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Product Description

There's a mystery that needs solving, and you're just the detective to do it. One murder...6 suspects. In this suspenseful murder mystery game, players have to find out who's responsible for murdering Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion in his own home. Get the scoop on the mansion's rooms, weapons and guests and start detecting! Was it Plum with the wrench in the library? Or Green with the candlestick in the study? Eliminate information throughout the game in this classic whodunit. This Edition: This Luxury Edition of Clue attempts to set the high water mark for quality and luxury for the most famous murder mystery game of all time. This luxury starts with a handsome burl-finished furniture-quality wooden cabinet. Decorative die cast metal Clue name plaques adorn two sides. Unlike the traditional fold-flat cardboard version of the game, this luxury edition features 3-Dimensional mansion rooms. This is accomplished by placing the rooms inside the game cabinet, underneath the playfield, which is topped with tempered glass, giving the game board depth. Attention to detail went into designing and producing the accessories. The 6 uniquely colored character movers have wooden tops with a weighted die cast base. The 6 weapons - knife, candlestick, revolver, rope, lead pipe, wrench - are plated die cast. The cards are gold foil stamped. A stylish detective notepad, 6 pencils, a solution envelope, 2 dice, and a gameplay guide (instructions) are also included. All of the accessories store away neatly in a faux leather storage box. Game cabinet measures 18 x 18 x 4.25 inches and weighs just over 10 pounds. Game playfield measures 15.75 x 15.75 inches. Accessory storage box measures 9.25 x 8.125 x 1.125 inches and weighs 1 pound with all accessories stored inside. Officially Licensed by Hasbro. Designed in Massachusetts. Produced in China. Appropriate For 3 to 6 Players, Age 8 and Up.


  • The most beautiful Clue game on the market
  • Two-ton wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers
  • Gold foil-stamped board with glass play surface
  • 3D view of every mansion room
  • Deluxe storage box keeps pieces organized

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Top Reviews

Really nice! We love it. One issue with our set...
by Joseph Koziol (5 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2017

My wife has been asking for a classic clue game for years. I surprised her with this and she loves it. I've been reading a lot of other reviews and, from what I gather, there may be some different or inferior sets out there. Ours was just about flawless. To address complaints I saw by others:

The case may not be real wood, but darned if I can tell. It's solid, hefty as heck, and has a rich, warm finish. Nice sturdy feet. Does not wobble as one reviewer said. It has chunky solid brass plates on each end of the case with the Clue font on them. Also, real glass that seems thick and safe. (Another review claimed it was not real glass).

The pieces are great. They have a nice heft and solid metal bases that make a nice "clack" when set on the glass. So what if the piece inside the base is plastic? How else would you get the colors right? We love the way they feel and look.

The details and colors (one review said there was no color) in the rooms are terrific. I saw one complaint that said they are just paper. True, but they are precision cut and folded pieces with tons of detail. Also each room does have a solid detailed 3D piece of furniture in it. They're sort of mesmerizing.

The weapons look and feel great. They're all metal with bright gold finish and oversized slightly from the original game. The only piece I wasn't crazy about was the lead pipe. It looked a little like a pasta noodle instead of a weapon (sorry I'm a stickler when it comes to bludgeons).

The cards are nice stock with fun, classic pictures on them. All the pieces store a nice faux leather textured cardboard box. Some folks complained that there was no storage drawer. I admit, that would be a pretty nice feature.

OK now the issue: on our set two of the room interiors do not match the label on the board. The kitchen and lounge are switched. Maybe just an freak defect? Either way, we're quirky people so we like it and we're not sending it back. But Hasbro might want to look into that. I'll post a picture on their Twitter account.

Now about the cost: I ordered with a Prime trial and signed up for Amazon credit so I ended up paying $150. Expensive? Yeah, I guess so for a board game. This is a luxury item that no one needs in order to play Clue. But it's also sort of an heirloom thing that really looks nice in the house and makes playing seem special.
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Beware counterfeits.
by T. LoGiudice (1 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2018

I received a cheap knockoff. The rooms are not 3D, the board top is not glass, and the "wooden box" is a completely different size, shape, design, and color from the pictures. I got a paper image of the board glued to a shoddy fake wood box for $200. Currently trying to get a refund and hoping I can find someone selling the real deal. Update: ordered a second one, this time it is the real thing, but the kitchen and lounge walls and furniture are swapped. Ordered a third one and waiting to see what I get. This is ridiculous...
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Not worth the hassle, or the price
by Amazon Customer (2 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2016

Please keep in mind this isn't a seller review being that every time I ordered this it came from a different seller for some reason, it is simply a review of the quality of the product itself. I ordered this item 3 times before I received an acceptable version. The first time I was sent a Clue game which was not three dimensional; it was simply a run of the mill paper-topped Clue game glued to the top of a wooden table like the one pictured. I contacted Amazon customer service, they refunded me on a gift card that could only be used to purchase this item again, and they pick up the wrong version the next day. I order this item again, and this time one of the furniture pieces had snapped off of the board and was rolling around inside one of the rooms. I do not have the tools or the knowledge to open up this board, fix it, and put it back together, so I called Amazon customer service again, again they refunded me on a gift card, picked up the broken version, and again I purchased this item. This time the item was not broken or incorrect, but it definitely was not worth $200 for these reasons; the table I received has uneven legs so it wobbles when weight is put on any side, the paper glued to the floors and walls of the rooms was not pressed all the way down at the edges so it rolls up a little and looks cheap, and -as a purely aesthetic complaint- the gold paint used on the furniture inside the rooms is not nearly as shiny as it seems in the picture, it's quite dull actually. Overall, I was upset with my experience attempting to get the item pictured so I contacted the last seller I purchased from, told them this whole story, and they offered me a 15% refund. Not a terrible resolution, but not great either. Point is, if you're a genuine collector and/or know someone who really loves Clue, this is a really really cool thing to have, but I would not suggest purchasing it at $200. It's worth $60 at best.
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One Star
by Kindle Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2017

Actually like the game, BUT it is not as described. This is NOT the glass version.
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Really very nice.
by Bob S. (5 out of 5 stars)
October 2, 2019

This thing is reall very nice. It was a gift for my wife who loves board games and it will stay on display in our game room for the foreseeable future. Meticulously detailed and refined. This is really something to behold. I am now looking up other "luxury edition" games to see if we can slowly start building a collection of these.
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by Eroni089 (5 out of 5 stars)
August 4, 2014

Purchased this as an anniversary gift for my Clue-loving boyfriend. He also happens to be a big collector. He absolutely loves everything about this item. I was very impressed with the way it looks. Everything is immaculate. The only thing we are modifying about it are the colored game tokens. My boyfriend doesn't want them to scratch the glass (because we plan to actually play with this game board), so we are adding felt to the bottoms to prevent any damage to the glass. Overall, this is a wonderful buy. My boyfriend is super in love with it!
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well made but rooms are same
by Loretta (3 out of 5 stars)
March 15, 2016

The image depicted is not accurate. All the rooms are the same color. On the plus side, the game pieces and game housing are very well made. The rooms should look different...like in the Clue board game.
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by Old white man with gun (5 out of 5 stars)
June 16, 2019

This is a fantastic-looking game board! you look down into each 3D room through the glass playing board! it has the appearance of being hand-crafted; it's a far cry from the Clue game that you played when you were younger!
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we love this version of Clue
by A. Reed (5 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2017

This game looks like a doll house shadow box. We love the way the games pieces are weighted with metal and "click" on the glass top as you place them.
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Very cool
by Hope (5 out of 5 stars)
January 16, 2019

Neat and a ton of fun.

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