Raccoon Baculum The Old Texas Toothpick

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Baculum bones are the bones located above the urethra in many placental male species. It is found in great apes, chimpanzees, marmosets, racoons, and many other creatures. They are not present in humans, horses, elephants, and certain other mammals. It is thought that the baculum bone evolved in certain species to allow for longer period of copulation, as the stiffness of the baculum bone helps with maintaining stiffness for copulation. For humans, it was less important as it seemed they developed a tendency to mate with a single female repeatedly for longer periods of times. For example, great apes encounter females much less frequently, and will attempt to copulate longer when they do come across them. Additionally, there is interesting history related to baculum. The word, translated from Latin, literally means stick or staff. There are many that argue that the baculum was the bone being referenced as the 'rib' in the creation story in Genesis of Adam and Eve. The thought was that there were translational issues, but it was intended to mean baculum, and helped explain the lack of a baculum bone in modern humans. This particular penile bone is cleaned, sterilized, and ready to use. It can be an interesting conversation piece for the home or office. Known as the Texas Toothpick, it can also be used as a token of appreciation or love. Young suitors throughout the south have tied ribbons around raccoon baculum and given them to a love interest as a token of appreciation, and to help woo them. These raccoon bones are collected from American raccoons, and sterilized and processed here in the United States. Order one today for a fascinating conversation starter, a token of love, or to attempt to enhance your prowess (as the legends have it).


  • RACCOON BACULUM BONE- Authentic, sterilized racoon penile bone; From large, American raccoons, these penile bones are roughly five inches in length, measured along the curve
  • TEXAS TOOTHPICK- This unique present is called the Texas toothpick, and is a prevalent gift and source of ‘male enhancement’ in the Southern United States; Young suitors will give a potential mate one of these raccoon penile bones attached to a red ribbon as a sign of their love in some parts of the south
  • LOVE ENHANCEMENT- Others claim these raccoon penile bones provide natural male enhancement and will help with your love life; Given the outsized nature of these bones, compared to the size of most raccoons, it is not hard to imagine that raccoons have a certain prowess with their female counterparts
  • POWDERED RACCOON BONES- Many grind up these raccoon bones and include them in drinks or smoothies so they are more palatable; These bones come fully sterilized, and are thus appropriate to use for fun in potions, powders, and the like
  • THE HERITAGE GUARANTEE- All of our products come with a no questions asked 100% satisfaction guarantee; If you have any issues at all with this raccoon bone, our customer service team will be quick to help!

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