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Show your children that not everything in life needs to be resolved with violence using these yoga pose green army men toys. They've hung up their rifles ... [Read more]

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I received Yoga Joes as a wonderful gift from my wife after I began practicing Vinyasa ...
by Anne Milligan (5 out of 5 stars)
July 26, 2015

I received Yoga Joes as a wonderful gift from my wife after I began practicing Vinyasa hot yoga in Portland. As a IAVA veteran and someone who works with veterans daily, I deployed the Yoga Joes in a strategic and yet calming location on my desk. They have been met with delight. Much love, Scott.
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The packaging they arrived in was awesome and it was such a fun spin on Green ...
by Chris Proffitt (5 out of 5 stars)
July 21, 2015

I ordered these for my wife since she loves Yoga and is in the Air Force. The packaging they arrived in was awesome and it was such a fun spin on Green Army Men. They look great in her office.
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Love them!!
by E. Wilson (5 out of 5 stars)
May 12, 2015

LOVE THESE!!! Amazing detail and who knew you could do yoga in full combat gear! ;) Brought them to my office (and I work for a premium yoga brand!) and people stopped in their tracks every time they saw them. So fun.
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Yoga Joes Steal a Toy Soldier Collectors' Heart
by gneisenau (5 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2016

Ok... I want to dispel some of the reviews that I've read on these little gems. I'm an avid metal toy soldier collector but will dabble in plastic rarely if something really gets my attention. That Something would be these little guys. I'm unsure of the reviews that found these figures lacking in size. They measure about 62mm in height. For comparison, standard Britains' toy soldiers are 54mm (1/32) and the 'New' Toy Soldiers, sold by King and Country, Gunn Miniatures, etc. clock in at 60mm (1/30 scale). So, these are actually *larger* than the largest familiar scale to most toy soldier collectors or purchasers. They are made out of what appears to be polystyrene. This is the type of plastic used in, say, scale models. Plastic came about as a remedy for those parents who were tired of buying super expensive metal soldiers, only to have your kid crack a few weapons, arms, or heads off. It is, to paraphrase Miracle Max, '*Mostly* Unbreakable". It is certainly more brittle than standard 'soft' Army Green toy soldiers but on the plus side, polystyrene mends very easy and requires no more than a Super-Glue type of cement. And honestly, were you actually going to play with soldiers that average about $3.50 per figure?! If so, you might want to consider moving over to painted metal figures for higher quality and realism if you've got that type of budget. These guys are doing yoga. Nary a Brown Bess, Enfield, MP40, or MG42 in sight.
I've also noticed some complaints about broken figures. It's possible that the first figures were sent loose. They are now sent in a plastic shell with cut-outs for heads, hands, feet. I treated this like I would a model and used a small snips to trim away any packaging that encased limbs. All came out without any difficulty.
While they don't 'fit' the theme of other soldiers that I own, they are their own, individual theme. Placed in a cabinet with others, they'll still stand out as 'unusual'. The Yoga Joes are unique enough, and diversified in pose enough, and, yes, priced well considering how much a good collector set costs that I'm confident that they would be snapped up at the Chicago Toy Soldier show,East Coast Toy Soldier show, or any other venue.
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Great gift, but be careful gettting them out
by hmramey (4 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2016

I was so excited when I saw these. My 5 yr old son is really into "army guys" and we've been working on deep breaths to "calm the inner Hulk" for a long time. What better way to introduce yoga as a cool guy thing than these Yoga Joes?! He opened the present on Christmas and asked each about each position and then did them all (we've practiced yoga in bits for a while). Unfortunately, they were packed so tightly in their container that one broke as we were taking it out (tree pose). I will glue it back together as it is not showing me a replacement option, but recommend having adult help to open the box for anyone buying it.
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Nice but overpriced
by L. Maxwell (3 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2019

I bought these for a gift. I rather thought the plastic would be the soft sort, like the army men of my youth, but it is not. My tree pose soldier was no longer attached to his base, but I will glue him back on. My handstand soldier does not stand well due to the fact that he has one hand that is flat and one that is curved. The depictions of the poses are very good with the exception of downward facing dog, which has the feet much wider than they would be if you started from tabletop or plank. They are fun but not a good value for what you pay.
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These are really cool if you're a dude into yoga
by Michael J. Dowling (4 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2018

These are really cool if you're a dude into yoga, meditation, etc... I knocked off 1 star because like other posters have stated, at $28.00 they could be made better. The plastic is real cheap. Even if they used the same plastic found on the real green Army men it would've been a significant improvement, and you can buy 1000 of those dudes for like $5.00. But the cool factor makes up for it, very original and cool idea.
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High-quality plastic, accurate poses
by PJJ (5 out of 5 stars)
December 17, 2017

The Yoga Joes are a great novelty sit around often sparking conversation from many who visit my office. The green plastic is sturdier than a lot of your typical green army men. The poses included in the starter set are many of the poses that I learned in my first year of yoga.
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Great product. My patients get a kick out of ...
by Rico F. (5 out of 5 stars)
January 17, 2017

Great product. My patients get a kick out of it when I tell them that they need to stretch. I tell them that STRETCH NEEDS TO BE THE WORKOUT! NOT JUST STRETCH BEFORE WORKING OUT, BUT STRETCH NEEDS TO BE THE WORK OUT. Then I show them the Yoga Joes and they seem to get the point after that. I see mostly Soldiers who tend to overdo their workout and their work throughout the day. When they are running out of time during PT in the morning, the first thing to go is stretch because they have to make more time for running. Stretch is important! Great training aid. Thank you.
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Perfect peaceful distraction for your cubicle at work!
by Tiffan (5 out of 5 stars)
February 25, 2016

A coworker had three of these from a previous set and I loved them SO much that I ordered a set to complete it. It's fantastic for an office space, definitely helps lighten the mood and allows folks to play with something while talking about projects. These little guys are made from high quality plastic, and stand up (or sirs asana) to stacking on each other in .. various... ways. We absolutely love them, and am SO glad to bring a little "inner peace" to the Oil & Gas Capital of the U.S.

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