Fabric Cat Maze

Brand: CatastrophiCreations
Model: 186250424EN
EAN: 0080119889253
Category: Pets
Price: $224.00  (Customer Reviews)
Dimension: 11.00 x 48.00 x 51.00 inches
Shipping Wt: 11.00 pounds
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Product Description

Our cat Heisenberg loves playing fetch on the Deluxe Playplace. He runs up the ladder, through the sisal-lined hole, and up to the top level where his toy has been thrown, and then back down.

When he gets tired, he can also nap on one of the stiff fabric hammocks.Since the entrance to the structure has a ladder and hole, this piece helps to create thought-provoking exercise for your cat. It is great for families that have dogs and are looking for ways to give cats their own space.

The fabric hammocks are rated to hold 62 lbs, and the wood pieces are rated to hold 85 lbs.We build our furniture out of solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy weight canvas for the hammocks.

All of the brackets come attached for easy installation. All of our furniture also comes with screws.This piece is built to be mounted to four studs, with 16" between the studs. (If your studs are spaced differently, let us know before ordering and, if necessary, we'll build you a custom piece accordingly for an additional fee.)

Dimensions: Total Width: 52" Total Height: 45" Depth: 11"


  • Hand-crafted beautiful & functional pet furniture
  • Perfect play structure to bring out the acrobat in your cat
  • Physically and mentally challenge your feline friend
  • Ladder and Sisal hole combine to create a dog-free haven
  • The hole in the Escape Hatch is 7.75 inch diameter

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