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Product Description

Easily write in dimly lit areas without having straining your eyes by using this LED pen light. Available in sets of three, each pen features a compact cell battery powered LED that emits a bright white light, so you can comfortably write in the dark


  • ECONOMICAL PACKAGE PEN LIGHT: Each Pack include 3 x WHITE Light Pens with extra spare refills for recycle using. The ink of Cartridge is black .
  • HANDY LIGHT UP PENS: Easy to use, just one click the top button to turn the light ON and OFF , LED Penlight is powered by 3X AG 13 (LR44) cell battery (Installed and Replaceable) :Twist the light barrel to get the pen tip in and out.
  • NIGHT WRITER WITHOUT DISTURBING:As a lighted Pen Writing instrument, suitable for who need illumination in low light environments -Write notes, thoughts or reminder without disturbance in the dark at Theater, Restaurant ,Bars , Auditorium, Concert ,Hospital , Dormitory,Bedroom and more .
  • VERSATILE PENLIGHT : Not only you can write it in the dark, but you can read what you write. Idea for your handbag or keep on you because it backs up as a small flashlight for emergencies.
  • Glovion 's pen light has earned a lot of praise ,as the first penlight developer ,this is not the end , We would like to establish a sense of trust with our customer by high-quality product and after-sales service . Package come with the extra set of accessories of button batteries and refills for recycle using. Buying with confidence!

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Top Reviews

Pen fits my purpose. Would buy again.
by M.L.B. (5 out of 5 stars)
April 22, 2018

My job requires me to write things with low light so I bought these thinking it would help. These pens are super useful in the dark and have a nice amount of light. However they come apart too easily. I bought a package of 3 and have only 1 left because they come apart inadvertently. I realize they come apart on purpose so you can change out the ink & battery but that is when you want or need to change ink & battery. Mine seem to loosen on their own in my pocket. I would tighten them but I found myself tightening them every time I'd go to use it. Got a bit annoying. A few times I'd try to not deal with tightening the pen and then it would just come apart. The parts are in several small pieces so it is hard to put back together properly ( spring, ink, click button, pen tube, battery, etc). Will be looking for another option. Bummed cause the actual pen itself gave off great light and wrote nicely.

Update: January 2019

So the company sent me some new pens since my original review stated that I wasn't completely satisfied. After receiving the new pens, I have used them now for several months and have found that the pens have held up quite well. I use the pens in the complete dark (for work) and the glow of the pens is not overwhelming but gives off enough light that I can do the work required of my job. I will be adding the remaining 2 stars giving the pens a 5 star rating. Every now and then I have to tighten the pen as it loosens over time & with usage. As far as the function of the pen it works nicely . The light and the ink work great. I often get asked about the pen and people admire it. Also the pen company didn't hesitate to replace my original set of pens. I didn't give the first set of pens enough time. The company's commitment to quality of there product was A+.
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Best lighted pen ever!!!
by Daryl (5 out of 5 stars)
June 27, 2018

I've own a lot of lighted pens, I use them much of the time by my bedside, when I awake in the middle of the night with a great idea to write down..but each had a problem... some had the light in the tip area which mean when you went to write something down, the light created glare and whited out what I was writing, which made it uncomfortable on my eyes.... other pen lights had the light near the top of the pen near the clicker, which was too dull to see anything.

But these pen lights are just perfect. The light is in the right place to illuminate what I'm writing and there is a color for any occasion. The one with the clear lens is great at night before sleep when I need to jot something down in a darkened area (like a car or outside, etc) and see what I'm doing ... the one with the red or green lens is great to use when I wake up from sleeping to jot down an idea and then return to sleep as they don't fully awaken me (I guess the idea is to stay away from blue light which is the current reasoning in Sleep research)

I would recommend these lighted pens, they truly are a pleasure to use
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Beautiful, Great in Dark, but be aware of somewhat Limited Ink
by Dr. Michael W. Ecker (5 out of 5 stars)
June 2, 2018

The pen is exactly as described. Writes nicely, has the nice light for the night, and includes extra batteries & ink.

It just plain works... ... until it doesn't!

I purchased three sets of these pens, three to a set, for a total of nine pens. I've had them a couple weeks, and one day, two of the pens were already out of ink.

But this is where it gets interesting. I was in contact with Tony at Glovion, and he went way, way out of his way to make me happy, sending me a bunch of extra pens and refills. Superb customer service. So, yes, buy and enjoy!

So, given this very major defect/ flaw/ shortcoming, I can recommend this if you limit writing, say, to night time in the dark. For all other uses, use other pens, and save this for the dark. If you can do that, then go ahead and buy. If you can't, then maybe stick to a regular pen.
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Love it!
by sarah (4 out of 5 stars)
September 30, 2016

Perfect for a bartender like myself when tabbing out customers with credit cards!! Great lighting for looking for anything lost in corners and crevices of any kind. Only con is I'm left handed so the tip of the pen likes to close when writing but i just used a little clear tape to keep it open seems to work like a charm. Also the screw on part in the middle needs a little more stability bc like myself i carry this in my back pocket throughout my bartending shifts and have already almost lost the flashlight part due to sitting on it. It seems to come apart farely easily but it hasnt broke. I just screw it back on and added clear tape to that as well. At least Reno the pen is sturdy enough to sit on without breaking . The pen itself is clear and the tape I added as well is clear and can't even tell that the tape is on there. Still love it and all of my servers and bartender want one as well if you're in the service industry like myself this is a necessity and considered gold. I'm rating it 4 stars for all my fellow left-handers
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this is a good deal.
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
September 2, 2016

I bought this to use for my dream journal so I could jot down details in the middle of the night without getting out of bed or blasting light while my husband was still asleep. I have no complaints, it works really well, and you get three to a pack plus replacement bits. If you need to write in the dark for any reason anywhere, this is a good deal.
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I love these pens
by Gen (5 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2017

I love these pens. Pack of three with extra batteries and refills. Pens all worked and wrote smoothly and not as complicated as some reviewers implied to change batteries or ink.

Very good light and both features work independently of each other. Great pen for your handbag or to keep on you because it backs up as a small torchlight for emergencies. Also because the light is on the bottom half allows you to write in the dark without turning on lights and disturbing others.

Saw comparable pens for $9 each so this is not a bad buy at all!
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4.5 start
by rh (4 out of 5 stars)
May 22, 2019

I love these pens, but have modified them. I ordered the blue, thinking it would be easiest on the eyes, but they are so bright, they could be hung from a chandelier during a power outage. What I've done: 1. remove the lower third of the pen, 2. wrap a strip of electrical tape to within 1/2 inch of the point and up to the screw, 3.put pen back together and, 4.wrap tape from the opaque top part to just the point where the bottom two parts connect (that way you can still replace the ink cartridge.) Voila, the pen writes well, has a five inch diameter of illumination, and I can go back to sleep after writing at 2:00 a..m. my genius thoughts about how to solve the world's problems, and then even be able to read my scrawl in the morning. The pen is a cool idea and I've ordered additional for writer friends.
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The cup is ⅔ full!
by Rich Sanfilippo (4 out of 5 stars)
May 20, 2016

Well, the bad news is that one of the three pens doesn't work, but since I only really needed one pen I now have 2 and some spare parts. This light up pen is great for writing notes or reminders at night, so you can get back to sleep. I like these pens because the top button turns the light on and off and you turn the bottom of the barrel to get the pen tip out - some other pens require up to four clicks to operate and it's easy to forget where you are in the click count.

Anyway, good pens for the money.
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Mixed feeling about these pens
by Gary N. Shollenberger (3 out of 5 stars)
September 14, 2018

The LED light is a nice feature that does allow you to write in the dark., but.....I prefer fine point pens, and this is no fine point. Also, the ball point oozes ink onto the paper as your write, leading to globs of ink that make a mess on anything that touches the paper afterwards. I would be far happier with these pens if they came with a high quality fine ball point that didn't leak ink.
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Light is brighter than I expected, otherwise as expected
by naruvoll (4 out of 5 stars)
May 4, 2018

Product works pretty much exactly as you would expect. Click on the back and the light goes on or off. Twist and the nib extends.

The light is quite bright and illuminates a large area. Perhaps slightly too much for my tastes, I've been considering covering up the back third to reign it in a little. No problems illuminating the journal I'm writing in though. I would be comfortable using it as a flash light indoors if the need came up.

Writing experience is average. No problems. If you've written with a pen, you know what to expect.

I have noticed the complaint mentioned in other reviews that the turning mechanism is a little loose, making it easy to retract or extend the pen when you don't intend to. It isn't a problem for me most of the time because it is just sitting on a table. But I was a little hesitant to put it in a bag when I traveled, I could definitely see it coming out and leaving ink stains on the fabric if it got jogged too much.

Overall, I would recommend it.

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