Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Brand: Pop-A-Shot
Model: New Home Dual
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Dimension: 82.00 x 87.00 x 46.00 inches
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Product Description

The originator of the first live-action basketball arcade game, Pop-A-Shot is back with a revolutionary and fully interactive Home Dual Shot basketball game. Engineered from high-grade 1 ½" steel tubing that is powder coated to reduce rusting and a thick, durable nylon ramp, the Home Dual Shot can withstand frequent use for years. The gaming control panel is easily accessible from the front of the unit. This allows users to activate and start the game, change audio settings and select individual games with ease. The game system also comes with a "cheat sheet" to help you use these options. The Home Dual Shot basketball arcade games features 10 individual games and six audio options that keep users engaged and provide interactive action for hours. Scoring is verified with an incredibly accurate scoring system. Our Home Dual Shot gaming scoring system uses proprietary infrared sensors that are nearly 100% accurate. The three-digit scoreboard is large and robust and features an accessory audio jack to allow you to plug into separate external speakers (not included). Mobility is made easy thanks to the wheels that are unique to the Home Dual Shot. The height can be configured for different-sized ceilings and individual users. The game is powered by an AC adapter or batteries. This basketball arcade game measures 88" L x 46" W x 82"/88"/94" H (based on different configurations). When assembled, the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot weighs 60 lbs. and easily folds for convenient storage (the length shrinks from 88" to 37").


  • THE ULTIMATE BASKETBALL ARCADE GAME: From the pioneers that created the original Pop-A-Shot basketball game comes the completely redesigned Home Dual Shot with revolutionary technology and multiple game options.
  • 16 INDIVIDUAL GAMES: Featuring 16 different games--the most of any arcade basketball game--and six audio options, the Home Dual Shot provides interactive game play for hours.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made from sturdy 1½" steel tubes with a powder coating to eliminate rusting and chipping and a thick nylon ramp, the Home Dual Shot will last for years.
  • INCREDIBLY ACCURATE: Using proprietary infrared sensors and revised placements, the Home Dual Shot scoring system is nearly 100% accurate. A large, three-digit scoreboard and audio jack to power external speakers enhance game play.
  • SET UP OPTIONS: Game fits below 7-foot ceilings and extenders can increase height in 6" increments. Can be powered with AC Adapter or batteries.

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Top Reviews

a few details about instructions
by egg (5 out of 5 stars)
December 12, 2017

Great buy and lots of fun. A few things, 1). When you assemble it, set aside a few hours. 2). In the instructions there is a typo in step 13. It says, use bolt 26 to attach cross bar to bottom of scoreboard when it should be bolt 25. 26 doesn't fit through that piece and all the way through corresponding pole. The sleeves that thread on top for ramp over forward tubes (FIG. 13A) have strap hooks on end which you clamp over bolts on backside of backboard pole. If you don't do this it pulls forward upon final assembly and comes undone at top. Also, in step 12 don't fully tighten screws til end because of weight and leveling required of backboard. 3). Step 16, the controller board doesn't simply snap on the lean bar. If you attempt to snap it on anywhere it'll break the plastic on back. If you grip the lean bar you'll notice it's thinner near center. This is where you wanna clamp it on. The plastic on back is sharp enough to puncture ramp lean bar fabric because it's a tight squeeze so be careful. 4). Step 15 should elaborate more. The cross tube tucks in front of ramp cloth, then you pull it back through lean bar and attach to front side of lean bar. It will also work without batteries when plugged in.
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Best home basketball game on the market...fun for all!!
by Julian (5 out of 5 stars)
November 13, 2017

I bought this for my 14 yr old and my 12 yr old boys. It's so sturdy...well built frame...not flimsy or cheap. This will be something that the whole family will enjoy as well as all the boys that come over to the house!!! There are a bunch of games to play and it's really easy to control with the control panel on the front of the game. It is seriously the best purchase I've made in a long time. If you have a basement and kids that love sports...don't hesitate...this is the best one on the market!!
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Almost Perfect!
by Carla Janess (5 out of 5 stars)
November 14, 2017

This is a really great game (only one drawback - see below):

- kids, adults love it (usually more popular than foosball or others)
- fits comfortably under a 7ft ceiling
- very durable (frame, rims, backboard all top notch)
- 7 basketballs and pump included
- 6 different audio options (announcer is great) and volume can be adjusted
- folds up when not in use and has wheels
- 10 different games to choose from (some are just longer versions of the basic game)
- very accurate scoring system (it's missed a few shots, but not many at all)

- assembly does take some time (and patience) but in the end it's definitely worth it!
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Great for teenagers!
by Logan S. (5 out of 5 stars)
October 31, 2017

Great for teenagers!

We got this for my 17 and 15 year old boys and it was one of the best purchases of the year. Unlike a lot of the toys over the years that they play for a while and then they are tired of it not this. They continue to try to get better to beat one another:) The winner of each game gets to decide on the next game (there are 10) and music (there are 3 music options and 2 w/sound FX). I read lots of reviews when I was trying to decide which one to buy. It sounded like the biggest difference was the quality of the electronics and the ability to accurately count the shots cause you know after all with 2 very competitive teenage boys that is very important and it works perfectly. We have had zero issues with that with the pop a shot brand. It's made very well and will stand up to any tough competition. It was easy to put together and took less than an hour. Hope that helps. I would suggest this to anybody!!!
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So far okay but beware of instructions
by A. Stahly (4 out of 5 stars)
December 26, 2017

First impressions: Built solid, good basketballs and overall stable. That said it will take you at least 3 hours if not longer to build even if you are skilled. Need help on placing the back board but you can do alone the other components. Some aspect of instructions are confusing or leae out important detail like where to place the scoring element on the lean bar so just wear your common sense hat while building. The bad: The scoring control is supposed to clamp on *over* the return ramp sleave but it will not- too tight. I broke it trying to push it on. Do NOT attempt! That said, I have no clue where else to fasten this so at the moment its dangling. Lastly, the scoring electronics on one of the baskets does not count correctly. Im going to fiddle with it but the directions do not specify if they are to be installed up or downward facing,

UPDATE: I re-screwed the counter back in and it seems to be working. I also noticed the lean bar is in fact a little bit thinner in the center so as to be able to click the timer and game control on...however the photo in the instructions shows it on the RIGHT side with is why I broke it...major fail from the mfg. Its holding on the center for now but c'mon its an easy fix to simply update the instructions! I updated review to 4 stars.
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Most had reviews of bad sensors so scoring quit working after a little while ...
by Kevin (5 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2018

I researched a lot of options before I bought Pop-A-Shot. Most had reviews of bad sensors so scoring quit working after a little while and they had no resolution. The game loses a lot of luster if no score is kept. So anyway, I actually got unlucky and had a bad sensor on the left side of my Pop A Shot. Maybe all sensors can go out in any game where you are throwing a ball at it. The GREAT thing about Pop-A-Shot is that I simply emailed them and they replied within 1 hour to let me know I had 2 new sensors on the way. They arrived within 2 days for free! I emailed them that one of the balls was losing air, and they sent me a new ball within 2 days as well! By paying a little more I have a product that is guaranteed to always work based on their great support system. I had no problems since these parts were replaced, and we play on it daily for exercise and trash talking.

The frame and backboard are super sturdy, but lightweight, and fold away really easy. 12 different games keep it fresh. My wife could not be happier with her Christmas present! ;)
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by Chad C. (5 out of 5 stars)
July 8, 2018

I can't think of a better word than "exceptional"! From the product reviews, I was convinced this would be a quality product, and indeed it is. But as much as I read about how fun this would be, I knew that would be an individual experience that I would have to wait and discover myself.

First off, I bought this for my 10 year old niece (she is obsessed with basketball) because she wanted it so bad. I set it up in our basement which has a 7' 9" ceiling. The middle height adjustment was perfect. We almost could have went to the highest setting if I had a couple more inches to work with. But we like it just fine where it's at.

We have had this just a few days, and it has been used for hours! I'm 42 and enjoying this very much. But with 6 kids in the house (between the ages of 10 and 18) it is getting used several times a day. Everyone loves it! It even gives you more exercise than you would think. The kids complain that they are hot and their arms hurt from playing so much haha. Hey, anything that compels these young ones to put down their phones and go compete in some physical activity is definitely a win!

Besides the physical quality of the product itself, I'm also pleased with the mechanics. I've been watching the scoring accuracy very carefully while the kids play. I agree that the sensors seem to be working at least 98% percent of the time. Probably better, because I have only witnessed twice that a score was not counted. And that's after hundreds of shots!

So now, I have to tell you one of my favorite parts... the announcer! The kids agree with me that "he" makes this game so much fun! The music is also quite good. Not just a cheesy multi-tone sound, but real music! The built in speaker is of better quality than most games I've purchased, but I love that fact that there is a aux jack on the back to plug in a better, external speaker. I did this and it sounds amazing!

Also, the announcer had quite a large vocabulary. Yes, you do hear the same phrases quite a bit, but there are many of them. And even after hours of play, new ones we haven't heard come up. He gives both encouraging comments and gives some sarcastic, humorous comments too. I won't spoil the fun by quoting his comments here, but he is entertaining and adds to the entire experience.

The 10 games also keep this game from getting too repetitive. The kids love to switch it up all the time. The "cheat sheet" is very handy too because it is attached next to the control board and it gives an explanation of all the games.

This has been one of the best entertainment investments we've ever made and it's an awesome compliment to our game room!

P.S. The fact that it easily lifts and folds up, allowed us to place it by our pool table so it does not get in our way at all.
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by Mr. K (5 out of 5 stars)
November 16, 2017


My kids have had so much fun these last two days. It comes with 7 small basketballs, great for my 6 & 10 year olds. And the control panel is so cute-the buttons are balls that look just like the backboard. The kids can easily choose which game they want to play (there are 10) and what audio they want. They love the announcer and when he tells them they got a new high score. Absolutely perfect game for the basement.
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Great customer service!!
by JB (5 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2018

Ordered this for Christmas for our grandchildren. It is a little difficult to put together so make sure there are at least 2 adults around when ready to do so. My grandchildren loved it for the first 15 minutes before it stopped working. Emailed the Pop-A-Shot Company and received a response from Tony. He was sending out a replacement part that same day. Received the part and got the game up and running but 10 minutes later it stopped working again. Once again I emailed Tony to let him know what had happened. This time, Tony was going to send 3 replacement parts just in case.

Received the replacement parts and after installing all of the new parts, the game is working perfectly. I cannot be more impressed by the service we received and by the quality of customer service that Tony provided. He is indeed an asset to the company. The Pop-A-Shot is truly a game that any one would love to play. The colors are sharp and it is very heavy duty. Thank you again for making all of us happy.
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Better than Lifetime game
by RWalery (5 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2017

I have this item at my home. My friend has the Lifetime unit at his place. I assembled and played on both.

For the most part, this and the Lifetime unit are very similar; some parts appear to be exactly the same. They're both well built for a home arcade game, and are both reasonably priced.

I prefer the color scheme and classic arcade branding of the Pop-A-Shot. I also think the sensors on this unit are much more accurate than the Lifetime. The Lifetime is pretty accurate, but will occasionally register a make that actually didn't go through and will sometimes even fail to register a made basket. On the Pop-A-Shot, after dozens of games, I haven't noticed a single sensor error.

Where the Pop-A-Shot model really has an advantage is with the game play. The scoreboard is larger and there's a really convenient good-looking control panel. The Pop-A-Shot has 10 different games to play (and it keeps track of your high score for each of them). And the Announcer is great. It's like having a real pro announcer there, making comments about the game.

Both games are very well-built, but for fun game play you can't beat Pop-A-Shot.

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