Cat Scratching DJ Deck

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Product Description

Cats scratch furniture to exercise, mark their territory and just for sheer pleasure, so why not mix that instinct with a bit of fun?

It's common knowledge that cats love a cardboard box to play with, and the Cat Scratch mixer Turntable is no exception. Flat packed and easy to assemble, the turntable shaped pet accessory will allow your cat or kitten to realise their musical potential. Fold together the boards pieces and let your cat do the rest. With a poseable tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws it, you can sit back and giggle in a 'look, the cat is doing human things' way, rather than watch in horror as they shred the arm of your new sofa. It's a useful scratchy toy that prevents them tearing up your plush furnishings or ripping other card board boxes to shreds.

Comes complete with illustrated, easy to follow instructions, they are pet accessories for you both to enjoy. A great addition to cat-loving houses. Distract your animal and save the sofa! A fully functional scratcher design by Suck UK, makers of the greatest gifts on earth!


  • Cardboard mixing deck scratching mat for your fluffy feline friends. Comes with a spinnable deck & posable arm for your cat to paw. Easy self-assembly with clear, illustrated instructions included.
  • Fold the durable cardboard into the playful structure and watch as your cat begins to spin the decks with its claws. A great scratching alternative to your couch & a funny distraction for your cats!
  • A cool and unique alternative to other kitty scratch toys and pet accessorys, the foldable djs mixing deck will turn your favourite pets into mixers / scratchers of the highest quality.
  • The purrfect gift for the cat obsessed at Christmas or birthdays! Whether your cat's an aspiring DJ or simply enjoys cardboard material, this design supplies the perfect outlet for cat scratchings.
  • Measures 35cm(W) x 38.8cm(H) x 14.4cm(D) - a good size for kittens and cats of all ages. Folds together easily and guaranteed more fun that catnip!

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Top Reviews

love it !! but overpriced
by Erica (3 out of 5 stars)
July 5, 2017

When i saw this i HAD TO HAVE IT FOR THE KITTIES!!!! It comed unassembled but easy to make .. ever had to fold together a legal box ? Its literally the lid part lol . I liked how it was an arts and crafts make it at home thing but 30 bucks for a decorated box lid , wooden stick ,and 8 inch catscratcher is a little ridiculous to me .. also keep in mind CATS+CARBOARD ! My cats are eating the whole entire thing lol . Very funny creative product i love it , just overpriced .
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cats like square things
by Richard W. (5 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2017


Turns out my initial skeptisism was completely unwarranted. By 9pm, DJ Kitty was in beast mode as the rave kicked off in the living room. As the sun came up, DJ Kitty refused to part with the deck. Review elevated to 5 stars. Yes, a bit expensive for carboard, but we are considering selling tickets to the next show to make up the difference.


This would totally be a 5-star review if the cat actually did anything with this. I'll break it down this way: generally, cats like square things, not round. While the visual of a cat spinning vinyl and channeling its inner DJ ("deadca7"?) is aesthetically energizing, my cat won't even lay down on this thing, let alone spin the turntable. We sprinkled a little catnip on it, glued her favorite toy to it, even taped her front paw to luck. Maybe the next product in line from SUCK UK would be a mixing board with busses made out of yarn or something a feline would actually engage. Good effort though.
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I loved it. Cat not so much.
by Jack M. B. Selway (1 out of 5 stars)
June 15, 2018

Wonderful idea unfortunately our cat didn't read the instructions properly or look at the pictures and never got with the program
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Don't waste your money.
by Amanda A (2 out of 5 stars)
December 20, 2016

Meh. I had high hopes for this. I have 3 cats, who are obsessed with boxes, so I thought this would be a for sure thing. There are several issues with this product:
1.) it's a giant pain in the ass to put together. The tabs barely want to bend, and when they do, you have to be careful not to rip them off.
2.) the top portion, doesn't securely connect to the bottom. When the cat jumps in, it falls off.
3.) it does stay put together On the sides.

I'd say this thing is maybe worth 10.00. Don't waste your money, or your time.

Side note; my cats hate it. They'd rather play with a Costco box.
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Five Stars
by alexa owens (5 out of 5 stars)
February 23, 2016

Vinnie is very pleased hahaha
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It's really cute and easy to put together
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
December 6, 2016

It's really cute and easy to put together, but now my cat thinks my professional turntable is his toy, so there's that.
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Seriously, it's amazing.
by Kipp (5 out of 5 stars)
February 9, 2017

This is perfect and hilarious. My cat scratches it constantly and takes at least one nap on it daily. Best purchase I've ever made.
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Cute Idea, But Really Just An Overpriced Folding Flimsy Box - Actual Scratching Area Very Thin & Sma
by Kristin (2 out of 5 stars)
September 12, 2012

I admit it's a cute idea. And if you buy it, have a camera ready as you never know when it'll truly look like your cat is "dj-ing." But it's NOT worth the money and not durable whatsoever.

I was very disappointed when I opened this item. First, I couldn't believe it fit in such a small, flat package. But it did because it's basically just a box you fold together and it's supposed to stay together with tabs that stick in the inserts. Some wouldn't even hold and I had to tape them. No biggie though. It does have a creative design on the box, and the round scratching area does spin. However, my cats (who have loved ALL scratching items) did not take to this one. After about 10 seconds of interest (which I believe was mainly from the catnip), they never touched it again.

My two cats tear the crap out of ALL their scratching toys, except for this one. They prefer the $10 or so ACTUAL boxes that have replacement scratching areas to buy when needed (you take the old one out of the box and put the new scratcher inside it). They've scratched up their cat tree IMMENSELY! They also scratched up another round scratching item I got them (that includes a plastic 'ball holder' that's attached all around the area to be scratched - so they can also play with the ball, swat at it & try and catch it, etc). But this one didn't appeal to them (or me).

The round area that they actually scratch is a lot smaller and thinner than I expected. Perhaps the size of it is the reason they never 'took' to it.

I also did not like this item (and not just because my cats didn't). I would never pay that much money for a folding box. I thought it would arrive as shown or with some assembly, but I wasn't expecting just a flimsy box with the DJ design on it. I was expecting something MUCH more durable or sturdy. This has been used by my cats once - mainly by just sniffing the catnip I added to it. They barely scratched it. I DID get some cute pictures when they sat on it (and my male cat is twice the size of this thing!) He also loves to lay in or tear up boxes, so I thought he'd at least get a kick out of doing that (which I wouldn't have minded as he would have had fun in SOME way & got SOME use out of this). But it's just been sitting in my basement untouched ever since I got it.

It may be a better item for a kitten. For whatever reason, my cats, as I said, have torn up every scratching toy I've gotten them, with the exception of this one. And I was not happy at how flimsy it was and that I paid so much money for a box that folds together (and some parts of it wouldn't even stay together). Sorry, but I do not recommend this.
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by Prometheus (4 out of 5 stars)
September 11, 2019

Bogie the cat and HOMEAGAIN kitie said one day, "Hey Pap I want my own PC." So Pap bought him this PC here. For the next 3 days Bogie knocked the living days lights out of the PC batting around the attached mouse. OH how he loved that mouse. He knocked it into the living room and then the dinning room and the kitchen and every other room. Finally Bogie the cat had what he wanted ...that rotten mouse that controls the whole pc and he was batting that around and carrying it around in his mouth with his kitty teeth until he finally lost we don't know where the mouse has gone,,perhaps in a mouse hole like Jerry of Tom and Jerry...and Bogie the cat jealously sit by his brand new pc guarding it from any other dirty rotten sitting on the keyboard...thanks Pap that was fun.
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Not for adult cats
by Mrs. Lala (2 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2017

This was amazing idea the concept was adorable however it is extremely cheap. If you want to get this for a kitten it would be best. Full size cats will destroy this in a matter of minutes. The entire scratch pad is made of cardboard which could be easily crushed by a full-size adult cat. While scratching at the turntable I noticed when the cat's claws would get caught in the grooves the turntable would come apart it's held together by a very small wooden dowel in which I hot glued it to keep it secure.

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