Caffeinated Toothpaste

Brand: Power Toothpaste
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Product Description

Power Toothpaste is a toothpaste for people with big ideas and bigger dreams. This is your secret weapon. Cure world hunger; invent a new product; get that promotion at work; Seize the day, starting with a better morning. Caffeine absorbs directly through your gums, as soon as you start brushing. Power Toothpaste helps you get going even before your morning coffee. The ultimate morning life hack. Eliminate morning grogginess instantly. Start your morning by brushing with Power Toothpaste. Just imagine how productive you will be.


  • The world's first caffeinated toothpaste.
  • Get a rush while you brush.
  • Power Toothpaste contains the same healthy ingredients as the leading brands to eliminate plaque, reduce stains, and freshen your breath. And caffeine.
  • Tastes good - minty but not too sweet. More importantly, works great
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