Unbreakable Slugger Umbrella

Brand: Unbreakable
Manufacturer: Never-Thought-of-It
Model: DU-115
EAN: 0850779003036
Category: Gadgets & Tools
Price: $149.95  (112 customer reviews)
Dimension: 36.00 x 6.00 x 0.60 inches
Shipping Wt: 1.50 pounds
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

The Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella is handcrafted from the highest quality materials and perform in rain and wind just like the highest quality rain umbrellas but is as strong as a steel pipe. The Unbreakable Umbrella will support you just as well as a very sturdy walking stick or a cane but does not make you feel awkward. This umbrella protects against rain and everything else.... Frame of the Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella Model U-115 is machine-made with fiberglass and polyamide. This frame can support well over 100-kg (220-lb.) weight and is warranted not to break under normal use.


  • The Unbreakable Umbrella is for defending against elements (in every meaning of the word)
  • As strong as a steel pipe but it weighs under 2 lbs.
  • Legal to carry everywhere
  • Never raises suspicions
  • Backed by Unbreakable Umbrella‚Äôs 5-Year Warranty

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Top Reviews

COMPARING: The Unbreakable Umbrella to The Indestructible Umbrella
by Heather (5 out of 5 stars)
July 19, 2015

For background, I am a female professional, who often travels alone for business. I needed an umbrella to take on trips for rain and self-protection. I needed an umbrella that was professional looking, was able to be carried onto an airplane, one that was reliable and would last forever (I'm tired of my cheap ones breaking!), and needed one that could serve the dual purposes of these umbrellas. As such, this review is to compare between the Indestructible and the original Unbreakable Umbrella.

I have included a brief video review to supplement this written review. Sorry - there will be NO video of me standing on them, (this process on both umbrellas was VERY clumsy and risky), as they each took a few tries, quick shots, and required a great deal of balance (which I don't have an abundance of!) These weren't the safest of things you can do with the umbrella, so I don't recommend it for most people.

Also to note, while it is required to stand with feet slightly separated to maintain balance, you might notice my feet are a tiny bit further apart on the Indestructible Umbrella (dress photo). That umbrella solely has a fiberglass shaft which did not have the same rigidity and strength as the Unbreakable Umbrella. I've had two knee surgeries and want to avoid a third in case I lose my balance! Still, I hope the photos make the point - you COULD stand on both of these! I didn't want to hurt myself, but feel there was a much greater chance of falling (balance aside) and breaking the indestructible umbrella if I wasn't careful to distribute my weight. I am 5' 7", 140 lbs for reference.

For this test, the Unbreakable umbrella felt more solid and stronger, while the Indestructible had a lot more flex. The materials on the Unbreakable just felt sturdier overall without added bulk or weight! Lastly (relative to the photos), forgive the odd stance with knees bent. This was necessary to maintain balance and to be safe in case I fell from the tall (pub height) chairs.

Overall, they're both great umbrellas, but for the reasons mentioned below and in the video, I prefer The Unbreakable Umbrella with "crooked" handle (model U-115).
*THE INDESTRUCTIBLE UMBRELLA (Photo with me in the dress is the indestructible umbrella - it was less sturdy and bent more, but it held my weight just as well - I fell a few times, action/post fall photo included, but thankfully I survived along with the umbrella)
- Ribs: Fiberglass
- Shaft: Fiberglass
- Tip: Stainless steel
- Handle: Not specified
- Fabric: 190T pongee (polyester)
- Weight: 1 pound (I measured mine and it was actually 1.48 lbs)
*THE UNBREAKABLE UMBRELLA (the photos of me in yoga pants shows me standing on this/Unbreakable umbrella)
- Ribs: Fiberglass
- Shaft: Proprietary composite of fiberglass and poly resins (resins added to ensure strength and no wear or splintering)
- Tip: Stainless steel
- Handle: Soft velvety rubber cover over polyamide
- Fabric: Super high density polyester pongee in 190T
- Weight: Under 2 pounds, 1 lb. & 9.2 ounces (I measured mine and it was actually 1.86 lbs)

Overall, both are great products. BUT, I do prefer the "Unbreakable" over the "Indestructible." They are similar, but different umbrellas by different companies. Here's why:
1) The tips: the indestructible's tip looks more intimidating, but it's not as practical as the unbreakable's. be honest, you won't be poking or stabbing a would-be-mugger. So the tip only functions for balance the unbreakable tip offers girth for better balance, weight distribution and ease of walking. Plus, while both are safe for travel and supposedly allowed on planes, I think you're more likely (if at all) to be questioned about the pointy tipped indestructible.
2) The handle: I prefer the unique shape of the unbreakable by far. At first, I was slightly annoyed wondering why it was so big. But, I then realized it serves two functions. First, it works better for balance and weight distribution as a walking stick. Secondly, it allows for hands-free. You can seriously hook this on any forearm, or any shoulder. This worked on my larger husband; the smaller hooked end of the indestructible couldn't fit on his forearm, forget his shoulder!
3) The mechanics: The unbreakable umbrella's button is both better looking (blends in, looks clean) and was slightly more powerful and responsive.

I am in no way affiliated with either The Unbreakable Umbrella, or the Indestructible Umbrella. I am just an average consumer, who ordered one of each for comparison. While I will be keeping both, I've given the Indestructible Umbrella to my husband as a golf umbrella, and I am taking the Unbreakable Umbrella on business trips for rain- and crazy-people-protection. If my review was helpful, I ask you to please take the time to use the voting buttons voting my review as "HELPFUL."
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The umbrella is good but the handle stinks
by Rob (1 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2017

DONT LEAVE IT ON YOUR CAR! The umbrella is good but the handle stinks. I left it in my car..that is something I do with all umbrellas and I think most people do this as well...and it the grip ust got gummy and gnarly. I keep it in my hpuse a now and have a cheapo spare in the car. I paid a lot of money for an unbreakable umbrella and wile it is high quality the grips could be better designed not to deteriorate at high temps...maybe a warning label at least. I was going to gove it 2 stars becaiae it actuall does a good part on the umbrella part...it is just the grip...for the price so just can't justify that extra star no matter what. It is such a serious design flaw for the money.

I have to wash my hands when I a done using it and just can't carry it anywhere by the handle. It is almost worthless....and I paid a lot of money for this thing and if I could bring myself to throw away a $150 plus umbrella I would.
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Not so unbreakable.
by Jay (1 out of 5 stars)
December 13, 2016

First the tip fell off then while I was smacking a bean bag chair one of the inner pieces that holds out the parasol broke. Idk how it's unbreakable. The inside components are made of cheap plastic, I watched the videos and really hoped for better. I will say that the shaft of the unbrella is crazy strong, but that's about it... definitely not worth the price. I'd skip this one and just get a regular umbrella. I'll be returning.
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Unbreakable vs Filson
by gaaah (4 out of 5 stars)
January 9, 2016

Hi, I got fed up of cheap umbrellas and almost out of spite I bought both a the Filson and the Unbreakable (UB, my abbreviation) umbrellas. I thought it would be useful to compare the two.

Both are great items and relatively well constructed. The Filson is a manual action, has a a kind of fiberglass or urethane shaft that simulates wood and a tough fabric that reminds me of oiled canvas. The canvas is otter brown and the shaft and handle are a warm maple. It has a plastic tip.

The UB has an automatic button type action. (Sorry I forgot what the shaft is made of but it's plenty strong.) The fabric is black lightweight nylon. It has a rounded steel tip.

The chief thing I like about the Filson is it's looks and charm. The action is good but not as good like the UB's. The fabric is actually tougher

compared to the thin nylon of the UB. While the UB looks purely functional the Filson looks like you just might have a spot of tea when you get in from the rain.

The Unbreakable is marketed like it's some kind of weapon. It is black and has a "function only" design-- ie aesthetics wasn't much of a

consideration. The rubberized handle is very solid in the hand, and I like the internal action-- it feels more sturdy and smooth. But the thin nylon fabric is no match for the thicker oiled canvas of the Filson. The thin nylon makes the UB easier to fold up. Note too that the steel tip can, yes, be

used to gouge someone in the neck (rolling my eyes) but you cannot use this on hard smooth surfaces as a cane. It will slip all over the place.

In short, if you're a liberal arts major, get the Filson. If you're a SWAT team member, get the UB. I wouldn't want to give up either. I keep the

UB in the truck and the Filson in the house for when I have to make the hike to the mailbox.
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As advertised from a to z
by BC (5 out of 5 stars)
June 12, 2018

Quite the umbrella, even though I wish it had a bit more weight for swinging. I stood on in at 240lbs and it didn't even blink. I smashed solid concrete and steel targets with the tip and it took every blow like a demo sledge. I took it into Gale winds and it popped outward and back again and again and again in without losing form or tearing. Handsome to boot, nice with a suit, I've received compliments (strangely as I didn't know people were that into umbrellas). Took it on a plane no problem whatsoever. Just one other small detail, the sleeve it comes in could seal better for gripping the main shaft and using to hook, but you could just replace it with a similar size in leather or whatever non slip material you can find.
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Way too big in all directions!
by Bruce Edwin Mcmicking (3 out of 5 stars)
July 6, 2016

I just got this today so I haven't had it in the rain or fought off Wargs or Orcs with it, but my first impression is that it's huge! It's 4" longer than my other umbrellas so if you wanted to buy an extra strong umbrella to double as a cane, this is much too big. Granted, I'm not a tall man. At 5'8" a 33" cane is about right. This is 37 3/4" and there's no way to shorten it.The handle is also huge; 6 1/2" wide as opposed to 4" on my other canes and umbrellas. I picked the crook instead of the stick handle for added versatility; you can hang it on your arm when you need both hands and the video showed someone hanging from it, which looked cool. Why didn't they make it umbrella sized? Perhaps they decided it was a weapon first, which I think was a mistake if you want it to look normal or be a walking aid.
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Solid umbrella
by Eagle Vision (5 out of 5 stars)
July 6, 2013


I have had numerous golf umbrellas. I practice martial arts regularly. This one is a great one for carrying as a defensive tool. First of all, it's just an unassuming umbrella with no suspicious features to make anyone the wiser. However, it's durable and capable of making strikes, blocks and jabs with one or two handed techniques. Either end can be used for strikes, blocks or even sweeps.


The handle is a U-shaped grip which is comfortable, smooth and soft to the touch. It was accompanied with a nylon cover but that is impractical for daily use. The tip is stainless steel with a blunt/rounded end. As even a support device (i.e. walking cane), it is quite sturdy.


As an umbrella it was just as functional against rain and sun. It doesn't have the more modern wind canopy feature to prevent inversions. So far, I haven't been out in a storm like that to deal with the common inversion from gusts. The button to open the umbrella is larger than average and easy to operate. Closing the umbrella takes a little more effort, as a standard umbrella does.

I took this with me everywhere I went around places where firearms or knives were not authorized. Many people were carrying umbrellas, and this is just a plain everyday item. I find it more effective than a Kubotan because of the greater reach, as well as the element of surprise.


I am pleased with my purchase and it has multiple uses. It's sturdy and has a lifetime warranty.

Two thumbs up.
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Probably the best umbrella I've owned
by PK (5 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2016

You can definitely feel the strength in this umbrella's build.

As an umbrella, the coverage is great and it's extremely hardy. I haven't experienced it in high winds, but my impression is that it would hold up very well.

It may be a bit on the heavy side for an umbrella, but I feel like that is a fair tradeoff for its durability.

The frame is promised as indestructible but the fabric is not, and seems to be ordinary umbrella fabric. That said, the company does sell replacements, so a rip wouldn't necessarily mean you were out of luck.

As a cane, it seems to fare rather well, too. It would probably be most comfortable for taller people to use this way, due to how high the handle rests. There doesn't seem to be a simple way (or any non-drastic way) to adjust the length of the shaft, either. So, the handle is going to be at that height, like it or not.

The shaft has a fair amount of flex to it, which could be an issue if you are putting significant weight on it. I don't think it's in any danger of breaking, but if you are using it for balance, that amount of wobble could definitely be an issue. It seems like you can get around this more or less by adjusting your grip to be more centered over the shaft.

The tip is made of metal, which looks nice as an umbrella and is great if you're using it as a bludgeon, but doesn't offer any traction when used as a cane.

I've found that regular 1/2" cane tips work surprisingly well to fix this, and are not intrusive to its operation as an umbrella.

I haven't really subjected it to extreme testing, but it looks like it should hold up to just about anything you could throw at it.
(I can say firsthand that the hook is able to support +/-200lb of person hanging from it, though.)
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Discreet, light weight carbon fiber walking stick umbrella as promised
by M. Lafayette (4 out of 5 stars)
August 13, 2018

Great umbrella as promised. My only complaint is that the screw that retains the handle backs out as if by its own volition. I applied a drop of blue Loctite on the screw, and solved the problem. For what the unbrella costs, though, one would think the screw would stay in place better. I hate to take off whole star for a loose screw, but there is no option to assign a fraction of a star. When it comes to stars, It is all or nothing. So four stars it is, but know that I highly recommend this umbrella. Rain or shine, it gives me great comfort when, late at night,I walk out of my office across a deserted parking lot to my car. This is a great piece of gear.

If you find this review helpful, hit the "helpful" button below to Let me know that I did not waste my time reviewing this product and make me more inclined to review other products.
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Rain or Shine
by Richard Maguire (5 out of 5 stars)
April 16, 2015

I bought this umbrella after a bit of thought. I live in California. Everything seems to be illegal . You can not even carry a bat in your car with out the destination being a ball field and proof you actually have a reason for it. My wife and I recently went on a trip which lasted a week and this umbrella proved to be worth the acquisition. It is strong very light when you consider its size and the fabric tough as hell.
The umbrella has a steel tip which protects the polymer end from being damaged. The grip is so comfortable to hold and the whole unit is very well engineered. The canopy is large not as big as a golf umbrella but big enough for two people to get under in a down pour.
I am very pleased with this purchase. I keep this in my car now as a permanent fixture . The stays or ribs that open the unit are all some kind of stiff yet flexible polymer . No metal pieces to pierce the canopy or rust. No button to push in order to close the unit you simply pull the ribs back down toward the handle . You do push a button to release the mechanism to open it though. It comes with a protective sleeve that can easily be put in your pocket or left in the car when the umbrella is used. The protective sheath or cover is useful and keeps the UV rays from the umbrellas shell when it is not in use. I would definitely buy this product again. I mentioned this before but this is the lightest umbrella of this size I have ever picked up not to mention the absolute toughest.

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