LEGO 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader

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Product Description

Are you ready to take your LEGO play experience to another level? The LEGO Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader is powered by an advanced Smart Hub with 3 motors and controlled via the intuitive LEGO TECHNIC CONTROL+ app. The sophisticated app technology enables super-precise movement and functionality, while delivering endless authentic digital play combinations with authentic sound effects. Users can choose from different control screens to drive forward, reverse, steer, accelerate, brake and traverse obstacles. You can also get real-time feedback, such as a speed and tilt log or test out your skills in the app’s challenges and achievement section. This sturdy 4x4 app-controlled truck comes with high-rise independent suspension, large wheels with chunky tires and a fresh color scheme with intricate sticker detailing. Its complex gear mechanisms and technologies introduce LEGO builders to advanced elements of engineering, while improving reaction times, cognitive thinking and creative problem-solving skills.


  • LEGO builders learn advanced elements of engineering while improving creative problem-solving skills as they construct and play with this amazing app-controlled LEGO Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader.
  • This 4x4 app-controlled truck is powered by an advanced Smart Hub with 3 motors and operated via the LEGO TECHNIC CONTROL+ app, which delivers super-precise movement and functionality for a highly immersive play experience.
  • Kids can choose from 3 alternative screens on their smart device to drive and traverse obstacles at the touch of a fingertip, play sound effects, complete fun challenges and get real-time feedback, such as a speed and tilt log.
  • Ideal as a Christmas or birthday gift for all aged 11+, this sturdy 958-piece 4x4 app-controlled truck comes with high-rise independent suspension, large wheels with chunky tires and a fresh color scheme with cool sticker detailing.
  • The 42099 LEGO Technic 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader measures over 7" (19cm) high, 12" (33cm) long and 8" (22cm) wide and can be combined with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative play.

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Top Reviews

New tech for the sake of new tech...
by RJ (3 out of 5 stars)
August 4, 2019

It's a quick build and a robust vehicle, but the steering design needs mechanical improvement. In addition I had to recalibrate steering several times. App-based control is ok, but without physical levers, you spend a lot of time looking at your phone to keep your fingers in the right position, rather than looking where you're driving. You're paying more for new tech than for playability.
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Will not function well in high grass.
by DPark (4 out of 5 stars)
September 21, 2019

Excellent build! Functions pretty well. Would have been better if the subframe of the model wasn't engineered to be so low to the ground. Cannot enjoy offroad trials as a result.
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Fun set!
by B. Terburg (5 out of 5 stars)
October 7, 2019

Fun set. Not fast.
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great set
by Josh (5 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2019

this set was alot of fun to build and has great controls
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Worth every cent.
by CKYToy (5 out of 5 stars)
August 3, 2019

This is an amazing kit. Total assembly time is about 2-1/2 to 3 hours. LEGO has also released the new Control app with this kit, which uses the mobile device and Bluetooth for a connection. Back to the truck: wow. There are some really neat and new components here, namely the front upper and lower control arms and the integrated wheel ends. The wheel ends are a planetary setup with a 5.5:1 reduction, making a lot more torque than you'd get otherwise.

PERFORMANCE NOTE: The drivetrain in this kit includes two multiplication stages before power is transmitted to the differentials; these are both set up for overdrive: motor > big gear > little gear > big gear > little gear > diff. This gives the kit decent speed but not much torque. IF YOU WANT TO "CRAWL", flip the gear sets to Motor > little gear > big gear > little gear > big gear > diff. It will move very slowly, but it makes HUGE torque at the wheels. A true crawler at that point. A middle ground is to flip the gear set nearest the differential only. Will go a bit faster and still make decent torque. I feel like LEGO should have pointed this option out in the manual, as it's fairly easy to execute during the build. If you feel like changing it after full assembly, it can be a bit time consuming.

So much fun playing with this one. Just do it.
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Interesting build. The control app is novel, but hard to operate without looking at it.
by Two kids mom (4 out of 5 stars)
September 5, 2019

TLDR: Interesting build. The control app is novel, but hard to operate without looking at it. If you do not already have Mindstorms I would consider that a better value for long term play and learning, but this has parts I have never seen before. Lots of stickers, which am not really thrilled about but all the Lego sets seem to be going this direction.

The instruction book is 220 pages long. Build time for two experienced adults was just under two hours. You need 6AA batteries, I use Eneloop rechargeables and they last for about 40 min when using the car outside.. You also need to download a control app, which is about 400MB in size. There is NO physical controller, so you must have a phone or tablet with Bluetooth to control the car. The control is pretty cool, you first are presented with a circle with the car inside it and you point to which way your car is facing. Once you have done this the app shows you which way your car is facing. You then just touch the screen for the direction you want to go, the farther you tap from the image of the car, the faster it goes. The app has building in challenges as a sort of game, but it needs some work, it is a bit hard to navigate.

This has 958 pieces that are distributed among bags (for easier build) and a box with the electric parts. It has a LARGE number of stickers, and getting the skinny small ones on is not easy. You basically build the inside functional structure, and then the "shell" of the car.

The Control hub is 9 units wide, 9 units long and about 4 high. It has two input/output ports on each side for a total of 4, a on/off button on the top, and a LED light on the end. Inside there are 6 sensors: 3 gyro and 3 accelerometers.
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Great Set, Nice Challenge, Fun to Drive, Good Intro to Technic
by J. Stoner (5 out of 5 stars)
August 26, 2019

Although a sizable model truck when finished, it is really hard to believe that there are about a 1,000 pieces used to assemble. I suppose all Technic kits are like that, though, with all the pins needed to create the necessary support. I had a blast putting this together, and it is just amazing how quickly it all comes together at the end. Putting this together was pretty close to giving me a lesson on vehicle suspension and gear boxes. I like that.

Using the phone to control it is a little sad, since you have to look at the screen quite a bit. I haven't used it on rough surfaces or uneven ground, but am looking forward to making an obstacle course. There is some neat features in the app like a tutorial and training.

It took me three(ish) hours to put together (I didn't keep track, but did it over the course of three nights. Very enjoyable. This was my first Technic set, which was a completely different experience than your standard Lego sets. My fingers hurt a little from pushing all the pins in. The instructions were pretty clear, although some places it was definitely hard to tell where the pieces went or some "hidden attachments" of the larger assembled pieces.

This is a really great introduction to the Technic line, as it demonstrates a higher degree of difficulty, but isn't demoralizing while assembling. Highly recommended.

My dog doesn't like it when I start driving it around... he can't stop barking at it!
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Great toy and build BUT only rolls with the app.
by Katherine M. (5 out of 5 stars)
September 22, 2019

My 9 year old son loves Legos and he really loves more complicated builds so Technic sets are some of his favorite. He also loves all things car related and car games so having this truck be RC controlled in an app really incorporates his favorites all into one toy. He really enjoyed the challenge of this build. After it was completed my husband noticed that the front tires were not turning very well so he investigated and found out that our son had left off a piece for the drive train axle which was causing the problem. If you have a problem with your tires double check the instructions to make sure everything is in the right place. My husband was very impressed with the design of this truck and they have a lot of fun playing with it. They both really love that this truck is not a delicate RC car. It can climb which my son loves to build ramps and platforms to drive on. They say that the tires are aggressive, meaty and realistic. The suspension has a crazy amount of articulation and travel. It's sturdy and great on jumps, rocks and (short) stairs. Steering is good (not great) very wide turns. Many reinforced sections to strengthen the entire build. The body comes off easily to recharge batteries. Motor is sufficient, but you will never win a race because it is slow but it is a "rock crawler" not a race car. It's meant to be a sturdy, heavy duty truck that can be used for obstacles. My son tends to be hard on RC cars so the fact this is so heavy duty is a great fit for him and he really loves being able to use it in all kinds of ways for climbing over things.

There is a downside, however, which is that this truck cannot be pushed manually for play. This is not something I would have realized and I did not see it anywhere in the instructions or description but my husband knew that to warn our son. I even called called LEGO to confirm because our son wanted to play with it like he does his other Technic LEGO vehicles and they confirmed. The motor has to run for the gears to run which means it will not roll unless you are using it with the app because it will grind the gears which is bad for motor. The way that it articulates while still maintaining 4x4 wheel drive is amazing according to my husband so it is a really great truck but it's something to be aware of that you cannot play with it as a toy to roll without the app. For such an expensive toy I do think that should have been clearer and it does annoy my son who otherwise really loves this truck. Like a lot of parents we limit our son's screen time so I wish there was a way for him to be able to play with it offline. Obviously not an issue for older fans and my husband is very impressed with it.
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Beefy Off-Roader
by Lashello (5 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2019

I Love Legos since i was child and now i'm trying to get my son to play with them instead of video games. so i sat with him and it was very straight forward assembly followed the instructions exactly, it was fairly an easy process, took us exactly 2 hours and 12 min, Yes, I timed it =)

Both axles have independent suspension and the front axle is also pendular , and steering angle of the wheels is around 25-30 degrees. The whole body is held at 3 points with 2 from the sides and one from the front, so it's very easy to remove so that the battery box can be accessed to replace the batteries. The chassis is very simple, light and robust.

Each XL Motor powers one axle via open differentials, total gear ratio from XL motors to the wheels is 1:2,77. The front axle has a softer suspension with more travel than the rear axle.

The control APP in the instructions comes with a QR code that you can scan to download the app, however link was dead for couple a minutes, but kept trying until it worked.

After successfully installing the app, I tried connecting to the hub using powered up app, but the app didn't register my Technic hub, so i used the official lego protocol to send basic motor commands.

Lets talk about movement and steering, steering radius is around 45 centimeters, This is due the independent motors for each axle, open differentials and high steering angle. Even though the battery box is placed quite high the crawler is is quite stable for it's narrow width.

Ground clearance in the rear is around 5 studs, and only around 3 studs in the front, this is the maximum vertical height the off roader can skip, and the maximum angle it can drive is 45 degree over that the motors will get stalled and the controller unit will cut their power. It also has no issues driving over light rocky terrain, but it can easily get stuck due to it's low ground clearance in the front.


Parts Diversity it has 958 piece includes very useful parts like
- 3 motor and battery controller
- New CV joints and portal hubs
- New 3x3 connectors
- suspension arms and shock absorbers
- 2 large turntable
- 4 massive wheels and tires

Regarding realism and aesthetics, with the exception of the pendular front axle, the set realistically represents a beefed up 4x4 off roader. The new yellowish/orange color really brings it to life.

Unfortunately the model has to rely on a total of 33 stickers which is a bit much for such a small set.

Having said the the set is a great starter to start building your own PU and off road models.
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Straightforward build process. Excellent vehicular design. Fun to operate with smart app.
by Dr. Stuart Gitlow (5 out of 5 stars)
August 23, 2019

As usual, Lego has done well in providing all required parts - nothing missing, and a few extras at the end of the build. The building process took a few evenings of work with three integrated motors connecting to a hub which is then accessed through the downloadable smart app. The illustrated manual was well done and there was no point where I had to go back to correct anything along the way. The hub requires 6 AA batteries (not included) and is fairly easy to remove for battery replacement. At the end of the build, the hub immediately linked with the smart app (using the iOS version on an iPhone XS), went through a quick calibration process, and the truck could then be "driven" using a two finger approach. The app indicates tilt on both the longitudinal and horizontal axis, as well as indicating the scaled speed. You can also use a one finger approach on a separate map if desired. I found both easy to handle, though the app itself can be somewhat non-intuitive to figure out (getting to the one finger approach, for example, isn't particularly clear). The truck's design is quite remarkable, with better suspension and differential engineering than most cars have. The body attaches to the chassis at three attachment points; it's easy to test-drive the truck prior to attaching the body just to be sure that everything is working properly. I went back and forth as to whether to use the stickers, ultimately deciding to place them as Lego intended. There are almost no bricks in this set - just a few are used for the simulated lights on the vehicle. There are many gears, all of which come together and work smoothly. Overall, a very impressive model.

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