Fiber Optic Light Up Pants

Brand: TrYptiX
Category: #9109937 in Apparel (Suit Pants)
Price: $988.00  (1 customer review)
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Product Description

This Light up Suit is an elegant way to enhance your style for your next white party, light up business meeting, or to simply expand your high fashion cabinet. There are so many uses for this suit jacket it's unreal, impress your family (And hers) at your wedding, surprise the employer at your next big function, Or take it to your next festival and have a ball! The fabric is white and exudes excellence in every facet of its production. When unlit the entire suit looks amazing, however, when you use the built in battery pack to illuminate your suit coat you'll blow people away with its unique look. Choose between just the jacket, just the pants, or save $100 by buying the whole suit!


  • Beautiful White Fabric When unlit
  • USB Rechargeable battery pack for each Item (Pants and Jacket)
  • Wireless Remote to control Color changing and modes
  • Perfect for White Partys, Weddings, Festivals, outfits, costumes and more!

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Top Reviews

by Playa (5 out of 5 stars)
October 9, 2018

My gf bought me a bunch of stuff from tryptix and one of em was these pants. The whole pants light up! Like, not a little bit or just part, not some lights on the outside. Like, the material itself actually lights up! The whole pants shine and change colors while I'm dancing. She got me both of the matching ties so I wear a light up tie with it and I look great! I think anyone would, these pants are so frickin cool!

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