Nemo Underwater Drone

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Dimension: 4.5 x 15.9 x 11.4 inches
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Product Description

Underwater Photography
Want to explore and record amazing things underwater? Nemo underwater drone gives real-time UHD pictures on your phone or tablet. Just enjoy such fantastic underwater films on shore without even getting your foot wet!

Finding fish is easier than ever
Unlike traditional transducer fishfinders, Nemo drone provides crystal-clear 4K UHD 30fps resolution real-time underwater images, it is even more remarkable target separation and resolution from shallow to deeper depths. It travels up to 6.6ft/s[2m/s] under water and can continue to operate for 3 hours. For better fishing, it comes with 328ft long tether cable so that you can go greater depth to have a clear view of what’s below. It makes your fishing journey easier.

Marine Exploration
Thousands of unknown underwater creatures exist below the deep sea. Nemo underwater drone helps find mysterious miracles underwater, which contributes to more new species catalog for marine biologists.

Boat Inspection
Commercial fishing boat or private yacht is always bothered by complex seawater erosion. Nemo underwater drone functions as a great tool to inspect the actual state of the hull bottom.

What's inside the package?
1x Nemo Drone
1x 64GB High-Speed SD Memory Card
1x Nemo 3-hour Battery
1x 328ft[100m] Kevlar Zero Buoyancy Tether
1x Wi-Fi Base Station
1x Wi-Fi Base Station Battery
1x Cord Reel for Tether
1x Nemo Charger
1x Nemo Backpack for Whole Unit and Accessories [$129 Value]
1x Quick Start Guide
1x 1-Year Limited Warranty
45 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Portable Design & Ultra-Stable Shooting - Nemo features the world's first QAS-Balance stabilizing system to capture professional high-quality wifi live-streaming video to your smartphone via Aquarobotman app (ios/Android). VR mode can be supported using VR glasses headsets[NOT Included], which brings a strong immersive experience
  • Best Resolution For Aqua World - Provides up to 4K UHD 30fps video including Full HD 1080P 120fps resolution and 16MP mega-pixel still underwater photo with the help of 1000lm LED fill lights
  • Built to Dive - With 6.6ft/s[2m/s] diving speed, Nemo underwater drone can dive down to the depth of 328ft[100m] underwater with a 328ft long waterproof tether cable attached to the drone so that you won't lose control or navigation ability in any tough situation
  • Detachable Battery Design - Nemo is equipped with a 3-hour C-hyper helix rechargeable power battery. If planning on a long trip or working on a big videography project, it is recommended to get more backup batteries from Aquarobotman
  • Applied Scenarios - Great for Scuba Diving View, Boats Maintenance Cam, Ice Fishing Camcorder, Yachting Accessories, Kayaks, Scientific Exploration, Salvage Radar, Rescue Explorer, Mapping, Study Marine Life, Film Recording, RC Submarine ROV Robots Toys for Adults

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Top Reviews

Nice purchase
by mikel (5 out of 5 stars)
January 10, 2019

I used this Nemo to record kids' behavior underwater. You couldn't imagine that such little kids are also into it quickly. But what you need to note is that you gotta pitch drone and move it forward when you want to submerge it.

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