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Product Description

We designed our kit so everyone can make a sushi roll the very first time. We took all the guess work out of it. The hardest thing to do as a beginner is to spread the right amount of rice. That's why we designed our training frame which measures exactly the amount of rice you need to make a perfect role. We also designed our non-stick rice paddle to help you spread the rice along the training frame. The last thing you need as a beginner is dealing with sticky rice all over your fingers as your trying to spread the rice. Then once the roll is made, cutting the roll evenly can be challenging for beginners. So we created the SushiQuik Roll Cutter which let's you evenly cut your rolls while saving your fingers. To enjoy your rolls, we turned the end caps into soy sauce holders! And then once your done having your sushi party, we designed the rolling mat to snap apart so that you can easily place it in the dishwasher along with your silverware. Our whole kit is dishwasher safe, so no worries! We know you will love this kit. The whole family will have fun making sushi!


  • Easiest way to make sushi! Easy for the whole family to use.
  • Detachable sushi mat so you can put it in the dishwasher with silverware
  • Comes complete with training frame, non-stick paddle, and the SushiQuik Roll Cutter
  • Makes all sushi roll sizes including rolls with rice on the outside.
  • Easiest and most complete sushi kit on the market.

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Top Reviews

Ehh, it's just ok. You're better off buying bamboo mats.
by Lauren Osborne (2 out of 5 stars)
August 5, 2017

I purchased this because my husband and I love sushi and spend quite a bit every month buying it at restaurants. Since I've never made sushi before, I decided to purchase this due to its high reviews. However, since using this sushi making kit, I'm sure most of the 5 star reviews are fabricated. This kit does give you the basic instructions on how to roll sushi but having used it a lot since purchasing it, I've come to discover that the reason why my sushi was falling apart is because the roller is too thick. The slats are waaaaay to big to make a tight roll. After watching several instructional videos online by master sushi chefs on how to roll sushi, almost all the chefs in the videos are using bamboo mats. This kit may be good for absolute beginners but that's all it's good for. You are much better off purchasing bamboo mats and starting off right.
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It puts the sticky stuff on the Nori!
by Twombles Jones (5 out of 5 stars)
April 13, 2016

Fantastic product. I followed the directions for the rice, watched a few videos from their web site, and I was making sushi like a pro with my first batch. The secret is in the rice, make sure to follow the directions on the box and spread it thin if you're using a lot of filling. I found their rice recipe was a bit too sweet so I cut the sugar level to 1/8th cup and it was still plenty sticky. I've also started adding about 1 tsp better than bullion to the after rice cook mix, it gives the rice a nice hint of meat without the meat.
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Makes homemade sushi easy.. easy enough for a 7-year-old!
by Ms. M. N. (5 out of 5 stars)
January 19, 2015

Our family loves sushi quite a bit. Back when I was in college, I remember when our college campus added sushi to the menu, and I used my meal plan for sushi almost every day. To this day, I could still eat sushi just about every day and I think my whole family would love to have it more often!

Since having kids, sushi is not a part of our daily routine. We rarely go out to eat, and although the kids love sushi too, I don't make it as often as I would like. The reality is, it isn't the easiest to make and it can be a hassle. I was hoping SushiQuik would help streamline the sushi-making process, and it does.

So the first step is to choose your ingredients and make your rice. My kids like cucumber and cucumber-avocado rolls, so that is our go-to roll. I also get low-sodium soy sauce since my kids tend to be a bit heavy-handed with the soy sauce.

After cooking my sticky rice, I let it cool a little bit, usually by letting it chill a little in the fridge.

This kit is very easy to use. The first time we used it, my 7-year-old read the instructions, and for the most part, she assembled the first roll using our SushiQuik kit.

You start by placing a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) on the roller, and then place the frame over it, which serves as a guide for the rice. What I love is that the rice paddle actually does not stick to the rice! Gone are the days of wrestling with sticky rice and the back of a spoon!

Next, you take your ingredients and place them about a quarter of the way up the roll. We are vegetarian, so we use either avocado or cucumber and avocado.

Then, I put my fingertips on the veggies and begin to roll. You need to wet the furthest edge of the nori (which is clear of rice) so that it will stick and hold the roll shut (sort of like sealing an envelope).

Use the SushiQuik guide to cut your sushi. I love this thing, because it holds the roll together and you can cut it evenly. In the past, I have really messed up some sushi rolls trying to cut them, making a mess. This way, I don't feel like I am sawing the rolls and making a mess, and they hold together because the guide holds them tight.

You can use the end caps as cups for your soy sauce.

My 5-year-old doesn't like anything in her sushi, and she doesn't like me to cut her roll either. So for her, we get creative - I simply cut a sheet of nori in half, and put a little rice on one long edge, leaving about 1/2" clear, then rolling it like a regular roll. She likes to dip it in soy sauce and eat it as a long sushi roll (see my pics).

I would say my favorite SushiQuik tool is the rice paddle, which does a fantastic job of spreading the sticky rice - without any rice sticking to it. So much better than struggling with a large spoon! I also like the plastic roller, which is substantial and easy to clean. The bamboo roller would get bits of rice stuck to it and was not as sturdy for rolling. And the guide is a great way to measure where you need to spread the rice on the nori. Overall, all very useful tools for making sushi.

I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. Since my whole family likes homemade sushi, we really love this product!
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Loved it!
by The One and Only Seadog (5 out of 5 stars)
September 21, 2015

My very first time making sushi, and this kit worked flawlessly! As you can read here on Amazon, most of the reviews are positive, with a few bad ones. I really can't comment on the bad ones, except to say that I don't want the hassle of having to saran wrap a bamboo mat every time I want to make sushi. The Sushiquik really made the whole process easy. Sure, you can layer on rice without the frame, but why? The frame made it so easy to get the edges straight and the rice evenly packed along the roll. I actually made 6 different rolls last night, and I just got better and better at this, even though my first roll was pretty perfect, they just got better and better as I played with the amount of rice and filling, and varied the pressure I used when rolling. The rice spoon was amazing! Everything in my house was sticking to the rice EXCEPT this spoon! FYI: Sushiquik sent me an e book with some recipes in it. Nice touch!

Anywhooo, I highly recommend this set if you want a nice clean way to make sushi rolls. If you are a traditionalist who doesn't like improvements in your world, get on your horse and ride to the store to go get a bamboo mat...and hey, why are you on the Internet?
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Not worth it at $36
by Danielle de Leon (1 out of 5 stars)
November 18, 2016

For the price this item is not worth it. The only useful things are the spatula and the white rolling mat (but even that has drawbacks since its got a tab on the bottom of it that prevents it from laying flat). The black stand that the mat rests on is difficult to work with and doesn't hold the rolling mat stable while spreading rice- see product photos, the black base is not as wide as the mat so it wobbles around when in use. The green square guide is useless, came warped, and only makes the instability of the black base more apparent when trying to spread rice. I've not used the dishes so I cannot comment on those. All in all for $36 I got a plastic rice spreader and rolling mat thats only appeal is it can go in the dishwasher. Would I recommend this? No, not at the current price. Because it works well enough I won't replace it but I'm disappointed to say the least. Should've just gone the traditional route and saved $30.
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Authentic Sushi at Home
by Regina Baker (4 out of 5 stars)
May 22, 2017

I have used the sushiquik regularly since the purchase. The sushi maker is indeed easy to use and produces restaurant quality sushi. The only thing I don't like is the green guide screen does not snap into place so it is constantly moving around when you are trying to spread the rice causing inconsistencies in the rolls.
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Great beginners sushi tool.
by Annie W (4 out of 5 stars)
January 1, 2018

I was so scared to make sushi because I always thought it was a hard thing to master. It's not. This was a great stepping stone to the bamboo rolling mats. I like it very well, but found it a little clumsy. But, it's like a class in Sushi For Idiots. ;) It cleans easily and makes it easy to do the "rice on the outside" sushi too. I think if you're like me, you'll graduate quickly to the bamboo mat. The tray that hold the mat only got used once because other than giving you a guide for your rice, it just made it more awkward. It's a fun little gadget though and it takes the fear out of sushi making. I never used the cutting guide, but found that a clean, very sharp, wet knife is the secret to cutting. Let the knife do the work, don't try to "push" it through, that will just squash the sushi.
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Good first time kit
by Tony A. (4 out of 5 stars)
August 31, 2016

After reading some reviews (even on youtube) I was a little bit afraid but turns out this is an AWESOME tool, I was able to easily make my first salmon roll without any problem, and even my wife (after showing her my plate of 8 sushis) thought I bought them from my local publix. The only two main issues (reason for 4 stars) is that the cutting guide thing closes up at the ends so it's slightly of annoying to remove the cutted pieces and second issue is that the pieces of the plastic mat brake up and fall even after the slightest pressure but are easily clipped back on.

I think people having problems with the end result could be a wrong way to roll the mat or adding too much stuff on the rice. To me it was very simple on first try after watching 1 youtube video . After that I made like 12 more rolls and it was a great experience.. Also for fun I tried with a non-sushi rice and omg what a total disaster, this is truly intended to be used with ONLY sushi rice or whatever other rice that sticks ;-)

To me the rolling mat is not the main selling point (not loving the much too narrow and flimsy platform either), it's the frame and the special rice spatula that make this kit very enjoyable.
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I'm making sushi!
by Gloria Z. (5 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2015

I used my Sushiquick Kit for the first time today and I love it! I've never attempted to make sushi before and I must say that the finished product looked very professional thanks to his kit! First of all, the folding mat easily attaches to a base and the sheet of nori (seaweed) lays on the mat. I also purchased Kazu 100% Organic Sushi Nori from Amazon. With a measurement of approximately 8.5 x 8.5, the sheets perfectly fit on the folding mat. As an added bonus, a free lightweight bamboo mat was included in the package of 50 sheets! Back to the sushi kit -- there is a plastic frame that is placed on top of the sheet of nori and this frame allows you to perfectly spread your rice and serves as a guide for the thickness of the rice layer. The included rice paddle makes this effortless. I found it even easier to moisten the paddle with some water while spreading the rice. There is an area at the top of the nori which will not be covered by the rice that will be dampened with water for sealing the sushi roll. After removing the frame, I added thin strips of carrots, cucumber and avocado on top of my brown rice and I was ready to roll! The mat easily and neatly folds and seals the sushi roll and then there is a cutting guide that you place over the roll and expertly slice perfect portions! It's also helpful to dip your sharp knife in water while cutting each piece. There is a helpful instructional sheet enclosed with photos showing each step of using the Sushiquik Kit. If you're interested in making your own healthy sushi at home and saving money as well, then I highly recommend that you purchase this kit!
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Fun Sushi at Home!
by Some-Lady-Who-Reviews (4 out of 5 stars)
August 6, 2019

I'm doing Whole 30 and miss sushi. I found a recipe for some Whole 30 sushi and decided to buy this SushiQuik and give the recipe a go.

Pros: Very fun to use! I made sushi by myself and had a blast! Couldn't stop laughing at my pathetic looking rolls LOL having a sushi making night at home with family, friends, date, etc would be a very fun idea with this gadget!

Cons: not good for beginners... Maybe my rolls in the picture look nice but man, it took some time to get there (luckily it was fun making sushi so I didn't get too frustrated and give up on it all). Also maybe my rolls didn't stick properly because I was using riced cauliflower?

Overall, a fun gadget to have and I did end up with some interesting, but surprisingly tasty "sushi" (my rolls kept falling apart so I just put all the mixture in Tupperware to eat like a sushi bowl lol) but I don't think making sushi at home will replace going out for sushi

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