Nayoya Back Hook Massager

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Product Description

The Nayoya Back Hook Massager is a patented self-massage tool designed to give you the benefits of controlled pressure massages, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy without ever visiting a physical therapist, chiropractor, or masseuse.

How can the Nayoya Back Hook Massager benefit you?

The Back Hook features 9 Knobs to effectively treat knotted back and shoulder muscles allowing by allowing you to dig into sore, tender muscles to alleviate pain and achieve trigger point release ensuring the muscles heal faster.
The shape and design of the Back Hook ensures that you are able to reach any part of your body without much effort, allowing you to manually apply direct pressure to knots and tense muscles in a similar manner to a deep tissue massage.
The Back Hook is more effective then foam rollers, shiatsu massagers, golf balls and tennis balls for self treatment of knots in your muscles and trigger points to provide a feeling of release which is achieved by applying the right amount of pressure to break up the knot without irritating it.
The Back Hook helps you relax and re-energize by eliminating tension in your body and muscles.

What is included with your order?

The Back Hook comes with a beautiful nylon storage carry bag allowing you to conveniently store the Back Hook and travel with it.


  • IDEAL HOOK SHAPE to reach different areas of your back making it easy to effortlessly alleviate pain and stress while reenergizing your day; A must have if you suffer from tight shoulders and upper back; The angled handles allow you to get better leverage on every muscle group
  • GETS HARD TO REACH AREAS such as the trapezius, upper lower and mid back muscles, shoulder blades and hamstrings
  • PHYSICAL THERAPIST RECOMMENDED for it's effectiveness for fast total body relief from head to toe
  • WORKS BETTER THEN foam rollers, shiatsu massagers and tennis balls for localized tention release to provide a similar effect to having an elbow digging in to perform a deep tissue massage
  • MEASURES 19 X 13 at its longest and widest points. Two of the 9 knobs are strategically placed 2 inches apart to help stimulate and relax tense neck and thigh muscles

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Top Reviews

Weird, odd, and amazing product
by AV Guy (5 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2017

This has been a life saver.

I suffer from a bulging disc in my cervical spine area. This can cause lots of muscles to become "knotted" to try to protect my neck from movement (learned that at the dr. office, fun fact). At any rate, the knots HURT and sometimes you dont have the time or money to go have it worked out by a masseuse.

Enter the Nayoya back hook. This thing looks weird as all get out. But the bulbs and bends are perfectly placed for you to get leverage on just the right spot. There are so many different ways to use this thing. Literally any angle you can think of. I love it and it has served me very well in the time I have owned it. The only thing that will loosen a muscle faster than this is a Dry needling session at the PT office.
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Bad shape with tight opening between two ends.
by bellavida (2 out of 5 stars)
December 9, 2015

It works but the shape is not good. It is shaped between a semi-circle and a question mark with around a foot of space between 2 ends. When using this you have to be careful orr you can easily hit your head, shoulder, tummy or just about anywhere in your upper body the opening between the two ends is tight. I am a petite person weighting less than a hundred pounds with not too big a tummy but it is not comfortable if I hold it across my body to massage my back. Even when I hold it straigh on one side, I have to be careful that it does not hit my tummy. I am tempted to return it. I bought this because a friend had a cane from Kaiser shaped like a candy cane. It was very comfortable. Amazon has the same shape, maybe I will with that (I hate the color though).
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Friends laughed at me and then they tried it.
by Derek (5 out of 5 stars)
April 9, 2015

Great product! I originally got it because I had a large discomfort in my upper right back, near my shoulder blade and I could not get it out. I tried lacrosse balls, tennis balls, foam rollers - all which did help to some extent, but couldn't really help me isolate the single location. I ordered the Nayoya Back Hook Massager and within 2 days it came in the mail. It comes with a cool draw-string bag that is easy to use and bring your back massager with you. Other than that, it contains a card with a link to YouTube on how to use the device. After I opened the package, I immediately used the back massager notch just like in the picture and it really worked. What I really like about it is that I can watch TV or stand and still reach the spots on my back and massage deep tissues. Since it is my body, it is easier to locate where the discomforts are and therefore I don't have to rely on trying to get someone else to feel the knot and can just do it myself. I use it to massage my back in deep tissue areas and even my neck, legs, calves as well. Has a lot of notches for different massage points on your body. I would highly recommend this to those who are struggling with back knots and don't want to go to a masseuse.
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Nayoya Back Hook, the best self back massager!
by Don (5 out of 5 stars)
August 1, 2015

This back massager is excellent! I had been looking for a device to reach the virtually inaccessible areas of the back which normally only a physical therapist can reach and this is the massager that can do it. I had looked at the dozens of straight devices on the market and it was obvious to me that they just would not fill the bill! When I spotted this model I was quite intrigued by it and the more I studied the design the more I realized that not only could I reach all areas of the back, but just as importantly the hook design allows one to easily apply varying degrees of pressure for any length of time just as an acupressure therapist would do. With the tip of the hook on the back pressure points it is very easy to apply forward and controlled pressure with both arms pushing forward. This would be impossible with a straight design. A nice well thought out design. Congratulations!
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Wow! Instant pain relief!
by HonestlySuzie (5 out of 5 stars)
August 3, 2016

I have trigger point pain and muscle knots and spasms in my neck, shoulders and back. I have tried many many products to help release the pain. I was on medication for the spasms but stopped it because I didn't like the side effects. I even got steroid injections directly into the trigger points for relief. Those would only work short term. For years the only thing that I could do at home to even begin to give relief is a percussion massager but it couldn't reach the deep spots that needed massaging.

The odd shaped device, which I have nicknamed Ole Yeller, has been amazing! I cannot believe the instant relief I get when using it. I watched a few videos on ways to reach the spots I needed and I experimented using it in different positions as well.

After I purchased this product, my sister tried it and loved it too. So she had me order her one. We both can't believe the relief this gives. It uses pressure to cause the muscle to loosen up. I use it daily. After using, I can turn my head side to side much easier. Without it, I'm limited to how far I can turn my head. I wish I would have known about this sooner. Please try it. Use it properly. You won't regret it.

If you find my review helpful in making your purchase decision, please hit YES below when asked. Thanks!
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No Magic Here. But, It Does Have Some Benefit
by Jen S (4 out of 5 stars)
April 24, 2017

What can I say? I hoped for magical back pain relief. As I rated, this product is okay; it can add pressure to certain areas of your back, thus relieving some tension in a place that may be inaccessible without the tool. I hesitate to refer to it as a 'massager' since it only operates when you manually move it. I see its value, but honestly, after using it a few times, I put it in a cabinet many months ago, and I haven't used it since. It's not poor quality for what it is, but in this regard, it is only a pressure point wand. Again, it's okay overall, but in hindsight, I would not purchase another. Hope this helps!
*** EDIT I'm going to bump this up a star, from 3 to 4. I brought the "Hook" back out the cabinet to assist with back pain in a very specific, yet unreachable area (by my own hands). I place the wand's knob precisely on the knotted muscle and use pressure help to minimize the knot and relieve" some pain. I may not use it often, but for this particular need, I'm happy to have it around. It's well constructed and I imagine I'll have it for many years. Hope this update is helpful!
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I've had terrible knots in the same side because I have been ...
by JoFaraday (5 out of 5 stars)
August 9, 2016

I started noticing a tingling in my hand. My doctor told me it was CTS but none of the tests worked and I was not convinced. I've had terrible knots in the same side because I have been carrying kids on my hip for about a decade. I was unable to move my neck freely and every day I woke up sore.

When I first used the back hook I was surprised at how it really worked my knots. I totally did not do it for the recommended time and kept working the same bad spot for about an hour. This was a terrible idea. I apparently rubbed that spot raw (I guess because I was wearing a tshirt) and after it became really swollen. It went away after a couple of days but it was incredibly sore. I do feel that it did improve the area though and I'm happy with my purchase.
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by Kevin (5 out of 5 stars)
September 1, 2016

I had a knot in my back that I felt on and off through the years and finally got tired of trying to help it by uncomfortably rolling on a tennis ball on the floor. I bought this Nayoya Back Hook Massager and used it a few times and it felt great each time and was easy. I didn't give the back massager or my back another thought for a month or two until I got a polite request from the seller to review the product, so I have to add it worked so well I had completely forgotten about a long standing problem in my back of many years. My guess, is that now that I had a tool to get the spot easily, the spot gave up bothering me anymore. Some psychologist might be able to explain how that works, but hey, without knowing why it worked, I got everything I wanted and more with this massager! Now I keep the Nayoya massager around just in case my back ever tries me to see if I don't have it! PS. The massager shipped very fast and was packed very well. Great seller!
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An extremely versatile massager!
by SNSHNE4U2 (5 out of 5 stars)
July 31, 2016

I don't know how I managed before getting the Nayoya back massager! It is amazing, and something you can totally use on yourself. You can completely adjust the pressure yourself. Although the item did not come with an instruction manual or booklet showing different uses, there are videos you can watch on youtube and articles that explain the different pressure points. I have really enjoyed using this on my middle upper back. I carry a large purse and notice that I tend to get a knot just below my shoulder blade on that side. Using pressure and a circular motion has really helped that spot. I also use this at the base of my neck. There are a set of massagers that are supposed to be spaced to use on your neck head, but I find that they are spaced just a bit too wide for me. I do still like using it, but I just have to move it from left to right to get the pressure and contact I want. With these minor adjustments, I have been very pleased.
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This Is the One!
by The Sophist (5 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2017

OMG I LOVE IT. I recommended it to two of my cousins so far and I'm telling everybody it's great. No I did not get a discount for my review. I paid full price and bought it on my own after doing research. It's pretty sturdy, has just enough flexibility to be responsive to the pressure I apply. All the knobs are what makes the difference, and the curve on either end is different so you can go hard and very direct, or easier pressure with the other side. Experiment and play with it. It's great. I was popping knots in my back and shoulders all day.

The only flaw is the seam on the knobs. They use a mold to make this and there is a very small plastic ridge that runs along with center line of the product and over the knobs. It's very small but can be sharp on bare skin, especially after heat and lotion. I sanded the knobs down with a super fine sand paper to make them smooth. If Nayoya makes sure the knobs are perfectly smooth, they would have a flawless product.

Despite this one flaw, the product is awesome and works great. You will not regret getting this.

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