attention from folks about the "knife on my keychain." This Spyderco Bug is smaller, thinner and the silver color blends into the keys much more. As with all Spyderco's the blade is very, very sharp. A very handy (but small) knife for day to day urban use. Also, my other knife (Ladybug) occasionally opened when I didn't want it to, which was highly uncomfortable from a safety standpoint. I have not had this problem with this Bug knife. Has a tight slip joint, which is great since it goes in and out of pockets, backpacks and purses quite regularly....

Photos include a comparison with a normal key as well as the bigger Spyderco Ladybug knife I use to have on my keychain.
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by Josh Zinn (5 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2017

First off, this is an amazing little knife. And when I say little, I mean "half the size of a key" little. It goes on your keychain, so it is a phenomenal quick access backup. if you keep your EDC knife on a maxpedition bag or something similar, sometimes u may leave it somewhere for a minute and just have your keys on you. This happens to me all the time. With this little baby, you will be good to go.

1. phenomenal price!
2. Usability - I use this knife as much if not more than any other of my 119 knives. Maybe that is why the CEO of spyderco used this as his EDC for over a year.
3. Perfect gift for anyone. Knife lover or not, anyone can use this. And the 10.00 price point is a great, small, spur of the moment way of showing someone they are special. It's tough to find a fail proof gift that u know will be liked and used for 10.00.
4. Cool factor - I have knives that range from 10.00 to 1,500.00. This is unique because it is the smallest knife I own, the smallest knife spyderco makes, and maybe the smallest knife ever.

This is a friction folder meant for very basic cutting tasks (tape, string, etc). I carry a keychain pocket tool also, but who wants to open up a pocket tool and extract the knife when you just need something quick.

This is one of the coolest, most unique and most functional knives I own.

I love that amazon carries a great array of Spydies, some of which are very hard to find elsewhere.

Spyderco is one of the top two or three mid to upper tier production knife companies. ZT and Benchmade are the other two.

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Super sharp out of the box and works well as ...
by Se Min Um (5 out of 5 stars)
December 19, 2015

Very handy little keychain folding knife. Super sharp out of the box and works well as a miniature cutting tool. I keep a Leatherman Wave in my car for emergencies, but this one is always with me on my keychain. I've bought two more since I had my first one confiscated at a Jets game, and I did notice the quality of them do differ a bit. My first one was clean and shiny out of the box. The next two re-orders were pretty grimy. Nothing that a little spit shine didn't fix, but didn't feel as new and clean, but overall I still feel the effectiveness and sharpness of this little knife was never compromised. This little knife saved my buddies and me from a groomsmen disaster as some of the boys forgot to cut the tail flap & pocket sewing on their suits prior to the wedding. Luckily I had my bug on hand and we were able to cut those little strings with extreme prejudice and precision to save the day. Highly recommend adding to your keychain as it adds minimal weight & bulk with a huge upside in usability and emergency usefulness.
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Good everyday carry with one caveat.
by William Watson (5 out of 5 stars)
October 21, 2018

So I needed an EDC but was really tied of my zt pulling my pants down, seriously suspenders and a gun belt wasn't enough to keep my britches up because that zt weighed like 5 ounces! So I tried a Spyderco manix but it is HUGE in my pocket, so much so I had to just squeeze it into my back pocket. It was a real bummer. So I found a lighten, smaller Benchmade but good God, the handles were so FAT! It was lighter than the zt, narrower than the Spyderco but so thick. Looked (and felt) like I was carrying a 2x4 in my pocket. So I decided to give the bug a chance. It's still a little heavy for it's size, and does take up more space in your pocket but I just don't know what else to do.

I would like to warn people, this had NO pocket clip! I can't believe they would not add a pocket clip, I mean, even my keys have a pocket clip. I had to fabricate one.

The lanyard hole is NOT big enough for 550 Paracord! Not even gutted Paracord, hell not even for the non military spec, Chinese stuff. Super bummed about that.

The spider hole is not working for me, I tried to flick, do the fancy swing snap and even just regular thumb swoop and no dice. I had to actually grasp the blade to pull it open. It probably just needs to break in.

Even though it's Chinese, the blade came centered. I checked the edge and although it's pretty good, there is probably 60 nanometers of variance in bevel angle. No micro bevel either but it's at least as sharp as a Kershaw cryo 2.

The handle scales are really slick, if you were to have sweat or blood on your hands, it could be downright unsafe! They should have used g-10, it would have reduced the weight too.

There is absolutely no jimping anywhere on the knife so this will not get any tactical use from me! It's a shame since the blade shape is so similar to the para military, we all know that's an awesome tactical blade.

WARNING WARNING WARNING JUST DID THE SPINE WACK TEST! IT FAILED!!! It wasn't as bad as the Kershaw blur, we all know how unsafe that knife is but yea, it failed and closed when I wacked it with a big stick. So watch those fingers!

The box was nice, well executed cardboard construction.

With all the negatives you're probably wondering why it gets five stars. Well it's not fat, heavy or wide so clearly that makes it better than most anything else on the market.
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Cool knife from Spyderco
by Justin (5 out of 5 stars)
June 21, 2016

I decided it was time to add a little functionality to my key chain. I already have a Fenix light, and a Gerber Shard to help in a pinch but I yearned for a small blade to have just in case I didn't have a folding knife with me.

I didn't want anything menacing or too big and the Bug definitely was a great choice. It's tiny to the point it is almost cute but the blade is still wickedly sharp and every bit of quality you'd expect from Spyderco, just in a micro size. The all stainless steel look is pretty classy, too.

Obviously, it's a slip joint lock so this isn't something you want to use as a heavy duty cutter. It's small enough to be functional but that's about it. Light duty tasks like opening boxes, envelopes, cutting string etc is all suitable for this tiny knife. But again, it's just too small to safely attempt anything beyond that. Even so, great have to have because it will always be with you (unless you happen to be flying or going in a courtroom, don't forget to remove it). It's actually just a tad smaller than my Victorinox keychain knife and MUCH sharper.

Despite the familiar Spyderco hole, opening this thing is 2 handed affair. Still looks cool, though. I'm almost tempted to throw a zip tie in the hole and see if I can manage to open it with just my thumb. But then again, the small stature and classy look is perfect and I can live with decreased functionality.

On a side note, when I first opened the little gift box it comes in, there was a small spot of rust on the blade. I buffed it out with a Dremel and some CLP and it actually opens a lot smoother now.

Awesome and surprisingly small blade for your keys!
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very tiny and hard to hold on to
by TheRealTruth (3 out of 5 stars)
May 30, 2019

i really wanted to replace my pink ladybug spyderco that i lost several years ago. the size and color was perfect. i got this bug knife because it did not have a serrated edge and i loved the price. but, i'm giving this knife a 3 because it is very small and slightly slippery... i have small hands (i'm a small female). the tip of my middle finger to the end of my palm is only about 6 inches. i put the knife on my keychain so i would not lose it. i only have 3 keys and the knife on a plain ring. since the knife is so tiny, it's very difficult to use while on the keychain. in fact, i have to be very careful that i don't hurt myself or drop it while using it to cut tape to open a package or even open a letter cuz it's hard to hold on to. it's little and slippery as there's no grip like the ladybug. for most adults, i would think they would need a larger knife but, it's got the great spyderco sharp blade!!!
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Small but effective
by Luis (5 out of 5 stars)
September 16, 2019

I made the purchase of the Spyderco bug as a key chain item that i could edc. Upon arrival i did expect something slightly larger but i was impressed with the craftmenship and the blade came sharp out the box. I luv this little knife. Although i prefer to edc something else i do enjoy showing this little knife off. Its small yet effective please do not let its size fool you. Its extemely sharp. I do not carry only because i dont want too loose it considering i misplace my keys and i wouldn't want this guy to get lost or accidentaly taken? For a size comparison i put its big brother in the pic. I did not recieve a discount nore any other offer for my review. If you want to carry a small edc that goes unoticed this is the knife for you or your spouse?
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I want to love it, but it's just okay for me. I suggest a multitool for your keychain instead.
by Amazon Customer (3 out of 5 stars)
July 3, 2019

I thought I would enjoy using this as a keychain knife, but the utility just isn't there for me. It is great for cutting the tape on boxes and opening packages, but the list of uses ends about there for me. I found that for about the same weight I could massively increase the utility by getting a swiss army knife for my keychain instead, giving me a pen, tweezers, scissors, a nail file, bottle opener and screwdriver capabilities in addition to a knife that is of comparable length the spyderco while still being a comfortable weight on my keychain. After having had it for 5 months or so, the spyderco is gathering dust after not all that much keychain time.

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