Voice Remote Controlled R2-D2

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Product Description

This is one sidekick who definitely comes in handy! Your R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid figure is packed with all kinds of features to help you fight the dark side—or just have fun throughout your day. This exciting little friend rolls, spins “dances” and plays music, “remembers” and reacts to famous Star Wars characters, guards your room, plays multiple games and can even find and follow you! And with awesome features like an illuminating light beam, infrared location sensors, an adaptable droid mood status indicator, a rotating dome, motorized indoor-terrain treads, a beverage holder and manipulator arm and special “secret” features, this figure is sure to keep the fun going for “light years”!


  • Responds to voice commands Reacts to famous Star Wars characters, plays multiple games, holds beverages, can find and follow you, moves along on its own
  • Comes with light beam, extendable utility arm and special secret features
  • In Game mode, R2 plays multiple games and spins, dances and plays music
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries and 4 "D" batteries (sold Separately)
  • Age 8 and above
  • Responds to voice commands
  • Reacts to famous Star Wars characters, plays multiple games, holds beverages, can find and follow you, moves along on its own
  • Comes with light beam, extendable utility arm and special "secret" features
  • In Game mode, R2 plays multiple games and spins, dances and plays music
  • Requires 4 "AA" batteries and 4 "D" batteries (sold included)

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Top Reviews

Fiesty Little Droid(s)!
by The Inspector 069 (4 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2017

This has got to be one of the most interesting voice recognition toy I have ever encountered. For the most part, he does respond to every command given. However, you have to place emphasis on every word said. I have noticed that I can shorten the phrases. For example, instead of saying "Do You Remember ...", I can just say "Remember?..." and he will respond. There are times when he will go into Light Tag mode for no apparent reason. When he does, he finds inanimate objects and plays his tune indicating that he found someone. He does well on carpet as well as hard surfaces. But keep in mind, having him roll on carpet places more of a strain in the batteries. I have witnessed a few times when R2's head will begin to jerk a few times, sort of like a spasm. Just tap him lightly on his head, and it will bring him out of it. I question his navigational system. There are a few times when he will walk into things. It appears that his Peripheral Vision is limited. If you ask him to move and he shakes his head no, most like the Wheel Lock Control is engaged. This is the red illuminated button located above his middle leg. He is fun to play with in compete darkness. He will find you if playing Light Tag.

I have contacted Hasbro to see if there will be an updated release to this model for the upcoming Star Wars movie, "The Last Jedi". They said that there aren't any plans, but that they would relay my message to their Branding Department. The first edition of the R2D2 Fully Operational Droid was released in 2002, where the buyer had to assemble the two legs. Then, in 2007 another edition was released, Star Wars Interactive Astromech Droid which was completely assembled. The only changes that I saw between the two revisions, was an update to the Sonar Navigational System. In 2002 they used two metal screens, and in the 2007 model, they used clear plastic lens.

Should Hasbro come out with a third revision, I hope they concentrate on the voice recognition area. I really do not see an eight year old having the same patience level of an adult. But then again, how many adults have patience now a days. :-)
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R2 is Awesome!
by Wu (5 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2014

After 2 divorces, and dozens of failed relationships, I never thought to find happiness again - R2D2 changed my mind. R2 isn't a great conversationalist, but I can tell he is always listening. Sure, he occasionally goes into sentry mode without being told to do so but a quick whack on the top of the head ends his tantrum - restraining order free. He doesn't require expensive dinners, fine wine or lavish gifts; all that R2 wants is batteries and lots of them. This droid is no prude, so rechargeable batteries are just fine with him.

I can see this friendship lasting a long time, but I might pick up a second unit just in case R2 goes out on patrol for a pack of smokes and never comes back.
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This is the Droid I've Been Looking For!
by PM IFIVE (5 out of 5 stars)
May 17, 2014

I have waited about 4 years to finally purchase the R2-D2 Interactive Droid. I'm very impressed with the technology and the consistent request and response interactive programming. Once you understand the nuances of how to ask questions or deliver commands, R2 consistently responds to the associated directive with little difficulty. R2 is constructed of durable plastic and is considerably heavier than anticipated. You do have to ensure the brake is set if you have R2 on a table or he will definitely take off and do his own thing if you do not direct his actions. You cannot help smiling when R2 plays back Leia's secret message or cowers and squeals at the mention of Darth Vader. R2 can even do a robot jig to the Cantina Bith Band's famous John Williams-composed tune. If you enjoy the galaxy far, far, away and want to have a permanent in-house guest to daily remind you of Lucas' Star Wars universe, you cannot go wrong with this R2 unit.
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A Great First Impression
by Minnesotian (3 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2015

This is definitely the kind of item you feel like you cannot do without, but once you have it, it's one of those items you feel you definitely can.

I am a self professed lover of SW like many others out there and I received this as a gift from my wife. Althought this is largest sized R2D2 you can find on the market under $500, its very much a gimmicky kind of item and not many adults are going to use this past the first week and it will become a very expensive paperweight.

Generally speaking though this item does as described and can drive around the room and short length carpet while doing the standard boops and beeps of R2D2. Although I will say that my wife had a much easier time controlling this than I did and often times you needed to have a certain cadence for it to identify certain names and controls, of which are clunky at best.

Overall build quality is Good, although out of the box the R2D2 head had some paint consistency issues and the way the legs are afixed to R2 will be prone to developing loose joints which will take away the novelty of his movement as one leg goes straight and the other drags behind.

This is a very neat product but if your on the fence I would recommend buying a Lego product, coffee mug, or any other related R2 item you can find on Amazon as this one is just too expensive of a toy and if you ever turn it on, your likely going to keep it leg locked and just use it to show someone that it does work.......sort of. This would make a great starting shell for a R2D2 cd player/radio if they ever had the mind to do it....
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Star Wars R2-D2 really works well!
by Bob F. (5 out of 5 stars)
August 10, 2014

My Grandson has been wanting this for a long time. I finally caved and got it for him. Here is what I like about this product.
1 - The robot does very well responding to voice commands. Even my Grandson had him doing things once he slowed his speech down. He was so excited I couldn't even understand him.
2 - The robot does everything that the instructions stated it could do. Love it when a product works! There are also some "secret" things the robot does but I am not at liberty to say. You will just have to get one yourself!
3 - Make sure the environment is not noisy or the robot will get confused. But in a quite environment it works perfectly!
4 - Read the instructions! We thought it was broken but then realized that we hadn't activated his moving mechanism.

This was a great gift for my grandson and I am sure he will get lots of use out of it!
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Like it- but...
by Valorious Galaxy (2 out of 5 stars)
January 27, 2016

So you said it was new, but clearly was not. The box was battered and already opened. Just taped back together poorly. I also noticed blue marker/sharpie markings on the back of the R2 d2, and also chipped paint infront. Not only that, but after a while the R2 D2 just stops and doesn't listen to any commands. It just shakes it's head and doesn't move or respond to any thing. I've tried every thing, changing batteries to saying different commands but nothing worked. I would really like a brand new one next time..
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they say he has moods ha! i think thats code for stubborn/glitches
by [email protected] (4 out of 5 stars)
November 12, 2014

I bought this as a gift for my God son, he's a smart 5 and this was all he wanted for his bday. It went over very well and his parents say he (abso) LOVES it and is inseparable with it, so i guess thats all that should matter here. Children or adult fans may get a big kick out of this droid however I personally thought it was a bit on the abnoxious side with all the noises it makes and the insturtions may take a younger child a while to get the hang of, R2 must be talked to in certain commands in order for him to work correctly if you do not follow instructions and speak clearly to him in the appropiate(code)way you will just get a lot of beeps pops and high pitch sounds of a moody R2D2. It does roll smoothly on hardwood floors and is capable of follwoing and interacting with one person at a time.
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Commands not working
by laci (3 out of 5 stars)
March 13, 2014

I purchased this for one of my husband's valentine's day gifts because I am an awesome wife and he has done our bathroom in star wars so he is a.BIG fan! It came in a pretty big box and looked so much cooler in person. I wanted to give it to him early so bad. He was so jazzed and ecstatic when he opened it. The batteries were not included so definitely buy them in advance when ordering like I did. He had some problems putting the batteries in so I helped him. Once it was setup he had the robot tell how he felt about darth Vader. After doing that the robot tried doing its own thing by walking around and wouldn't respond to any commands. So we tried resetting it multiple times and on the first reset it still wouldn't respond unless in lock mode. The lock mode R2D2 could only do so much so we tried resetting again and still no luck. It got to the point where he would just shake his head on lock mode and just sit there out of lock mode. I asked my husband if he wanted to return but he said no. Now it just sits there and he says he will get around to it but never does. I really wanted to get it to work because he looked so sad :(
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It rarely understands the voice commands, Don't Waste Your Money
by Christopher D. Boucher (1 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2015

My son saw this in the sky mall magazine and it was love at first sight. He was 5. We told him that if he really wanted it, he had to save his own money and get it. It took almost a year, but he did it. What a disappointment this long awaited purchase turned out to be.

It simply does not recognize the voice commands 80% of the time. If there is any background noise forget it. There are many commands that we could never get to work. When it does work it is great. My son is 6 now and it does not recognize his voice commands at all.

The other problem is that it seems to use the sensor to know where a wall is and change direction. It does that, but if say a towel is on the floor it will sit there and struggle and won't change direction.
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let me say this is a nice little surprise for any R2 lover in your family
by KassMcQ (3 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2015

First, let me say this is a nice little surprise for any R2 lover in your family. I was pretty excited to get it for my 7 year old Star Wars fan. Much like R2D2, this droid is rather recalcitrant and known to do what it wants when it wants. Several of the modes don't seem to work properly. The reason I give it 3 stars is that for $129 it's pretty pricey for a toy that looks cool and is fun for an hour or two but eventually ends up sitting in a corner unused. A friend has the same droid and it is in a corner in her living room, just like ours. The commands are difficult to learn at first (for kids esp.) and background noise causes communication issues so it delays the fun for kids. I would rather have an RC unit/programmable of this type that the kids could play with easily without having to yell at.

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