DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK280C2)

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Product Description

The DeWalt 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo kit includes a powerful, variable-speed drill/driver that provides up to 2000 RPM and a handy impact driver that delivers up to 2800 RPM and 1400 in. LB. Of maximum torque. These compact and lightweight too


  • 20V Max 1/2 inch drill/driver features two speed transmission (0 600/0 2,000)
  • Compact, Lightweight Design fits into tight areas
  • Impact Driver has a Compact (5.55 inch front to back), Lightweight (2.8 pounds) Design fits into tight areas
  • Three LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release provide visibility without shadows

Top Reviews

DeWalt - You may have a problem with your batteries...
by Joseph W. Seabrooke (1 out of 5 stars)
March 11, 2016

I love DeWalt tools. I have over a dozen of their tools and this is the first time ever, that I have been dissatisfied with a product of theirs. I write this review not as a complaint but to inform. My hope is that DeWalt will take a more serious approach and investigate.

Situation: I purchased the DEWALT DCK280C2 combo kit and like all other tools from DeWalt, feel in love with it on first feel and first use. The batteries came fully charged (according to the battery charger status light). I used the tools for my home projects and of course, when I depleted the batteries, I put them on the charger. The charger recognized the batteries, flashed a few times as if it had entered into "charge status" and then within 5 seconds, the light changed to a "solid" light, which indicates battery is fully charged. I pulled the battery off the charger, put it back into one of the tools, and only got a little juice out of the battery before the tool powered down again. Maybe 3 seconds of use.

Rinse and Repeat. Same process with the second battery pack that came with the kit. Initially worked perfectly, but as soon as it needed a charge, the battery charger gave a "battery charged" status light. I tried switching outlets in my house. No luck.

Thinking that I have a malfunctioning battery charger, I set up an exchange with Amazon. I held onto the first set until the second set arrived in the hopes that it was indeed the charger.

The second DEWALT DCK280C2 kit arrived. I immediately pulled out the charger and attempted to charge the batteries from the first kit. Upon insertion of batteries, same situation...charging light flashes for a few seconds then shows a , "battery charged" indicator light. This was the case for both batteries.

Okay, so now I am thinking it is not the charger itself, but bad batteries. So from the second kit, I pull out the batteries, put them on the charger to check their status. Charger shows that both batteries are fully charged. I then insert the batteries into the tools and go about working on my projects.

After using the second set of batteries and reaching a point to where the tools no longer operate as strongly, I proceed with their very first recharge. I insert one of the batteries from the second kit, into the battery charger. Once again, as with the batteries from the first kit I purchased, the charge indicator light flashes for a few seconds and then goes to a "solid" lit status. The battery will not charge. I grab the second battery of this kit and place it in the charger...same issue. Charge indicator light shows that the battery is full and will not charge the battery.

At this point, I call DeWalt customer service for help. They tell me that because the units are less than 30 days old, I should return them as there is not much they can do for me. Well that is all fine and dandy, but it is not a resolution to what could be a greater systemic problem affecting other units.

I returned both kits to Amazon and ordered my third kit, hoping that 3rd times a winner. Nope! Same situation. Neither battery will recharge after being used. This makes a total of 3 kits with this issue.

Two points of information: On the very first set of batteries, I did run them down fully as I always did with my 18v DeWalt Drill. (After 3 years of use, that drill never had a single issue which is why I opted to buy another set from DeWalt). On the second and third kits, the batteries were not used to full depletion, and still would not charge. DeWalt actually indicates in their owners manual, that batteries should be charged sooner, rather than later.

Second: In the event that DeWalt actually pays attention to customers feedback and reviews, all the batteries in each of the three kits, were manufactured in early 2015 according to the stamp on the batteries.
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Problematic , I hope this isn't the demise of a great brand .
by Fred (2 out of 5 stars)
August 2, 2016

Dewalt or Porter Cable 20v combo ?
I like Dewalt products,and have good use from the top notch features of my Dewalt 13" planer, Dewalt reciprocal saw, random orbit sander. 4.5 inch grinder and the three 9.6 v Ni-Cad drills I've had over the past 12 years -

I chose this kit because Dewalt has always brought the quality , has slightly better performance , and assembles this product in Maryland, U.S.A. I like that . .worth the $30 more in price than the equally capable PC 1.5 Ah China assembled kit.

Sadly, this product has issues with either the charger or battery packs - they will not charge .This Dewalt and the P/C. both have three year warranties ,but even with a 90 day no question return,and 2 year battery replacement I don't like the idea a replacement may end up with problems as well . . Do I want a product that fails right at purchase ? Can I wait for Dewalt to remedy this while I have two garage doors to assemble and hang ? No. I'm returning this while awaiting A Porter-Cable kit I will receive in two days.
It's a shame. I wanted the drill and impact to meet my expectations as in the past, now I wonder about reliability in the future.
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Don't waste your money!!!
by Tommy Prentice (1 out of 5 stars)
December 12, 2018

I am a die hard Dewalt junkie, when I buy a tool 90% of the time it's Dewalt, but this particular set is junk from the batteries to the weak drill that burned up during light use. DO Not Purchase this junk, spend a lil extra for a better set. Gave it one Star because they made me choose it to submit it
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How to overcome the run out issue.
by Nick Marley (3 out of 5 stars)
August 18, 2012

I purchased this combo kit from Amazon over a month ago after reading all of the reviews and doing as much research as I could. This is the third Dewalt cordless drill I've owned. The last one I purchased approx. 5 years ago was a DC980KA which also has a 1/2 inch chuck. I had issues with run out (wobble) on that drill right out of the box. So it was disappointing to me that Dewalt didn't fix this problem in all this time and with a new model drill. This made me look at other manufacturer's drills to see if I would find a better product. What I found was that Dewalt wasn't alone with the run out issue. Pretty much any drill that uses a 1/2 inch Jacobs spindle lock chuck was affected. So what to do? For me the important factors in choosing a drill were:
1) 1/2" chuck (with out run out issues)
2) Li-Ion batteries
3) compact size
4) LED light available to use same batteries.

The above factors ruled out the cheaper drills and my suspicion that the run out was caused by the chuck and not the drill led me back to Dewalt. Since I couldn't live with the run out I had to come up with a solution. What I noticed when reading reviews was that no one had any problems with the higher end Dewalt hammer drills and that they had a different chuck on them. I also found a post on a message board that said that Dewalt didn't use the Jacobs chuck on the hammer drills because they had too many problems. They used a slightly more expensive Rohm chuck instead. This lead me to look at the Rohm chuck. They are easily identified by looking at the tip of the chuck. The Rohm chuck has a "hexagon" (nut) on the front of the chuck for installing and removing the chuck. The specifications for the chuck are as follows:
1) 1.5-13mm capacity
2) 1/2 X 20 thread (for installing on drill)
3) single sleeve for drills with spindle lock
4) metal construction
5) with through hole for locking screw.

The part number for this chuck is difficult to pin down since I think it has more than one number for the same chuck and the picture on Rohm's web page shows 2 chucks, one with a single sleeve (one handed) and one with a double sleeve (two handed). On ROHM's web page it looks like it is 893352. I've also seen it listed as Dewalt-Rohm 330075-74,330075-59,330075-91,586200-10. New they sell for approx $70. A used chuck lists for about half that price which is what I ended up buying.

When I got the drill I tried installing a new drill bit to see how good or bad the Jacobs chuck was. It had noticeable wobble. I then removed the Jacobs chuck and installed the Rohm chuck. After installing the same drill bit in the Rohm chuck there was no noticeable wobble. I've since used this drill/ chuck combination daily without any problems or issues. I find the new compact size and lighter weight to be a huge advantage to this drill over my older ones. The clutch on the drill also seems to be improved over my last drill. As for the impact driver. I find that it is excellent for dis-assembly but has limited use for assembly due to not having the clutch.

For those of you interested in doing this same thing Dewalt has instructions on their web page that tell you how to change the chuck. It is important to note that the set screw which can be seen in the bottom of the chuck opening has left handed threads. You will also need an appropriate size torx driver to remove it before you can remove the chuck.

I would have given this kit a solid 5 star rating if it came with the Rohm chuck. It is disappointing that Dewalt is more interested in saving a few dollars than putting out a better quality product. I'm also very disappointed with Jacobs. I always thought they put out quality products and was surprised to find the root of this problem to be their chuck.
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Very light compared to old 18V set I use to have
by Lee Keel (4 out of 5 stars)
April 4, 2018

This impact & drill are great. The batteries are the only reason I didn't go 5*. One battery would not take a charge at all. Dewalt Customer Service was excellent and shipped a new battery to me very promptly. The batteries do not last a really long time under normal usage so be aware of that.
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Too powerful!?
by Ray (3 out of 5 stars)
September 18, 2018

I haven't used the drill yet but the driver is way too powerful and spins a bazillion rpm's. Almost uncontrollable power. I can use the trigger to go for slower RPM's but there isn't much between a few RPM's and 34123451234124 RPM's!! The chuck is not as universal as on my old chuck and there is no place to store a bit on the drill. Do you think I should send it back? I'm considering returning it.
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Great for the beginner DIYer looking to start a electric tool collection!
by Mervin rudes (5 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2016

Dewalt hasn't let me down and they still haven't with this product. I decided to replace my electric tools with ones that all used the same battery. I already had an old dewalt drill (which still runs like a champ) but I didn't have any other tools that used the same battery. I had just recently bought the dewalt 20v wire trimmer that uses the same style battery so I decided to make the jump. I like the bag, it isn't too big so it is easily portable and still has some space if you didn't have a separate case for bits and just wanted to bring a few with you to the job site. I haven't put the drill through its paces yet but from what I have used it works excellent. The impact drill works fantastic. I did not buy this to replace a air impact but decided to use it for some tire work and it easily removed the lugs from my vehicle (keep in mind I do properly torque down my nuts so if you have someone that decided to over torque yours down this impact may not have enough power to pull it off.) Now I don't recommend torquing down lug nuts with an impact but I do like to see how close to the proper torque i can get with an impact. A quick tightening brought my lugs pretty close to the required torque for my vehicle (85 ft-ibs) just to keep you a reference.

So to summarized great product for the at home DIYer looking for a nice starter set.
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Batteries Useless
by Ricardo & Lynda (2 out of 5 stars)
December 11, 2015

I did a lot of searching for a decent drill and decided on this package. I was very excited to finally buy a quality drill. I am sorry to say that I would never buy this drill kit again. I am happy with the drills and bag. I am extremely disappointed in the batteries. That was the reason I bought this was for a powerful long lasting durable battery.My little makita 12v last as long if not longer. It last exactly 11 minutes then nothing. I live in panama and it is a pain and expensive to return. I am sorry to say I am not jumping on the Dewalt bandwagon.

Maybe there is some kind of charging issue because both of them are almost useless as far as battery life. If anyone has some suggestions I will gladly try them and change review if problem solved.

I bought these in early October 2015

Blessings Too All
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Didn't live up to its name
by John Miguez (2 out of 5 stars)
August 19, 2019

Disappointed, and didn't live up to the Dewalt reputation. The drill begin doing the job nicely at first, then the battery depleted in only 3-4 minutes. I changed it out, then the drill began making a loud grinding noise, which means the brushing have gone bad already. I put everything back in the box and returned in the next day. It may carry the Dewalt name, but didn't live up to the reputation.
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A high quality combo set
by KR (5 out of 5 stars)
November 20, 2012

I purchased this set for light-moderate home usage. So far I have been very pleased by the set.

First, the case. There is ample space for the tools and some room left over for some bits as well. Don't plan on fitting a box of drill bits... but you can certainly store some loose bits and small tools. The case handle is nicely contoured for carrying and feels good to hold. This is just the beginning.

The charger is pretty compact. It would be nice to have some information regarding the battery level or status... as this charger just has the same old blinking light... However, the battery charges quickly, so you will not have to wait long. In my experience, the charger did not get too warm either.

I have used the drill far more than the impact driver so far, so I will focus my comments on the drill.

This drill is light. Upgrading the 1.5mAh battery to a 3mAh size will surely add some weight, but really not much. Drill bits load and unload quickly, with a satisfying click in the chuck when loading bits. The exterior of the drill is all plastic construction with a rubber grip. Metal would be nice, but for a household user the lighter weight is more appreciated. That said, the construction is very solid. Both tools have a belt hook on the side, which should really be a standard feature on any drill. Because of the light weight, hanging this drill on your belt won't drag you down.

My gripe with the drill is that the LED worklight (located near the trigger) is almost useless at close range. The light becomes shadowed very very quickly by the long snout of the drill. The impact driver, on the other hand, has three LEDs located all around the drill bit.... which makes for full light coverage even at close range.

Both tools have a lot of torque and plenty of power.

At the current price of $199... this is a great set. I was happy with my purchase when this combo was at $240, and I would highly recommend it.

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