Lightshow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Brand: JBL
Model: Pulse 3
EAN: 0050036337519
Category: Gadgets & Tools
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Dimension: 3.70 x 8.80 x 3.70 inches
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Average Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Give your nighttime dip a cool ambiance and bitchin' soundtrack using this lightshow waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a built-in battery that can last for 12 hours on a single charge and features a cylindrical design that provides 360 degr


  • Take your listening experience to the next level with the JBL Pulse 3, The portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that combines 360° sound with 360° Lightshow
  • With a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 12 hours of playtime and an IPX7 waterproof housing, Pulse 3 is perfect for worry–free listening by the beach or pool – or even in it
  • With JBL connect+ Technology, you can wirelessly Link more than 100 JBL connect+ enabled speakers to amplify the party
  • With the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone you can take calls from your speaker with a touch of a button
  • You can make your music look amazing by customizing the light sequences and easily adjust your settings with the JBL connect app

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Top Reviews

Scam! Don't buy!
by Emily119 (1 out of 5 stars)
September 30, 2018

Great speaker but the one I bought from this seller only lasted 3 months. Battery doesn't hold a charge. I believe they are probably reselling returned damaged ones and selling them as new. VERY disappointing, especially for the money spent! And doesn't look like I have any options for refunds. And this might be a scam an have no warranty from JBL, there is not a serial number on the box where there is supposed to be one. You are better off buying new directly from JBL or an authorized JBL retailer so that you get a warranty. Waste of too much money and very disappointed daughter since this was a golden birthday gift for her.
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Great bluetooth speaker
by Ralph Sula (5 out of 5 stars)
February 18, 2018

Great bluetooth speaker i will do more listening on the speaker and will update my review. Heres some picture of how i unboxed it.
**Update 2/18/18**

I put the JBL Pulse 3 in a sink full of water and YES IT IS WATERPROOF. It floats !
**Update 2/20/18**

-Wow opening this bluetooth speaker is like going into a party.
-Really great packaging
-Neat and very well organized

-Pairing was very easy and fast. I dont think i need to explain much about bluetooth pairing
-Theres a input for an aux cord but the JBL Pulse 3 didnt come with a aux cord
-The play button can be used for speaker phone or voice assistance. Its voice assistance on whatever phone you have.
-The infinite button is for connecting other JBL speakers. I dont know how it works because this is my first JBL. But the manual says the JBL pulse 3 has to be playing music and the other JBL should be on. When you press the infinite button it should start to play the same music.
-The light button has 8 light modes. Wave , rainbow,Camp fire, fireworks , equalizer , rave , jet and your own customize light that you can make on the app.
-The range is pretty far that i can bring my phone around the house with me and still have the speakers connected and playing without any connection cutting off.

Sound Quality
-Great , amazing sound quality.
-Very clear and crisp with balanced bass .
-You can set the sound on your equalizer and itll still be clear and crisp.
-I knew it would be a great speaker when it started up.

-The app works great for me.
-It tells you the percentage of battery your speaker has.
-You can customize the lights color, make your own light show.
-You can switch the play button into a voice assistant or just a regular play/pause
-When i downloaded the app it had me download a firmware to upgrade my speaker. I dont know what it did to the speaker but it upgraded it.

-Great lightshow !
-Portable and has long lasting battery. 6 hours if its with the lights on, and 12 hours without the lights
-If you have kids that need a night light and calming music , i would suggest this
**Update 2/21/18**
-This JBL Speaker is 20 watts
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Sounds decent, looks amazing !
by LUIS H. SALES (4 out of 5 stars)
September 27, 2017

It sounds pretty decent, not as good as my Bose sound link mini II though. The light show is amazing if you are listening music at a very high volume. I got a bit disappointed by this latter reason - if you are listening at a moderate volume the lights will not match the music and will barely move on the equalizer mode. I hope a firmware update fix this in the future.
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Best. Speaker
by elovin (5 out of 5 stars)
April 16, 2018

Best. Speaker. Ever. I want 4 more of them for everywhere in my house! My favorite setting is fireworks. I'll post a video.
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Great at first - did not last long
by Karizma (1 out of 5 stars)
December 6, 2018

I bought this for a friend and she loved it at first but eventually the battery was dying very fast even when the light show was not on. After some time the speaker would not hold charge for long. Meaning it would take forever to charge but then the battery would die pretty fast. Not satisfied at all with this buy!
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JBL Impresses!
by MD,Top Contributor: Photography (4 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2019

I've been buying these kinds of mobile speakers all the way back to the wired days, and it's amazing to see the technology progress. It's a challenge, certainly, combining performance and portability although, in this case, most of the size is dedicated to the light show, so it is impressive how good the sound is, considering the actual size of just the speaker components.

Usually, I like to buy brands like Anker and others that are known to produce high quality without charging a lot, but, I picked up one of these (at the shockingly full price of $300, yikes!) and was very pleased, so came here looking for another one to try the paired performance and found it for less than half of what I paid! Should've started with Amazon, I guess, but I was excited to try the pairing and it certainly did not disappoint.

Many "big brand" speakers honestly don't seem worth the big price tags, next to smaller, much more affordable brands that have mastered or even improved on similar tech, so this was one of my few "bigger name" buys in terms of speakers, and I have to say, at the price here on Amazon at least, this felt worth it, compared to cheaper buys I've made over the years. The sound is truly full and rich and rewarding. I like these 360 degree set-ups, which do produce a bigger sound than front facing types, and these speakers really fill up a room, especially paired, although even one is impressive and worth the asking price here.

Why not five stars? Well, as others have noted, the app is quite buggy, and is really surprisingly limited, considering the selling point of the light show. While it is very cool that you can literally pick any color, by aiming your camera at any object (and the speaker will do a decent job to "match" that color in its light display) the gimmick element fails to impress with the limits of what the app can do. One should be able to specify or choose the displayed range of colors, for example, as well as have more pattern options and set up paired speakers individually or in unison.

It seems not unreasonable that there should be far more options for the light show, and the app itself should not be so temperamental. Often, the two speakers will fail to do as asked, and it takes repeated tries, which is frustrating. Once set up, it works fine, and, with some effort, you can get the same light show on each speaker, but they really seem to make it far more difficult than it needs to be, due to producing a pretty disappointing app.

At this price point, with a main selling feature of the lights (and most of the speaker size dedicated to the lights) one would think JBL could have hired some decent app developers, and made the light show feature really worth something, instead of just a somewhat boring side note. Not that the light show is awful, but it's just very basic, which seems odd for a lighted speaker and is a let down in terms of what was hoped for.

So, not five stars, just four, because of that disappointment, but, from a sound perspective, this is great, and paying more has definitely yielded superior performance and I'll certainly consider JBL for future purchases, knowing that the sound quality here is worth paying more.

Bluetooth connection is quick and easy, and speaker operation is also simple, and pairing two of them, from the speakers, works well, although, as I say, the app often loses the speakers, or can't find them, or has a hard time adjusting to stereo or party settings. Battery life is less than many speakers have today, but is long enough for most purposes and it will operate while being charged, so no complaints in that area. I did buy a case for each of my speakers, and I'd recommend it, since these feel like they could suffer damage rather easily.

Definitely hope JBL will improve on the light show factor. Otherwise, seems a bit pointless and not worth adding extra cost for not doing much with that element. And, the light show bit also makes these seem more fragile, given that, if dropped, I'm pretty sure the plastic housing (which is most of the speaker area) would easily crack, as just mentioned above.

I do recommend this, but with the caveat that you do know the app and light display elements are a bit disappointing, depending on expectations. The sound, however, is what counts and that side of things is a big win. I just wish now I'd paid for a cheaper JBL that didn't have the light show, but still had the great sound factor.

As a basic lighted speaker, they are cool to have on display, but why JBL did such a poor job on the app and available options is certainly a mystery, given the marketing of this product.

Hope this helps in your shopping. Thanks for reading! :)
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JBL app is buggy.
by TONY (4 out of 5 stars)
April 22, 2018

Speaker play well and is very eye catching with it's color displays. The JBL app worked well when I bought it but since the last update I am unable to control the lights using the app.
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Great speaker/loads of fun for all generations!
by Elizabeth Fulwider (5 out of 5 stars)
February 15, 2018

I purchased this speaker for my 13 year old grandson because he's really into music and computers. He absolutely LOVES it. We were rockin' right away as it is very intuitive and not at all hard to sync. The lightshow is really cool also and changes with the music. We had fun watching some of the "lava" type lights when vintage rock was played. Definitely worth it!
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by Kevin (3 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2019

I thought I was buying a NEW Pulse 3 but the packaging showed many signs of previous opening, the product itself was covered in fingerprints and had scuff marks on it upon unsheething the cloth cover. The inside of the box has sticky spots where someone spilled soda in it. Have not tested the battery life on this thing. I sure hope there are no problems with this speaker because I just spent $150 on it. Even the sticker on the box says "NEW". This is NOT new! This was clearly used before. You should not mark it as new when it is CLEARLY USED! Very upset with this purchase! I cant return it without having to pay for shipping and a restocking fee probably.
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The Perfect Speaker
by Jeffrey Seelman (5 out of 5 stars)
February 6, 2019

This item is a Bluetooth speaker that is really powerful. It has a perfect balance of days, midrange and tweeter and sounds great at low or medium and even high volumes. No distortion. I actually have two of these, and they are both hooked up to meaning Alexa. They have different kinds of lighting settings. Be aware that you cannot turn off the lights when the unit is on. So if you are using one in the bedroom like I am, I actually cover it with a shirt at night, and there's been no heating issues with that being covered. These are things I look for. The speaker reacts to sound and lights up kind of like the Star Trek computer from the original series but much better. Very very beautiful. I like the first one so much I bought a second one. You can also hardwire it because it has a 3.5 cm stereo input which is standard. Of course it also is a Bluetooth system in case you want to use any wires. I really think that this is the best model, and certainly the most beautiful and attractive. Your guests will ask you questions about it for sure.

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