Bottle Opener TV Remote

Brand: The Clicker Company
Manufacturer: CLICKER CO.
Model: C-01CB
EAN: 0855526002003
Category: Food & Drinks
Price: $34.97  (10 customer reviews)
Dimension: 1.50 x 11.60 x 4.30 inches
Shipping Wt: 0.51 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Beer and game day go together like chips and salsa. Just don't miss a play by going in search of a bottle opener. The Clicker Universal Remote Control With Bottle Opener works with all major cable and satellite providers and all brands of beer! No man cave would be complete without the Clicker. Looking for the perfect gift for the guy who already has it all? Go for the Clicker. Score!


  • Universal: Control up to 8 devices
  • High Quality: Engineered to withstand the manliest of Mancaves, and case after case of openings

Top Reviews

Wore out the first one.
by Cory (5 out of 5 stars)
January 15, 2014

My picky husband love his remote. The first one lasted 3 years of careful use. He & my sons literally wore it out. Toward the end of the 3rd year it looked a little worn, but the volume and channel buttons became insensitive to touch.
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Good Quality
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
December 14, 2015

This is the perfect gag gift for the person in your life who likes to kick back, drink a cold beer, and watch some Television. It works well for both a remote AND a bottle opener. It's a little silly so you have to find someone special to appreciate it.
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Good fun, nice remote
by J. M. Stephens (5 out of 5 stars)
July 8, 2012

Classic guy gift - my Dad loved it. A decent remote with plenty of universal functions and a reasonable price tag.
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Works with any AV remote..... Super Remote!
by 1BigWally (5 out of 5 stars)
February 8, 2012

Unbelieveable that someone gave this 1 star because it was'nt compatible with some of their equipment. This remote has a Learn function that makes it compatible with any remotely controlled unit. READ the instructions. You would have a hard time finding another remote for this price that can replace ANY remote. Her are the instructions if you cant find them in your literature

Learning Function Set up:
1. Push the device button once for the device you

intend to teach. The device and indicator light will

flash once. (OR: push the OK key so the device that is

intended to go into study mode will #ash once.)
2. Push and hold the LEARN key for 3 seconds, the

device and indicator will start blinking, which means it

is in learning mode, point original remote control and

the Clicker at each other 1 to 3 inches apart.
3. Press the key on the CLICKER you wish to teach. The

device and indicator light will illuminate. Hold the key

of the original remote control down and only release

when the above two lights start blinking, which

means learning function for this button is complete.
4. Repeat step 3) for more learning keys.
5. Push LEARN key to exit learning function.

1. After entering learning mode, indicator will blink

twice and exit learning mode.
2. Any function key of a device (except LEARN, SET,

ALL OFF, FAV, device key) can be taught new functions

again and again, but will only keep the data of the

latest learning.
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Looks fun
by Perla-h (5 out of 5 stars)
December 10, 2012

I have not opened the package yet. It is a birthday gift for someone in a couple of months, just wanted to order all at once.
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Not compatible...
by MonicaV6 (1 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2012

Thought it was a cute idea for our bar, but I couldn't program it to our Sony surround sound, or cable box. I was able to program it to our Toshiba TV, but only the power function worked. I spent 45 minutes attempting each programming method and code; I will never get those minutes back.
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Works great/back for a couple more!
by bcnc (5 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2012

We've had a Clicker brand remote for a long time, and it has always worked perfectly. Lost the back to the battery case, so ordered one of these through Groupon because I thought the bottle opener made it a cool idea for my hubby's Christmas stocking since in general, he is almost impossible to shop for. I decided to eliminate the guesswork by attempting to program it before Christmas, just to make sure it works because I've bought other brands of remotes and could not program them to save my life.

First tried the auto-programming a few times and was worried it wasn't going to work at all, but then did it manually and BINGO. Have Sony Trinitron television as well as Sony DVD/VCR combo in this room, and both were programmed immediately with the very first Sony code that was listed, so I'm not sure why the automatic programming didn't work. I probably didn't read the instructions closely enough, knowing me.

Overall, it took five minutes and it's tested and ready to go Christmas day. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a convenient, easy to program & use replacement remote, or just for a spare.

Not to mention, the bottle opener is a pretty cool idea. Wish I'd thought of that!
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Cool Product, but....
by Selena (1 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2013

The remote is cool, but doesn't actually work well. At least not with my tv. I have a Samsung LCD flat screen and a Comcast cable box. The remote learned some commands but not others. I've tried to contact the company 3 times for support and haven't received a single reply. Would like to keep, but it's big just for a bottle opener... Will be returning.
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Work great
by russ (5 out of 5 stars)
February 5, 2012

Took me about 2 minute to program my new amsung 32" LED TV and my Time Warner Cable Cisco 8640 set top box including the time to crack open a cold one.
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Not up to par
by Newfieloversue (2 out of 5 stars)
December 24, 2012

For a newer product, program codes are outdated and the clear button did not work. Disappointing functionality for such a neat product.

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