Cat Car Headrest Pillow

Brand: VXAR
Model: COMIN18JU057593
EAN: 0723260232515
Category: Pets
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Dimension: 3.90 x 3.90 x 9.80 inches
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Product Description

Three-Dimensional Headrest Pillow.
Make your journey more warmth, more comfortable, more lovely and more interesting.

The pillow is quite large, and the face is adorable!
This neck pillow is actually kind of genius. It's a traveling neck pillow, and it has a really cool elastic band around the back so you can put it on the head rest. It's not going to move around!
And because there is so much stretch to it once you get it on it fits tightly and stays in place right where you want it.
Size: 10.5x11x4 inches for single, one packed.
3D cute animals lovely cat pet dog image, which is loved by children and ladies.
As a cool gift to your family, girlfriend or boyfriend...
You can actually take out the material inside if you want to clean it. Is filled with a cotton polyester type of material.
So if you want to change that out, you actually can, but it's really comfortable the way that it is.

Make your travel more comfortable, and better alleviate neck fatigue.
For your body, your family and friends, come on!

Please keep this vacuum bag out of reach from children under 6 years old.
When you first open this vacuum bag, please leave the headrest pillow for at least 1 day, allows air goes through.


  • Car headrest pillow 3D cute animals Lovely Cat pet dog image, which is loved by children and ladies.
  • Made of peach twill cotton fabrics, it is more permeable to air and soft.
  • Size: 10.5x11x4 inches for single, only one unit packed.
  • Fine workmanship with high quality elastic back flocking fabrics.
  • A suitable headrest comforts drivers and passengers, to get rid of fatigue as well. 3 year warranty.

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